Writing Workshops in Western Australia

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  1. Very good post Jo – very useful info for writers ans wannabes alike. I started out reading your “One blog or two?” question / answer and ended up here! Anyway I digress … which is probably part of my problem!
    It’s true writers have to write (sounds silly but surprisingly sometimes I think people imagine they will be smitten with inspiration and the writing will simply pour onto the page a perfect copy! (Now that would be good – may I be smitten)
    Writers also have to read heaps as well and well once you’ve done your reading (not to mention reading and keeping up with other people’s blogs, social media etc – much of the writing time has been gobbled up.
    So then it’s about self discipline – one must set aside a window of time to write each day (she says) and keep to that – even if it’s only for 10 -15 minutes a day.
    Gee that’s good I think I’ll copy and paste what I just said into my own blog … thanks Jo!

  2. Thanks Ingrid. I think it’s really hard keeping to a schedule, but it’s true we just have to put bum to chair and write and avoid all the other distractions, especially social media. Darrent Rowse at ProBlogger has some recent very interesting posts about how to make time for blogging, you might find them interesting too 🙂

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