Philosophers through the ages have suggested that life can be made worthwhile through art, love and the pursuit of knowledge. While all this is certainly holds true for me, landscape and being at one with the environment is another.

Take this morning. A hot bike ride (probably about 36 degrees in the shade) along the Leschenault Estuary for one hour forty. Wind in my hair, the sound of birdsong and crickets, a vast expanse of water, and almost people-free bike tracks  sometimes shaded by tall Tuart trees. We stop for water, alone, in a secluded grove of Peppermint and Paper Bark Trees that’s surrounded by a wooden boardwalk.

Pelicans, white egrets, black swans and many cormorants atop of the bluest water, and a fiesty not-so-little lizard who just missed the front wheel of my bike. This is South West Australia. A place where you can become at one, or even lost, in the landscape very easily.

Off-road cycling – maps and info look up the Munda Biddi trail

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