What's it like to be a tour guide in the Australian Outback

Have you ever wanted to pack up, sell up and hit the road big time?

Ever asked yourself, how could I do it for a living – what’s it like to be a tour guide?

A Life on the Road in the Australian Outback

We’ve packed up to travel countless times and once my boyfriend (now my hubby) packed up, deposited me more safely in Durban, South Africa and set of to be an outback tour guide in The Okavango Delta in Botswana. On His Own!

I wasn’t too impressed at the time, but I found other things to distract me … I found a great job with a newspaper, the Durban party life was pretty good, so too were the boys 😉 but I got him back, and married him, so he had to take me with him after that!

Since that day way back when we’ve not been able to stop travelling. We got married, had children, lived all over the world, and we’ve done lots of adventuring and met some amazing tour guides over the years too.

Tour guides in the Kimberley Region

We were privileged recently to meet Choccy and Greg from Adventure Wild in the Kimberley, who were running outback tours in the north west of Western Australia. They are the most awesome guides and great people.

What's it like to be a tour guid in the Australian Outback

I interviewed them to find out what it’s like to be a tour guide in The Kimberley. Tomorrow I’m going to be bringing you the interview with some fabulous photos that are going to make you want to pack up and head off to the Kimberley – as a tour guide or a tourist.

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  1. I love the Kimberley – and I’m looking forward to your Kimberley post Jo. So I am guessing this is not you kissing the tour guide? LOL

  2. Too funny! Greg is very handsome, but it would have been cradle snatching on my part and Choccy (and Dave) would have had several fits 😉 But please come back for the real deal tomorrow!

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