It’s wildflower season in Western Australia. From Mullewa, north of Perth to Esperance in the south you’ll find more than 12,000 species of wildflowers scattered across 2.5 million square kilometres of often arid land, with more than 60 per cent of these species found nowhere else in the world.

From about June (in the north) until November (in the south), carpets of flowers from everlastings, to foxgloves, orchids, grevillea, casssias and oh so many more, bring a dramatic splash of colour to clear away any winter doldrums.

Consider walking part of the Bibulman track which stretches for 1000kms from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to Albany in the South.

Head for your nearest Visitor Centre and grab a copy of the Wildflower Holiday Guide or go online to access the wildflowers e-brochure that contains information on wildflower events, flower trails and lots more. The e-guide is available at and gives details of flowers, events, walking trails, national parks, accommodation, tours and attractions.

Western Australia’s Wildflower Country brochure has tons of information about the route north of Perth, so if you’re heading north for some winter sunshine, don’t forget to drive to off-the-beaten-track to towns like Moora and Dalwallinu all the way up to Morawa and Mullewa instead of shooting from Perth straight up the main highway to Geraldton.

There’s lots to do in WA during the winter, but the wildflowers certainly make you feel that Spring is waiting just around the corner.

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