Manjimup is a small town in South West Australia that on first sight is just a pit stop for petrol or coffee on the way south to Pemberton or Walpole. Not to explore its forests and trails in springtime, enjoy its gourmet truffles in July or enjoy the purple rain of Jacaranda trees in December is to do the town  injustice.

But wait, there’s more … a reader, Laurie Harvey spotted my article in The West Australian and kindly sent me an email. He said:-

“Hi Jo, I have just read your write up on good old Manji and noticed that you have an interest in the history of the region. Maybe you would be interested in the story of an old time policeman of that area, William Harvey, who tragically lost two children  and unfortunately shot and killed a bank robber in what may have been one of the last “wild west, full moon, main street gunfights” in history, right in the middle of Giblett Street, Manjimup.

Please have a look at the attached web site Anzac Hero Police Legend and look for the links to the main street gunfight for the factual inquest into the death of Martin Keen. This is a wonderful document of the tough pioneering days that you write of.

William Harvey, MC, JP 1915. Image supplied by Laurie Harvey

I hope you enjoy the web site and thanks for your report on the area.

Laurie Harvey.”

Thanks, Laurie! Wow! It’s a fascinating story.

If you’re also interested in Australia’s pioneering history then pop over to Anzac Hero Police Legend and have a look. It’s an incredible account of a brave man who led an eventful life.


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  1. congratulations Jo on another fabulous article in the West Australian Travel section on 4 February. You are so eloquent! I have always thought of Manjimup as a place to drive through on the way south – perhaps I will take a better look next time!
    Beautifully written as always.
    great work.

  2. Johanna

    Thanks Jill. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Manjimup can be overlooked in our haste to get ‘down south’,but it’s well worth a visit.

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