Jayde Ferguson’s taking over ZigaZag today with some fascinating insights about top things to do in Wyndham in the Kimberley region of Australia’s outback north. You can travel to Wyndham from beautiful Broome (below) and drive overland via the iconic Gibb River Road, or alternatively get there via truly amazing cruises which take you up around the top end of Australia.

Broome, Western Australia
Photo: Jo Castro

Over to Jayde …


Western Australia’s most northerly town, Wyndham, is about as isolated as you can get. But when you’re surrounded by secluded waterholes, lush landscapes that stretch for miles and exotic wildlife; it’s really the perfect place to be. Nestled in the Kimberley’s region north of Perth, the town of less than 850 people is renowned for its historical sites, salt water crocs, beautiful lookouts and wonderful.

As the Kimberley’s oldest town, the remote location boasts some of the most fascinating attractions. The North-West has always been a popular spot for tourists and Australians to visit; but Wyndham adds another unique dimension. If you’re thinking about packing up the 4WD and exploring Australia’s ‘hottest’ town, here’s a few bucket list spots you can’t miss!

Top things to do in Wyndham and Kimberley, North West Australia

1. Cruise Down the Kimberly Coast to Broome

Most people explore the Kimberly region by 4WD which allows for off road adventures to fully experience the region, but exploring via the coast is definitely one for the cards. Departing from Wyndham and cruising down the Kimberley coast all the way to Broome, the Kimberley cruises allow you to see the region in a completely different way. Get up close with the waterfalls, coastal rocks and caves and discover areas that can’t be reached by foot or 4WD.

Top things to do around Wyndham, pic of Broome, Western Australia
Red cliffs at Gantheaume Point, Broome, Western Australia on a bright and sunny day. Photo supplied by Jayde Ferguson.

Offering a little sense of luxury too (perfect for any holiday!), guided tours will ensure you take in all the amazing experiences on offer. Depending on what exclusives you’re after, there’s oodles of cruises that are booming from June and September – the region’s hotspot for travelling. Before booking, be sure to look into all the exclusives the different cruises offer to find one that reflects your tastes and budget.

2. The Prison Tree and The Grotto

Wyndham and surrounding areas are renowned for historical spots and the Prison Tree is one. Along the King River road is a hollowed out old baobab tree was used as a temporary lockup by the local police. It’s now a tourist attraction – but in the old days prisoners were chained to the outside of the tree overnight.

If you keep heading towards Kununurra, The Grotto (also one of Australia’s top camping spots) is another spot worth seeing. A magnificent gorge with a 120-metre-high cliff face, The Grotto is one breathtaking and strange anomalies in the landscape. If you go in the wet season, expect to see spectacular waterfalls from the cliff face. There’s a waterhole at the bottom too which is safe for swimming in.

3. Five Rivers Lookout

The Five Rivers lookout, also known as the Bastion, sits on the Bastion Range 360 metres above the town. From the lookout you can see spectacular views of all five rivers (King, Pentecost, Durack, Forrest and Ord Rivers) entering the Cambridge Gulf. When the tide is low, the mudflats make an appearance which make for a very attractive spot.

Wyndham, Australia
Photo: Jo Castro

For the best views, head to the lookout early in the morning or at dusk. There’s designated picnic spots too with a BBQ area to enjoy. If you want to try something a little different, the hang gliding over the Bastion Range is perfect under windy conditions.

4. Crocodile Lookout

Wyndham is renowned for its salt water crocks. The swamps and mudflats in particular are crocodile heaven and from the safety of various lookouts, can make for a thrilling site. Situation north of the wharf (also a great fishing spot to check out too), there’s the very popular crocodile lookout. Whilst you won’t see as many salt water crocs as the old days, it still makes for a fascinating experience.

The lookout is where the old meatworks used to be. As the blood from the meatworks was drained into the water, the salt water crocs came out to play hoping for scraps. Since the meatworks has closed down, the salt water crocs have diminished, but tourists can still expect to see a few hanging around. So take care!

Kimberley, Red earth by Jo Castro, Zigazag
Red earth distinguishes the Kimberley region of Australia. Pic by Jo Castro.

5. The Stunning Landscape

One of the best things about travelling to Wyndham is exploring the very varied landscape. With sweeping mudflats, impressive sandstone escarpments and the red earth of the desert, the North-West is a spectacular region. Some of Australia’s highest tides are in Wyndham too, with salt lakes and sand that stretches out for miles. The coastline is blurred by these massive tides with secluded swimming holes and breathtaking waterfalls to explore and find. Wyndham and surrounds really is a picturesque location.

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Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Broome Kimberley & Beyond, a company with 20 years’  experience in the Kimberley region, offering a wide range of tours, day tours, scenic flights and romantic cruises in The Kimberley and surrounds.  You can catch Jayde on Google+.

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  1. Thanks for the great post; looks like we missed out last year! Wyndham was one place we had to skip due to lack of time on our trip to the Kimberley. Shame; it looks amazing!

  2. Hi Aaron, ah well, all the more reason to return! Thanks for popping by today 🙂

  3. Wow, so much to see around Wyndham. It would be great to get a 4WD and explore for a week or so. Sounds like something to add to our ever expanding list.

  4. A 4WD, a chunk of time and the spirit of adventure – and yes you’d love this area, Gypsy Nesters!

  5. That’s great Lyn – can’t wait to see what your next WA adventure holds 🙂

  6. Wyndham is a heck of a long way from anywhere, but it’s worth going the extra distance, if only to go to the 5-rivers lookout. Can I also suggest Marlgu Billabong as a must see spot on the way up from Kununurra.

  7. Malcolm Wiggers

    Johanna Wyndham looks amazing and we are coming next July three couples. Where do you recommend to stay and where to eat and places to see.

    Would like some local knowledge to help us plan, and we would definitely have to have aircon


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