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Welcome ZigaZag travellers to Part 3 of the Beaches and Breweries series.

If you love a good beach, a cooling beer and a bite to eat then you’ve come to the right place because you’re going to be transported to some of the finest in the region.

Eagle Bay Brewery

Today we’re off to the fantabulous Eagle Bay Brewing Co, and on the way we’ll be stopping at some of the best beaches in the Cape Naturaliste area, around Dunsborough. The coastline from a scenic flight below, is spectacular.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

If you’d like to read Part 1 of the series that featured Duckstein Brewery, or Part 2 that featured the very gorgeous Empire Retreat, then click on the links to pop over and have a read of them too.

We’re off and the day promises adventure of the ‘beery’ kind

An easterly is blowing as we leave Empire Retreat for a little sortie prior to breakfast. It’s only 7.30am the day is as yet bleached of colour.

But Dunsborough beach front even without its normal turquoise sea and dense colours is as lovely as ever, and we know from past experience that it’s a gorgeous place to come and spend a few hours on a hot summer’s day.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

Top beaches in south west Australia, Cape Naturaliste region.

The Margaret River and Cape Naturaliste region is renowned for wonderful beaches. Often lonely, some without another footprint in sight, some hard to get to, but  always spectacular. Some like Meelup are popular in the school holidays around Christmas, and it’s a prime beach for weddings too, but generally you’ll always find a parking spot somewhere.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castroAround Dunsborough, and beautifully close to Eagle Bay Brewing Co are our top 5 favourites; Eagle Bay, Point Picquet, Meelup, Castle Rock and Bunker Bay, stunning beaches with little bays or wide sandy stretches perfect for long walks.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

Whale Season June to November

It’s whale season, so we are particularly on the look out and delighted when we’re rewarded with a splash and a sighting at Castle Rock.

With sand between our toes and a healthy appetite for lunch we head along Eagle Bay Road and turn off to to Eagle Bay Brewing Co.  It’s situated down a windy lane between fields on a working farm.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

Here we sit in the large airy restaurant, under cover but with the sides unzipped so that we are right next to the lawn and farmland. Gazing over the farmland to a dam, you get the feeling that you are right in the heart of the countryside.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

In the distance is the sea, and we can just see tip of Cape Naturaliste lighthouse, a famous local landmark.

We have to agree it’s a beautiful setting, and perfect for weddings.

“It is a popular wedding venue,” Bree Higgins, the restaurant manager tells me. “We began doing weddings in November 2011 and since then we have seen our functions department grow at a rapid rate. We’re extremely popular and like to think that we provide our customers with a personal experience. We currently recommend that clients book no less than a year in advance.”

Kitchen garden

While we’re waiting for our food we walk across the lawns to the thriving kitchen garden which our waitress tells us is the source of most of the leaves used in the meals. To the other side of the lawn is a shaded children’s playground where kids are having a whale of a time.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

I can’t wait for the WA Christmas trees to start blooming in their full neon yellow, and if you visit Eagle Bay after Christmas you’ll likely see this one, above on the bottom hand right side.

Our lunch consists of The Mezza, a tasting plate to share which we agree is wonderful.  Lentil fritters with raita, roast capsicum sofrito with almon picada; feta and walnut filo pie, marinated olives, garlic and thyme goats chees with chickpeas, preserved lemon and olive salad, za’atarbreads. The roast capsicum sofrito with almond picada is one of our favourite dishes, but the goats cheese rates a close second. (Disclaimer: lunch and beer tasting were complimentary)

Umm, I’m not sure if I should mention the banoffee and almond meringue with simmo’s vanilla ice cream!

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

Eagle Bay Brewing Co, Fast Facts

  • Beers are made with fresh rainwater, malted barley, hopes and yeast … only. No preservatives are added.
  • Beers are clear not cloudy, and are served cold, straight from the brewery tanks.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

  • A beer tasting could include; Kolsch, Vienna Lager, Mild Ale, Pale Ale, Single Batch IPA, Extra Special Bitter. A tasting comes with a full description of each beer.
  • The small shop sells some delightful Eagle Bay wine and produce .

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

  • Eagle Bay Brewing Co has been open since December 8th 2010
  • In winter 200 people can be accommodated, and in summer the number rises to 500
  • The menu changes with the seasons. “We like to source products that are locally grown and in season so we change our menus 4 times a year to reflect those changes,” Bree tells me.
  • Eagle Bay Brewing Co recently had solar panels installed and management are aiming to generate enough energy to  power the brewery and produce carbon neutral beer by summer.
  • I asked Bree if there was anything that made Eagle Bay Brewing Co unique. “It’s unique to the region not only because it’s the only micro-brewery in the Cape Naturaliste area but it’s also located on the family farm which has been in the d’Espeissis family since 1950. The working sheep and cattle property that surrounds the restaurant forms the foreground to the stunning views which make the location a popular attraction with both tourists and locals,” Bree said.

“A big part of our appeal is that we offer full table service and a wide range of products that appeal to a broad demographic. We are affordable, family friendly and don’t mind if you duck in after a swim at the beach!”

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro
The Cape to Cape Track starts (or ends) at Cape Naturaliste lighthouse near Eagle Bay Brewing Co, and Dunsborough town, and the beach is also nearby.

Visit more breweries

Of course if you want to visit the other breweries in the region and you don’t want to drink and drive then there are several small tour companies offering fantastic tours to both breweries and wineries. For something a little different you could try “Rolling in Character”  – we spotted them on a sunset jaunt to Smith’s Beach, below.

top-beaches-in-south-west-australia- eagle-bay-brewing-co-jo-castro

Don’t forget to visit Duckstein Brewery while you’re in the area too, and for a list of all the breweries in the region, pop over to Part 1 of this series in Beaches and Breweries – Click Here and see where else you can go for a great ale or pop over to Part 2 of Beaches and Breweries – Click Here to read all about the luxurious Empire Retreat.

I’m connecting with Travel Photo Thursday today – do pop over for some awesome travel tales from around the world.

Do you have a favourite beach or brewery? Why not share yours with us in the comment section.

Until next time,


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  1. Beam me up scotty, can’t wait for another trip down south, thanks Johanna xxx Rae

  2. Mary Martin

    JO, I think in no time you will have your own travel channel spot. Your presentations are so inviting, that I want to venture to places I had never dreamed of going, and experience all they have to offer.

  3. Oh those beaches are so inviting! I almost can taste the brews. . .what a fun series you are doing. Love these. Thanks for visiting our TravelnWrite as well!

  4. Janet Scott

    There sure are some amazing beaches in SWA and breweries too – lucky you.

  5. You’ve got so many beautiful beaches, Johanna. As much as I love hearing about the beaches, I’m just as happy to read about that lovely kitchen garden. The meal looks scrumptious!

  6. Yes, Marcia, the kitchen garden was such a delight to find. So many look, well, a little scraggly, but this one was full of healthy looking edibles and it looked very much as if it was a garden to plate affair.

  7. Hi Annabel, and thanks for visiting! Yes we have the most awesome coloured sea in WA during summertime.

  8. I know, we are lucky Janet. And just when we think we’ve discovered them all, we find something else! Thanks for popping by 🙂

  9. Hi Tonya, yes I reckon a day at the beach is good for everyone’s soul (as long as you wear adequate sun protection!).

  10. Thank you so much Mary! Sometime I doubt myself and my ability to keep people interested, so I’m delighted when someone really does enjoy my travel posts and says they are tempted to venture to the places I mention. Now wouldn’t a travel channel spot be amazing – but I bet millions of people dream of a job like that!

  11. I don’t think my husband would ever leave if we make it to this part of Australia 🙂 Those beaches are beautiful and I’m drawn to that kitchen garden. Wow on the almond meringue with ice cream. What a gorgeous part of the world.

  12. Thanks for your time and comments Mary – glad you liked what you saw!

  13. Those are awesome beaches! I love that garden-to-plate restaurant! Food cannot get any fresher than that. And those beer made of fresh rain water and no preservative – I’m sold! The Rollin in Character definitely looks fun; I’ll take that one!

  14. You have made Eagle Bay Brewing Company sound so fantastic that I want to go there — even though I am not a beer drinker. I’d love to hit one of those beaches, too.

  15. Yes, Michele, it’s easy to love the beaches and the micro breweries – the plan is eat, drink and be merry, then walk and swim off the calories! That’s the plan 😉

  16. Garden to plate is such a satisfying notion isn’t it Marisol. Yep, preservative free gets me every time 🙂

  17. you can keep the beer Jo – I am more of a wine person myself – but the food looks delicious, the beaches stunning, and our south west corner? it goes without saying – one of the best places in the world.

  18. The food is delicious, Jill and the beer – well, I’m no avid beer drinker but a couple of the milder ones on those tasting plates have me pretty keen for more on hot days this summer! Thanks for popping by today 🙂

  19. Beaches and beer do go together nicely, don’t they? I’m not usually a beer drinker, but at a beach, it’s the perfect refreshment. Hard to pick a favorite beach, but I’ve been to some awesome ones in Hawaii.

  20. Thanks for popping by Cathy, yes beer is often the far better thirst quencher. I’d love to go to Hawaii one day too 🙂

  21. This sounds like a gorgeous experience Jo! The icy beer, the views, and the great-sounding food all combine for a very worthwhile outing. Bravo!

  22. Hi Wanda, yes we really love our ‘big days out’ in Margs, and always find new things to do, but this one with Eagle Bay featuring as our lunchtime pit stop, was very special. Thank you for popping by, much appreciated.

  23. The scrumptious meals whet my appetite. The beaches look lovely , also love the fact that they are not crowded.

  24. Yes, we are very lucky in this part of the world, Rachel. Thanks for popping by today 🙂

  25. There’s something about the beaches in Dunsborough that is truly spectacular. Meelup is by far my favourite, and judging by the traffic when we visit its everyone else’s too!

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