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What to pack for a weekend
“Why did you write, ‘The cap’s flaps cover your ears in that caption?” Dave asked me. “They protect your ears from the sun,” he corrected! And of course they do. That’s why I like this style of cap for hiking!

Someone once told me that it should only take about 20 mins to pack for a weekend away. I don’t know what type of person they are, but I’m certainly not one of them. More’s the pity. It takes me ages to pack and the only way I can do it is pack for every eventuality and then whittle it down.

Betts Shoes

So what to pack. Shoes – ahh yesssss. I love shoes! I generally start with shoes and then work outfits around what I decide to take!  Probably not a good idea.

Yep, I make a right meal of packing. Dave, on the other hand, throws a few things into a stuff bag with minimal fuss and manages to look great all the time. I agonise over what to take and invariably either take the wrong things or end up forgetting something. Sound familiar?

I’m the sort of person who like Kevin’s Mum in Home Alone, would in a last minute dash to get to the airport forget about a child left in the house, and only remember when I’m wondering if I turned the iron off as I sit on the plane reading the inflight magazine.


So the best thing for me to do is to make a list and stick to it, otherwise I’m likely to end up with 10 pairs of shoes, and a whole load of clothes that I haven’t worn for three years and most definitely wouldn’t wear on holiday anyway.

What to pack for a weekend away
A friend can’t go anywhere without her ancient teddy bear! I can’t go anywhere without Berocca. Those lovely watermelon wedge shoes from Betts  made it into my suitcase last weekend after I’d whittled down a heap of shoes and clothes.

I asked some friends what they just couldn’t live without on a weekend away and had to chuckle at their responses:-




Ancient teddy bear

Ugg Boots

What to pack for a weekend away
The black blouse from W Lane goes well with jeans too. I’d wear this outfit to an al fresco lunch (here at Cullen in Margaret River) after a morning’s walk along the coast. Is that Yusain Bolt on the horizon?

My list for what to pack for a weekend weekend away would include the following. 

Small travel hairdryer – check out this post for the best travel hairdryer.

2 t-shirts for walking

2 pairs shorts (in winter, one long lightweight pants) for walking

Swimsuit and sarong in summertime

1 lightweight fleecy for walking, or for around camp fire at night

1 pair of cut-off trousers if it’s hot in the day

1 pair of jeans

1 smart casual top to go with jeans

1 bolero cardi, or sweatshirt that go with jeans and cut-offs

1 lightweight raincoat

1 no-iron dress (if we’re going out for lunch or dinner)

1 smart jacket to go with jeans and dress (winter).

3 pairs of shoes (walking shoes, comfy flats and going out shoes) I may throw some thongs  in if it’s beach weather

Pyjamas x 1


Prescription medicines

Anti histamine tablet/paracetemol/ibuprofen/Berocca (!!Plasters, antibacterial cream, anti-itch cream for mosquito bites

Mosquito repellent

Toothbrush, hairbrush, make-up, moisturizer, soap, hair shampoo + conditioner.

Waterbottle (and nuts, sweeties and chocolate if I’m walking!)

Book, music, notepads and pen

Phone, iPad, camera and chargers

And a Day Pack – Here’s a post from fellow travel blogger about the Best Travel Daypacks for non backpackers.

What would you include that I’ve forgotten?  

Disclaimer: I was gifted 1 item of clothing by W Lane and shoes from Betts

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  1. I would also take a pair a trackie pants, to wear around the campfire, and a beanie and scarf (winter). And my other must is my valarian tablets – because I am hopeless sleeping in a different bed! And make sure your light-weight raincoat is waterproof – sometimes they are not! And what-about socks for your walking boots!
    Jo your packing wows certainly sounded familiar & I think lots of people (substitute women!) will relate!

  2. Jill, you are so right! Thanks for spotting my obvious mistakes. Tick and tick again, must add them.

  3. Hahaha, it’s not disorganisation, it’s indecision that gets me! But over the years I think I’ve perfected the art of packing light. If your weekend really is only 2 days, ditch a pair of shorts, and maybe the cut-offs. Combine the cardi/sweatshirt/raincoat – a waterproof casual jacket would do! Wear the jeans/smart cas top instead of the dress. There! You’ve saved heaps of space for extra chocolate!!

  4. Love it, Red! You’ve got it sussed, and I love the idea of more room for extra chocolate 🙂

  5. Sonya Vega

    Great list! I have troubles with fast packing , too. Last time I packed my stuff for 2 days. I love shoes, too. But I have 2 pairs rule – NO more than 2 pairs in the luggage. Greetings!

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