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Trying to limit myself to find just 12 reasons for you to travel around Western Australia, was an exercise in containment. This amazing State is so huge and varied that you could pack your bags for a year and probably still do something different every day. Anyway, 12 reasons it is because this is a blog post and not a book… so here goes.

1. First of all travel around Western Australia…To be different.

So many other people only visit the East and they visit …

The Rock – Uluru (Ayers Rock),  The Bridge – Sydney Harbour, The Reef – The Great Barrier Reef

none of which are in Western Australia. Aha, but we have much more which is why you should travel around Western Australia to make the most of it.

2. Western Australia sprawls across one third of Australia.

Now there’s a reason to hire a camper van. Perth is the capital of WA and  is considered the most remote city in the world, goodness knows it’s apparently one of the only cities clearly visible from space. Isn’t that something neat to tell the ‘rellies back home?

Travel around Western Australia by Jo Castro
Dramatic cliffs around Kalbarri

3. The Scenery is pristine.

Lots of  Western Australia is Outback territory, spinnifex overed with vast open spaces that are dusted with red earth, but wait there are also deserts, white-sandy beaches, a tropical wilderness in the north; temperate forests, beaches and gorgeous vineyards in the south and south west.  Yes, if you travel around Western Australia it’s all about the scenery, it’s not all about man made edifices, sprawling shopping precincts and touristy destinations.

Travel around Western Australia by Jo Castro,Cathedral Gorge
Cathedral Gorge

5. The Kimberley is an out of this world experience.

Go while it’s still reasonably undiscovered. Drive North West from the holiday capital of tropical Broome with its long golden beaches to outback Kununurra,  situated on the mighty Ord River.  Along the way you’ll find gorges and waterfalls and wide open spaces, in fact all the stuff you saw in the movie Crocodile Dundee, including crocodiles.

Travel around Western Australia by Jo Castro, Mannings Falls
Mannings Falls

6. 4 wheel driving.

No trip to the Kimberley is complete without driving a section of The Gibb River Road which is unsealed and considered one of the last great travel adventures in Australia passing through million acre cattle stations, ancient rock formations and reefs dating back 350 million years. You can duck off to huge palm filled gorges with natural rock swimming pools (can you feel a skinny dip coming on?) If you don’t fancy all the organising then maybe book a tour with a company such as   Adventure Wild which takes in all the major sights.

7. A Reef begging to be explored.

Ningaloo Reef is the less touristy sister to The Great Barrier Reef on the East Coast of Australia. Think Whale Sharks as a starter. It’s situated on the  Coral Coast an area which stretches about 1,100 kilometres from Cervantes to Exmouth serving up some gorgeous beaches. And if you visit between July to October you might be gifted with  carpets of wildflowers on the inland routes in this region.

Travel around Western Australia by Jo Castro, Dolphin
Bunbury dolphins are wild, but you can wade into the sea with them on the beach or swim with them on an eco-tour.

8. To interact with Dolphins.

I’ll be surprised if you visit Western Australia and don’t see dolphins. Monkey Mia,  is known for its dolphins and feeding them by hand as you wade knee deep into the warm sea is a very special experience. So too is Bunbury, where, if you’re lucky, you can swim in the ocean with wild dolphins. Learn some weird and wonderful facts about dolphins at the Dolphin Discover Centre.

Travel around Western Australia by Jo Castro
Boranup Forest

9. To stroll in vast Forests.

There are some awesome forests in the south west where huge Marri, Karri, Tuart and Jarrah trees grow. If you are not overawed by the majesty of the trees in the Boranup Forest near Margaret River, well I’ll eat my hat. If that doesn’t do it, then try the Valley of the Giants near Walpole.

10. To laze, surf or swim at incredible Beaches.

Need I say more?  The entire coastline sports incredible beaches, many with free camping spots nearby – yes, you heard right, FREE. Here are some of the best beaches in the South West, while those around Esperance must rate as some of the best in the world.

Travel around Western Australia by Jo Castro, Cape to Cape Track
A section of the Cape to Cape Track

11. Because you like to Walk

Western Australia is a walker’s utopia. There are lots of short hikes and well marked walking trails wherever you go, but for sheer endurance there’s the Cape to Cape Walk (135kms) between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste  which consists of some of the best coastal scenery I’ve ever seen, and then inland there’s the mighty Bibulman track that stretches from Kalamanda near Perth to Albany 1,000kms away.

Travel around Western Australia by Jo Castro, Hayshed Hill Winery
Hayshed Hill Winery, Margaret River

12. To visit Wine Estates and Vineyards.

In the South West and particularly the Margaret River region you’ll find acres of vineyards and over 150 wineries many with cellar doors offering some of the best wines in the world, some with restaurants serving world class Australian cuisine. The pace of life is slow, the roads are not crowded – but why not try a Bushtucker tour that will take you around selected wineries so you don’t have to drive?

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  1. Correctamundo Jo. So much to discover in WA. I couldn’t believe it when I came across the treasure of Ningaloo Reef. It’s getting more coverage now but was hardly spoken about years ago. I always tell people if you want a taste of the diversity of Oz, go to WA.

  2. Yes, Tracey, you’re so right … WA is all about diversity. If you don’t like forests, then pack up and head to the beach or the outback or (hic) a winery!

  3. I am a big fan of Hay Shed Winery and it’s history. I am also a fan of the small winery bus tours. Have just read about the Fremantle Heritage Tour, in I think June, count me in. xxx

  4. yes you are right Jo – Western Australia is so vast it is hard to limited oneself to only 12 reasons. We can go from deserts to forests, gorges to mountains, quiet rivers to ocean vistas. I have lived here all my life and still haven’t seen all of it!

  5. That’s great, Craig! Hope to see you guys when you get over here, and in amongst the adventuring, explore a wine farm or brewery or both 🙂

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