There’s nothing we like better than to jump in the car at the weekend and follow our noses with little agenda to travel around the south west of Australia.

What to do in Bunbury and the Geographe

And I’ve been really lucky to be tasked with the job of writing a series of articles for Australia’s South West tourism about what to do in Bunbury and the Geographe Region, which means we’ve been out and about discovering the best of the south west recently.

Scenes from around the Ferguson Valley

The Geographe Region, for those of you new to these parts, surrounds Bunbury, and many people will miss great chunks of Wonderful because the trend is to whizz on through this area in a quest to get from Perth to the tourist spots further south.

Don’t do that! Take your foot off the gas, turn off the highway and find out what to do in Bunbury instead.

Historical and beach – Bunbury has both in spades

Having lived in the south west for nearly 10 years we can vouch for the amazing things to do all within a stone’s throw of Bunbury’s CBD, and many experiences are achievable over a weekend (if that’s all you have available.)

I’ve written quite a few posts about my home town and you can find out more about what to do in Bunbury and the surrounding Geographe region here:-

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You might like this post by blogging friends who visited from the East Coast – It’s the People who make Bunbury Great – Paula and Gordon are veteran travel bloggers we first met aboard the Golden Princess cruise ship on a press trip in Melbourne a few years ago. They travel extensively. Read what they thought about Bunbury 🙂

The Ferguson Valley

After discovering something about the arts, culture and history of Bunbury my tips would be to drive 15 minutes east to take in the rolling hills of the Ferguson Valley with it’s family run wine farms  and restaurants like Hackersley .

Then there are quaint artist run galleries such as The Lyndendale.

Taste some freshly produced cheese at Ferguson Falls and stay for a wonderful lunch with a view, or take the kids to pet the animals at Ferguson Farmstay then perhaps overnight at the lovely Peppermint Lane Lodge

The beautiful Lyndendale Gallery

I’ve written more about the Ferguson Valley here …

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Then it would be a short drive on to Collie to discover how and where coal was first discovered in the region, and to visit the interesting museum and brand spanking new art gallery.

If I were you I’d head to Donnybrook to discover the history behind its famous stone, taste some locally grown produce (think Pink Lady apples) and perhaps visit either Oakway Estate and Smallwater Estate for a wine tasting or slap-up weekend lunch.

What to do in Donnybrook

You can read more about Donnybrook in my posts here : –

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Wineries in the Geographe. Here’s a hidden gem likely to blow your socks off!


Refreshed and replete (but with a designated driver) I’d head on to the country town of Boyanup and check out the antique shops such as Rustic French and perhaps pop into The Old Bull and Bush Tavern for a coffee, snack or glass of beer.

You might like to read about the interesting history of Rustic French Living in my blog post here: French Country Style at Rustic French Living in Boyanup


My last stop before heading back to Bunbury would be at Dardanup where we’d walk the heritage trail and pop into the  visitors centre housed in a delightfully curious little cottage surrounded by roses and gnomes.

Have you visited Bunbury or the Geographe Region?

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  1. Thanks for the wealth of great ideas. I’m planning a few trips in the next month or two down to the Ferguson Valley and further south to Balingup and around, so I’ll be bookmarking this post to refer back to later.

  2. Fabulous Jo – you really are the “go to” girl for exploring the south west. We are so lucky to live in this fabulous region.

  3. The longer I live here, the more I love it, Jill! And thank you 🙂

  4. Glad to be of assistance Bonny – hope you have some lovely trips down south soon 🙂

  5. Thanks Annabel – and yes really hope to see you over this side one day soon 🙂

  6. I have to admit, I’m one of those people that bypasses Bunbury and heads further south. On my next visit I’ll be sure to make a stop and explore the sights.

  7. So glad to have persuaded you Nina! I knew there were a few 😉 Enjoy! And thank you for popping by.

  8. So many great ideas of things to do in this region Jo. Hopefully this year we will be able to take advantage of them and see some of these areas that are not too far from Perth and therefore perfect for a weekend away.

  9. Thanks Jenny – and yes, perhaps this is your year for the South West? I hope so 🙂

  10. We don’t come to WA all that often but I do remember Bunbury from a visit about ten years ago. I don’t remember a lot about it but I’m sure we didn’t just drive straight through. Next time we will be certain not to.

  11. I think Bunbury will have changed a lot since your last visit 10 years ago Lyn. Definitely time to reacquaint yourself with the city and surrounds. Hope to see you soon 🙂

  12. Gosh, so many lovely things to do and see. The Ferguson Valley has so many gorgeous places to visit. I was at the Lyndendale Gallery in mid-May, and it was just lovely even though the weather wasn’t splendid. Had the weather been just a bit better, Angelicus would definitely have been worth a stop. Happy travels!

  13. I agree Wanda, so much to do and see, and if the weather isn’t good at least we know it’s good for the ‘green’. Angelicus is one for your list 🙂

  14. My mother’s from the West and often spoke of Bunbury, but I’ve never been there. YET!!! It all looks sensational – although maybe that’s just because you’ve shown us the good bits 😀

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