Finding the right photos to tell a travel story is always interesting, and sometimes, as with most travel photography, some photos stand out more than others particularly when it comes to colour.  As part of the  Travel Supermarket Capture the Colour Competition  I’ve been nominated to post travel photos from around the world with the following dominant colour schemes: Green, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow. What fun it’s been going through my archives and choosing. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Peacock by Jo Castro

Peacock, snapped in Kathmandu, Nepal. Copyright Jo Castro


For green I chose this shot of a peacock (above) which unexpectedly turned around and fanned its beautiful tail for a few seconds. It was an overcast day, and I love the way the green in this photograph stands out in neon relief. We were living in Kathmandu at the time, and Sam was only 5 weeks old. I used to enjoy the rare moments I could escape from nappies and baby routines to head out on my bike alone with my camera around the ancient streets and to temples and crumbling old buildings. A peacock, so bright and pure, seemed to offer peaceful respite to the frenzy of bicycles and people in Kathmandu.


For red I chose this image of bottles of verjuice on a shelf in a store in Margaret River. It was just a fluke that they had dust on them which looks like frost and I think it makes the red of the liquid stand out even more. I love the Margaret River region, in South West Australia. It has a Mediterranean climate and is  world renowned for its wines with over 150 cellar doors offering tastings.  Around the wine growing industry have grown some fine restaurants and produce stores selling everything from wines, verjuice, jams, olives, pickles and cheeses.

Margaret River produce, South West Australia. Copyright Johanna Castro
Margaret River produce, South West Australia. Copyright Johanna Castro


Africa. Ahh, the colours. This picture was taken in Cape Town, South Africa at the yearly Cape Coloured Carnival when bands of people dress up in all the colours of the rainbow. Each year on one of the first days in January, the streets of the Mother City are festooned with colourful costumes This picture works for me because the little boy is so serious, and yet the yellow is so vibrant. I’d go back to Cape Town in a heartbeat and spend more time taking photographs of the people and the colours. The light in Africa is amazing but it can be tricky to work with.

Cape Town Carnival, South Africa by Johanna Castro
Cape Town Carnival, South Africa. Copyright Johanna Castro


Travelling around Taiwan was awesome, and I did lots of bicycling. We stopped for lunch at this Taiwanese harbour and I snapped these gorgeous boats, moored all in a row where the dominant colour was most definitely, Blue.

 Boats, Taiwan by Jo Castro

Blue boats in a busy Taiwanese harbour. Copyright Johanna Castro


This photo showcasing White, comes with many memories and depicts White in two ways. Many moons ago we lived in Namibia. I was invited, as the only white person, to attend a Herero wedding in Hereroland. The Hereros are proud and stately people, and the women dress in Victorian styled dresses. I travelled for three hours along gravel roads into the bush to a very small village, well a kraal really, where three women were getting married. The ceremony went on for three days and I slept in a hut with about 10 other Herero women, sharing a bed with two of them. The singing went on all night every night, I ate sheep’s innards considered a delicacy of the ceremony, and watched their wedding  customs, such as people going into the bridal hut on hands and knees. I wasn’t meant to take a photo of the brides, but they reluctantly agreed, and let me into the bridal hut for a couple of minutes to take this photo of them in their pristine, white, Victorian styled bridal regalia. Amazing the dresses remained so white considering the dusty conditions.

Herero Wedding, Namibia by Jo Castro
Caught in a moment of time. Three Herero Brides. Namibia. Copyright Johanna Castro

Thanks to Caz at YTRavel Blog for nominating me for this competition and to Travel Supermarket who are running the competition. They have selected a panel of judges to decide the winner for each colour category so there’s no need for you to vote. Just ENJOY the photos, and please comment  down at the bottom of this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’d also love it if you’d consider sharing them with your friends on Facebook or Pinterest (linking back to Zigazag, of course).

My Nominations

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  1. I’m sure you can, Annabel! Have fun looking through your photos – it’s not as fast as it seems though – took me ages to decide. Ha Ha, “proud as a peacock”! I like it 🙂 It’s an ok shot, I’m sure you can do better. Best of luck!

  2. Oh Jo ~

    The yellow one for me is the winner –
    And the outfit is even using the complementary colour of purple, so they really knew how to design a costume!
    So gorgeous –
    But I know what you mean about working in brilliant sunlight, when your subject is in the shade!

  3. Thanks Linda! I love those two colours together, and the purple offsets the bright yellow rather than clashing. Can’t wait to have a look-see at yours.

  4. Jenny Buzer

    Really good photos Jo. Especially the Cape Carnival. Please come back and take lots more!

  5. what a wonderful collection of colours and stories Jo from around the world. Sensational!
    and thank you for nominating me!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your collection of travel photos – which will be hugely superior to mine. Good luck in the competition 🙂

  7. Annie Bass

    Hi Jo loved the Margs Verjuice shot. Absolutely spectacular , like the Margaret River Region itself! The light is superb, now if it was wine to quaff it would be enticing me to buy with the promise of a taste sensation. Still verjuice is fab in culinary creations . Well done A or is it G?

  8. Hello Annie (G), thanks for commenting and I agree verjuice is fab, but wine tastes better when quaffed! Appreciate your time, thank you.

  9. White is always tricky, especially for a RED lover like me, but the brides is all the more fascinating for the story behind it!

  10. Thanks Red! Red and white go well together! Glad you liked the tale … True as. Are you going to enter?

  11. jenny@atasteoftravel

    Great photos Jo and I love the stories behind them, especially the white brides. Thanks for the nomination . It will be fun going back through old photos!

  12. I’m nominating you, Red. Check out the link to Capture the Colour on my Post – it will lead you to the competition rules.

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  14. It is fun reminiscing isn’t it. Looking forward to see what pics you have chosen. God luck Jenny,

  15. Amazing shots Johanna! I never really thought about telling a photo story through a single colour, but I really like the idea. Thanks for that bit of inspiration to tuck away!

    Catherine @ The Spring

  16. Thanks Catherine! It was an interesting exercise, and one to continue thinking about for sure.

  17. They are all fabulous you should start an online shop Jo

  18. Thanks Audrey! I look back to that now and it all seems like a distant story, but it is something I’ll tell my grandkids one day 🙂

  19. Thanks Kathy. No, I didn’t win. There were some absolutely amazing entries 🙂

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