A Winter Wonderland.

During the winter months, generally between late July (in the north) and until mid December (in the south), Western Australia becomes a winter wonderland literally carpeted, in places, by flowers.  Rains and sunshine are the determining factors of the ‘where’ and ‘when’ but overall there are more than 12,000 species of wildflowers in Western Australia, with more than 60% found nowhere else in the world.

Driving on the North West Coastal Highway between Geraldton and Billabong Roadhouse on Saturday 6th August we saw heaps of flowers. We found that they tend to face the sunshine, so travelling south about mid-day meant they were mostly facing us, and so were easy to spot from the road. A few days earlier, travelling north, they were either not as prolific, or we were driving with the sun in front of us which made them less evident from the car. Only once did we drive off the road along a farm track, all the other pictures below were taken directly from pull-over stops.

In this area you can expect to find a variety of species from, everlastings to orchids, wattle/acacia, hakea, grevillea, native foxgloves, banksias, verticordia and mulla-mulla.  In Australia’s Golden Outback Brochure you’ll see that this stretch is part of the much larger ‘Carpets’ Trail. The brochure also gives details and maps of four other wildflower trails: The Everlasting Trail, The Goldfields Trail, The Wheatbelt Granites Loop and the Coastal Discovery.

Grab a copy of the Wildflower Holiday Guide from Visitor Centres, or the Western Australia’s Wildflower Country Guide which details wildflower drives and lots of interesting facts about towns and places  just two hours from Perth . There’s a wildflower e-brochure that gives information on wildflower events and trail guides at at  and an e-quide www.virtualcommunications.com.au

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the flowers from wherever you’re reading this blog.

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