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Top Things to do in Western Australia in 13 Ridiculously helpful posts

We arrived in Perth on a very hot day at the end of December in 2008. Just the four of us, and four suitcases.

There were no friends or family to greet us, because it was just us, and we had left South Africa arriving without fanfare in Australia in search of a new life.

Apart from a little internet research, which back in 2008 amounted to a few photos and rather scratchy information about Bunbury, where we were headed, we knew very little about the great state of Western Australia.

And I set out on a voyage of discovery. What a fabulous 8.5 years it’s been. In that time we’ve been lucky to discover so much, see so much, eat so much, taste a lot of wine and make a whole heap of lovely friends in what we’ve found to be a welcoming and very beautiful state.

What's on in Western Australia, pic of Beach

So without further ado, and if you are new to WA, or even if you aren’t, I hope you’re going to enjoy these 13 ridiculously useful posts about some of the top things to do in Western Australia.

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Why you should escape to the Kimberley 

The Kimberley is vast and more varied than you might imagine. It’s larger than both Tasmania and Victoria put together. “It’s even larger than the UK or Germany and contains 725,000 registered cows, and only about 50,000 people live here,” Greg our tour guide with Adenture Wild told us. Expect vast open plains, enormous gorges and waterfalls and amidst the outback golds and browns many dots of tropical green. Read this post and find out more about the variety of The Kimberley region.

Top Things to do in Western Australia. Visit The Kimberley in Australia's north and north west.

5 Sensational Places to visit in Margaret River

Wineries, restaurants and places to stay – here are 5 of the best the Margaret River region has to offer. (Don’t forget to hover and click on the title above for the full post.)

Top Things to do in Western Australia. Visit the Margaret River region famous for its gourmet food and wine, and beaches.

What to do in Bunbury and the Geographe Region

We lived in Bunbury for just over 7 years, and loved it. It’s surrounded by the sea, and an inlet and an estuary. If you travel inland you’ll come to the beautiful Geographe Region and The Ferguson Valley … click on the title for things to do.

Things to do in Western Australia - Visit beautiful Bunbury in Australia's south west.


15 amazing things to do in Broome

Ahh Broome, the tropical northwest town which will have you spellbound. It’s not just about a beautiful beach and camels at sunset (honest) … click on the title above to find out 15 things that I loved, and you probably will too.

Top Things to do in Western Australia - kick off with 15 things to do in Broome.

3 Top Family Friendly things to do in South Western Australia

So many things for families to do in the beautiful south western pocket of Australia. In this post you’ll find out about the dolphins, the circus, and a wonderful underwater observatory at the end of the longest timber jetty in the southern hemisphere.


13 Things to do in Busselton 

Busselton has traditionally been a holiday destination, and in the past people from Perth would skip past Bunbury bound for Busso as it’s fondly known. There’s tons to do and see – it was hard sticking to just 13 things in this post.

13 Things to do in Busselton - from the article Top Things to do in Western Australia

Best  beaches in South West Australia 

I think we have some of the best beaches in the world in South Western Australia. Here are some of our faves to tickle your fancy 🙂

Top Things to do in Western Australia - here are some of the top beaches.

My top 10 FREE things to do in Perth

I’ve lived in Perth for 2 years, and I know it’s not the sleepy city, that the buzzy East Coast of Australia cities believes it is. You’ll find a hip, hop and happening place that’s still easy to get around, but which offers so much to see and do. #loveperth! There are some fabulous hotels in Perth – you might like to check out Booking.Com for some great deals. If you’re travelling with kids, here’s a great post about what to do in Perth with kids: Perth; Western Australia.

10 Free Things to do in Perth - Things to do in Western Australia

5 Luxury Getaways in Western Australia

Luxury is synonymous with some of our gorgeous lodges and resorts in Western Australia. Here are 5 of my favourite getaways which I hope you’ll enjoy too.

Things to do in Western Australia and Luxury Accommodation in Margaret River


13 Fabulous things to do in Fremantle on a long weekend

Fremantle feels like Perth’s older sister, in a way, because you feel like you’re stepping back in time – for its buildings have been well preserved and history surrounds you. But there’s a modern side to Freo too, a fabulous harbour and a boardwalk trail around gorgeous seafood restaurants, a quirky market, and much much more. Read the post to find out what to do on a long weekend.

Fabulous Things to do in Fremantle - Top Things to do in Western Australia

Dreamy Denmark – Top Things to do in Denmark, Western Australia

We always said we’d retire to Denmark one day – and many people do the tree change to this dreamy part of the State. It’s a seriously pretty town set in amongst rolling green hills. Check out some of the places to stay in Denmark.

Top Things to do in Denmark, Western Australia from the post Top Things to do in Western Australia

Top 10 Places to visit in Western Australia by the WA Tastemaster 

Join Toastmaster Rick as he escorts us to his favourite places around the State. Rick, from England, won a competition and landed a coveted dream job –  the role of Taste Master of Western Australia in conjunction with Tourism Australias Best Jobs In The World campaign. In short he said, “I’m a lucky bugger!”

Top 10 Places to visit in Western Australia by the WA Toastmaster

23 Things to do in Albany

Don’t expect a metropolis because although Albany is the regional centre for other smaller townships in the southern region, it is still easily navigable with a quaint main street that leads down to the sea. Interesting Heritage Trails wind around the town centre. You’ll find old cottages dating back to the early 1800’s including the Patrick Taylor Cottage, a Wattle and Daub home, apparently the oldest surviving intact dwelling in WA, built in 1832 and much more, including scenery to make your heart melt.

23 Things to do in Albany from Top Things to do in Western Australia

What are you favourite spaces and places in Western Australia? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. I can see that this would be an extremely useful resource for anyone travelling to Western Australia. Having travelling your wonderful state from south to north I have enjoyed most of these experiences and agree with your choices. It is such a massive state with so much on offer, it is difficult to narrow it down to one or two areas. 🙂

  2. You’ve definitely made the most of the eight years you’ve been here. Great resource, not just for visitors to WA but for anyone that lives here too. I’ve been here since 1986 and still only feel like I’ve just scraped the surface of all the fantastic places to visit in WA.

  3. Thanks Nina. How time flies! So much to do and so little time to do it. I guess in this big bold beautiful State we have a lot of distance to cover though 🙂

  4. Hi Kathy, choosing what to highlight and what to leave out in a post like this was hard – there’s so much more to add in. Glad you enjoyed travelling the length of WA 🙂

  5. Perth, Kimberly, Fremantle, Broome, Margaret River. Those are all places I have dreamed of visiting for years. Hope to do so in 2017. Thank you for the look.

  6. honestly Jo I think we must live in the best state in Australia, if not the world! Thanks for highlighting to us what to do in our own backyard. Happy travels!

  7. Hope you get here in 2017 Charles. You’ll LOVE it, I’m sure 🙂

  8. Hi Lyn – that’s great! Perhaps we’ll get to meet up sometime?

  9. Jenny Freedman

    With so much fabulous information in these posts Jo, the hardest thing a visitor has to do is choosing what to do first! We really do love in a wonderful State!

  10. Hi Jenny, Yep, we really do live and love in a wonderful State! Thanks for popping by x

  11. I just discovered your website and all I can do is to give you all thanks for the tips. I enjoy travelling and my purpose is to travel on the very least 3 x a year, a mix of a few small tours and a big one outside my country. The list makes me think of visiting Western Australia!

  12. Hey, Jo. Wow, that’s a very comprehensive list! While many travellers are busy exploring the world, I admire you for discovering the best things about your hometown. Keep exploring and enjoy!

  13. Hi Glen, thank you. There is enough to keep me busy in WA for half a lifetime and more I reckon 🙂

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