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Travelling with your Dog around Western Australia

Guest Post by Jayde Ferguson.

travelling with your dog

Travelling long distances can be tough on humans, let alone your best friend. But that doesn’t mean they can’t join in on your road trip adventures too!

One of the best things about having a dog is they grow up doing almost everything with you. Seeing Western Australia in all its raw and relatively untouched beauty is an outback trip any local or tourist will appreciate. And bringing your pooch along for the ride means your pal can lap up all the great places to explore as well. 

For pet lovers, there’s nothing more wonderful than taking your four-legged buddy on a family holiday. Not everyone wants to leave their dog at a boarding kennel, and adventuring with them means you save money on kennel fees. Not to mention – it’s the best way to encourage your furry friend to live his life to the full.

Depending on the type of travel you choose to see WA with, there are many things you can do to prepare your dog for a safe and fun adventure. Here are a few tips and places to discover:

Driving with Your Dog

Comfort and safety should be your top two priorities when road tripping across WA with your dog. Dogs get car sick, just like us, so avoid overfeeding them before a long trip. It may be worthwhile doing a trial run first if your dog is new to the car, so you don’t find out they suffer car sickness 30 minutes into a 6-hour drive! Invest in the right travel equipment, such as a comfortable carrier or a harness to keep them secure. This will prevent them flying through the car if you brake suddenly.

Some puppies and dogs may need to be crated trained prior to the journey, which will help to make them feel safe come travelling time. Use familiar bedding and a toy to put inside with them too. Expert dog behaviourists will be able to give you some tips for crate training as well.

Make sure you plan a few pitstops along the way. Your dog will need adequate food and water breaks, as well as a chance to stretch their legs. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to find a dog-friendly winery or lunch spot for the humans too! Bring along a doggy first aid kit, just in case.

Staying in a Hotel and Other Dog-Friendly Accommodation

WA has a good range of pet-friendly hotels. Dogs that are well-trained are generally welcomed in different accommodations, which makes obedience training all the worthwhile if you’re four-legged friend requires some assistance before your next holiday.

Even if your accommodation choices state they’re pet-friendly, let them know in advance you’re travelling with a pet. Not all cabins are pet-friendly within a holiday park and those that are can get taken up quickly in peak seasons. Most dog-friendly hotels and holiday parks will come with a list of recommended activities for you and your pooch to do when you check in too.

travelling with your dog

Plane Travel Tips

If your WA holiday adventure involves a plane trip, check with your airline what the rules are for crate size, arrival time and other essential considerations. You’ll need to provide your dog with warm blankets for the crate (pets get cold on planes too), with a few comfort toys or familiar items that will help to settle their nerves. They won’t be able to have food on the plane, but stock up on fresh water in an easy access point for them inside the crate.

Always book in a vet check-up before you take your pet on a flight. They will be able to let you know of anything specific to your dog, which should be considered prior to the holiday. Your dog should be fully wormed and vaccinated before travelling anywhere too. Under no circumstances should you sedate your pet before travelling. If you feel the need for natural calmers, speak to your vet prior.

More Dog Friendly Getaways and Doggie Travel Tips

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Best Places in Western Australia to Explore or Stay in with Your Pooch

Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road accesses some of WA’s most breathtaking gorges, trails and national parks. Whilst there are restrictions for dogs when it comes to National Parks and many of the main gorges, there are still some spectacular spots to explore with your four-legged friend. Adcock Gorge and Galvans Gorge are two examples, where dogs can go hiking and swimming with you.

If you’re looking for an outback adventure playground to stay in, check out Home Valley Station. The Gibb River Road is lined with fantastic camping facilities that encourage you to explore the best of the wilderness.

Cervantes Holiday Park

After a stunning new redevelopment, Cervantes Holiday Park boasts poolside villas, activity areas, swimming pool and more. And the best part about it? You can bring your dog along for the excitement too.

Pilbara, Karratha Holiday Park

This great spot is surrounded by some of the country’s most untouched wilderness. You can choose from cabins, chalets, camping and caravan sites to stay in with your dog all within an arm’s reach from nature, water views, modern amenities and dog-friendly activities.

Emu Beach Chalets, Albany

These self-contained chalets are surrounded by bushland and just a few steps away from the beach. This accommodation also provides dog beds and food bowls for added convenience. Set up camp on the powered or unpowered sites or book an onsite villa and start sightseeing!

Coral Coast Caravan Park, Carnarvon

Carnarvon is a hot-spot for delicious seafood, tropical beaches and your own little slice of paradise. In the midst of all the action, Coral Coast Caravan Park is perfect for any traveller with the dog. The park is walking distance from all the essentials, including the town centre and beautiful waterways.

What are your favourite pet-friendly places to visit?

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travelling with your dog

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This article is written by, and first two photos supplied by Jayde Ferguson, a content creator and local blogger who writes in the travel and business industries. You can catch her on Google+.

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  1. Kate Abrams

    I’m travelling from Townsville to Derby wa by car. I have a companion dog so need information on dog friendly stopovers on the way please

  2. Hi Kate, wow that will be an awesome trip. I’m afraid I don’t have any info about travelling with a dog in any of the areas you’ll be visiting. I think the best thing to do is contact the tourism bodies along the way. Have a great trip!

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