Western Australian Wildflowers by Jo Castro
The road between Nannup and Balingup in south western Australia during August

It’s wildflower season again in WA.

Did you know that from June to November, Wildflowers in Western Australia are known to offer one of the most spectacular wildflower displays in the world?

The red earthed or forested landscapes suddenly bloom after the rains with a blush of brilliant colours and scents.

There are around 12,000 plant species which can often be viewed in carpets of colour that swathe enormous areas, and about 60% off these species are found nowhere else in the world.

Western Australian Wildflowers by Jo Castro
On the road heading towards Shark Bay in July

What can you expect?

Pink boronias, red and green kangaroo paw, magenta paperbark blossom and orange-flowering banksias are probably the most familiar.

Look out for cowslip orchids in the forests.

Everlastings won’t be hard to pick out.

You’ll also see gorgeous golden wattle/acacia.

Then they’ll be hakea, grevillea, native foxgloves, banksias, verticordia and mulla-mulla.

So much to see!

Where should you go to see wildflowers in Western Australia?

Head north from Perth around the end of July until about September – here are some pictures from a wonderful road trip we did during flower season as we were heading to Shark Bay.

Western Australian Wildflowers by Jo Castro
Not strictly a wildflower, but some were growing wild by the roadside.

I’ve written about wildflowers quite a lot on ZigaZag over the past four years – Here’s one … try Nannup, Balingup and Bridgetown for some fabulous natural displays from around October until late November.

Here’s a link to some of the Wildflower Trails suggested by Western Australian Tourism.

Tips on taking flower photos.

ZigaZag reader and contributor, Jill Harrison offers some fabulous tips for taking great photos of Western Australian Wildflowers.

Tours and self drive itineraries in Western Australia

For a great list of where to go on tours or self drive itineraries, you’ll find lots of information at Tourism Western Australia. Western Australian Wildflowers.

Western Australian Wildflowers by Jo Castro
Pictured by the road side. Could be a weed! But so pretty all the same.

The Wildflower Way

New signs have been put up on a popular wildflower trail north of Perth.

There are now interpretive signs at various sites that span along the 390km Wildflower Way trail that spans from Dalwallinu to Geraldton.

The Wildflower Way passes through five small Western Australian towns. Four of these – Dalwallinu, Perenjori, Morawa and Mullewa have the charm of of small rural communities, while the fifth, Geraldton, is a bustling regional city.

Each town has its own attractions, with walk trails, historic churches, local museums, short drive trails and historic sites which are just some of the places visitors can enjoy along the way.

“One of the great things about the trail is that it’s been designed so that visitors can discover each site at their own leisure, rather than follow a typical self-drive trail. Each of the 21 sites are well sign posted, making it easy for visitors to find while giving them the flexibility to pick the one’s of interest. This project is a great example of the history and working life of Wildflower Country and of what can be achieved when local Shires and Councils work together” said Mrs Rebecca McCall, Chairperson of the Wildflower Country Committee.

In addition, visitors can also learn more about Exploring Wildflower Country through the new Wildflower Country website (www.wildflowercountry.com.au) and Facebook page, which features detailed information about the flora and fauna on show in the region, as well as an event calendar and a travel blog from visitors who have experienced the trail.

“It’s fantastic to see the website available for tourists to learn and experience more about the hidden gems along the wildflower way. We have many travellers wanting to share their stories and experiences, so the website and Facebook page are an important part of involving visitors in the experience of this special part of Western Australia” said Rebecca McCall.

Do you have a favourite place for spotting Wildflowers?

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  1. Ah I love wildflower season, and I am looking forward to getting out there soon. We in Western Australia are so lucky with the thousands of varieties we have. My husband knows the trials of going for a wildflower trip with me – he is used to the call “stop the car”! I can make a four hour trip turn into 8 hours easily!
    Thanks for intro to the wildflower season Jo.

  2. Ha Jill, I’m the same! Thanks for your grt post on how to take photos of wildflowers too:)

  3. Hi Jo, I wish I could see those carpets of wildflowers. I enjoyed the flowers from you road trips as well as from Jill’s guest post. They are all so beautiful. And I love their very exotic names!

  4. I LOVE Australian wildflowers!! My favorite place right now is driving through the Queensland countryside or hiking in the bush in the back of our property. I love how the ditches are overflowing with gorgeous flowers in the spring and summer. 🙂

  5. I have heard so many great aspects of Western Australia, but never realised that there was so many different wildflowers. They look so pretty, will have to book mark this page for when we head that way 🙂

  6. Thanks, Muza-chan. So many varieties and colours, like a toy box for photographers, hey?!

  7. WA often suprises people with it’s diversity, Lisa. Hope you get over here soon 🙂

  8. Thank you Lisa @raisingexplorers. I hope you can make it over this way one day too 🙂

  9. Denise Gillies

    Hi Jo
    You must come to Crooked Brook Forest soon. A lovely place developed by the locals and lots of flowers.

  10. Pretty photos! We spent time in Sydney and Melbourne and loved our visit to Australia.

  11. Thanks Patti – and so glad you enjoyed your visit to Aus – next time WA!

  12. I love australian wildflowers and Western Australia is the place. On my road trip in Western Australia I could see some beautiful wildflowers, although it was the beginning of autumn. I cannot imagine how colourful it gets in spring! This is one reason, next to whale watching, for me, to come back to WA. 🙂

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