My Wanderings of Perth Beaches

A Guest Post by Nita Teoh

One of my favourite pasttimes whenever my partner and I take time out for relaxation is to have a walk along the beaches of Perth. It’s a perfect chance to catch up on the week’s activities and to chat as we walk along the sand, or just to enjoy a special hour at the beach.

Over the years our walks have taken us to many of the popular beaches in Perth including Floreat,  Leighton, Trigg and Cottesloe beaches. Walking on the sand is the best, and when there is no clos access to the beach there are a myriad of coastal paths to choose from, including those that wind along West Coast Highway. The string of beaches that are lined up along West Coast Highway are aptly dubbed the Sunset Coast for good reason, as watching the sunsets in Perth along this magnificent coastal strip is a popular pastime amongst Perthites.

Trigg Beach, Perth, Nita Teoh

One of the highlights of living in Perth is enjoying the beach life, and who wouldn’t take the time to indulge in such simple pleasures in life. I especially enjoy feeling the breeze against my face, mild or strong, it really depends what mood the weather is in. If the Fremantle Doctor has arrived with a strong westerly to cool those hot summer days, you’ll certainly feel it.

I also take pleasure in watching the kite surfers perform their theatrical stunts in the air, and to hear the merriment, laughs and shrilled delights of kids playing on the beach. The dog beaches are especially fun too, as dogs of all shapes and sizes parade and tear along  seizing what the moment has to offer. Being truly immersed in our present moment is something that as humans, we sometimes forget to cherish. If we’ve been particularly mindful, we enjoy only the present. For most of us, we’ll probably catch ourselves thinking about tomorrow or yesterday, such is human nature.

So which beach is good for what? Walking from North Trigg to Scarborough, you’ll catch  dozens and dozens of kite surfers getting their dose of adrenalin. High, high up in the air these bronzed  Aussies whip their taut trim bodies through the waves of foam, crash onto the water, and start all over again to get their next hit. I am totally impressed by their skills at manoeuvring their board and sail through the surf.

Leighton Beach

Leighton Beach has nice firm sand and is an easy beach to walk along. I especially enjoy the community spirit of the beach on the weekend, where the locals get together to catch up on the week’s happenings. You’ll be likely to bump into a friend or two at Leighton Beach, as it is abuzz with lots of people on the weekends. I especially enjoy the dogs going crazy enjoying the sand, sun, wind and water.

Port Beach

Port Beach is located on the way to Fremantle town past Leighton Beach if you’re coming from the north. If you are an early riser, consider joining the Polar Bear Club, a group of die hard folks who enjoy a rejuvenating morning dip in the early morning. Whether it is summer or winter, the polar bears will be at Port Beach for their early morning swim. The next best thing after a refreshing dip, and especially during winter, is the anticipation of a hot cup of coffee to warm you up after a refreshing swim.

Floreat Beach

Floreat Beach is a family oriented beach with a great picnic spot for BBQs and plenty of gazebos for shelter and grassed areas. If you don’t feel like picnicking, there’s always the local café which serves up great lunches, snacks, and of course, ice cream and cool drinks for those hot summer days. Facilities are excellent with both outdoor and indoor showers.

Perth Beach by Nita Teoh

Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach is popular amongst the surfing crew and is known to have good waves. A popular path for walkers and joggers is the path from North Trigg Beach that takes you all the way to Scarborough Beach. It’s an easy walk that leads you to the bustling strip of takeaway eateries and cafes that front Scarborough Beach Observation City.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is popular amongst the young crowd. Near the café strip and just a short step from the car park, there is a huge undercover canopy which is a great spot to sit under to get sweeping views of the ocean and beach. Further away from the beach heading towards Trigg, you’ll find a large grassed area perfect for picnics  – it’s also a popular spot for bootcamps and the fitness focused amongst us.

I never tire of visiting the beaches in Perth. Walking, swimming or watching the sunset, it’s a perfect way to spend a few hours relaxing and rejuvenating.

Nita Teoh pens her passion for Perth at Perth Walkabout. For more insider tips on Perth and surrounds, visit The Insider’s Guide to Perth


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to guest post on Zigazag. Hope your readers enjoy the article.

  2. Thanks, Nita. It was an interesting post. I hope you get lots of comment luv.

  3. Loved reading the post Nita, I’ve recently moved to Perth and have just visited the Scarborough Beach. The Perth beaches are beautiful and so relaxing that I love spending time there.

    There are a few other places on my list though like: visiting Rottnest Island and enjoying a ferry ride, and Kings Park.

  4. Nita’s post was great, so helpful, hey Sukh! THanks for popping by. I see you work at Rottnest Fast Ferries … Please do get back to me if you would like to link to your site in a sponsored post. (I’m afraid I don’t accept direct links to companies in the comments …only to blog posts – so sorry).

  5. Hey Johanna, appreciate the prompt response. Unfortunately, I don’t work with them but I’ve heard alot about them from friends and I’m planning to go on the cruise some day on the Rottnest island. I like their website so shared the link. 🙂

    Nice knowing you dear,


  6. Hi Sukh, Great to meet you too 🙂 And thanks for clarifying. I get so many people wanting to link to companies they either own or have a vested interest in, that I always err on the cautionary side – so thanks for letting me know where you stand. I’ve been on the cruise and can indeed vouch for its loveliness – we were lucky to go in the first week we were in Australia, and it was very hot. The cruise thought was beautifully breezy and cool, and we could hire bikes too, which was great. So yes, can recommend it as we had a lovely sail across. Hope you get to do it before winter though.

  7. Morning Johanna, I must say, you’re lucky to see the cruise in the first week. I’m here since 2 months and still I’m waiting to go on the Rottnest Island, hopefully in summers now. I’ve started feeling cold already and don’t want to go near the beaches 🙂

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