Life is so different in Broome. It’s like being in another country.

There’s Broome time, and there’s everywhere else time.

It’s remote. It’s scenically beautiful. It’s unique, and it’s miles from anywhere.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

In fact it’s 212 kms from its nearest neighbor Derby, and if you’re driving up from Perth it’s around  2,200 kms and will take you several days.

It’s so far from anywhere that when you get to Broome you feel as if you’re on a desert island, surrounded not only by thousands of acres of dusty outback, but also a tidal reach of turquoise sea with long white stretches of sand.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome Truly gorgeous.

And if that doesn’t get you thinking that Broome is amazing then there’s the pearling industry, camel trains, oh and the country’s most remote micro brewery which serves up, among other delights, Mango beer and Ginger Beer.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in BroomeIt’s unlikely that Broome will remind you of anywhere else, and as a town it couldn’t be more starkly in contrast with city life.

Your most difficult choices are likely to be narrowed down to the basics: Beach, beer, barbie or maybe camel ride? Perhaps all four?

Now wouldn’t that be nice?

The town itself is quaint and colourful, with architecture that is distinctly Broome-style. It’s not shy of its multicultural heritage, it’s proud of its pearl industry and its beaches, and eager to show that it has a history, though not all of it happy.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Broome was bombed in the Second World War, and the pearling industry all but destroyed when the Japanese pearl luggers were interned as prisoners of war around 1942.

If you visit the little pioneer cemetery on the hillock at town beach, you get the feeling of a seafaring past and feel that ghosts with sad stories could walk around the tall trees at night.

How to get to Broome

Flying is obviously the quickest way of getting to Broome, and the flight is about 2.5 hours from Perth. I flew courtesy of Qantas and had a really comfortable flight  in Business Class (don’t hate me, it doesn’t happen very often) which was bliss, and I did feel a little bit rock star. Lots of leg room, wide comfy seats and a friendly steward catering to our every whim completed the picture along with a couple of G & T’s and some salmon.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Broome Airport

The airport is cute, and it feels tropical. It’s so small that you walk from the tarmac straight into the little arrivals hall and then out into blinding sunshine – no long faceless corridors, no customs or security checks, straight out into the heat.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

There are people in thongs and shorts and colorful t-shirts – there’s not a tie or suit in sight. When we arrive it’s hot, must be 30 in the shade, a far cry from the cold rain and squalls we’ve been having down south.

The tiny airport sits in amongst a whole lot of burnt sienna, and frangipanis are ubiquitous, in fact they’re blooming everywhere I look … along with gorgeous, brash tropical plants in crimson, green and gold.

Broome’s water source

But these tropical plants aren’t natives I later learn because they were originally brought in by the original pearl masters from Singapore, while others have been sourced from nurseries, and this tropical ambiance is not due to Broome’s climate but rather to the large underground aquifers situated on a nearby cattle station; Water Bank Cattle Station which has been acquired by the government due to its abundance of water.

Is this a park or an airport?

From my journal: “The departures hall has a corrugated iron rooftop, open sides, palms everywhere and a central open to the elements atrium. It’s hot and steamy with whirring overhead fans, and wooden park benches sit side by side tables and chairs, and you get the feeling that people might have come for a picnic, rather than to catch a plane.

Two days later, when we leave and pass through the security check at departures there is a sign: “Neat Casual Attire – No Effort, No Entry,” and “Footwear must be worn at all times,” which are indications of how laid back this little airport really is underneath it’s façade of gentility.”

And it echoes the aura of Broome.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

The Broome adventure begins

We are whisked away from the airport along roads with few cars, where Mr Jasper says he expects a koala might jump out at us wearing a wide brimmed hat and holding a VB Beer.

It’s mid September.

“The town is entering its low season, and while during high season the population might be 50, 000 it drops down to around 15,000 in summer (November to February)  when the weather is hot and steamy with monsoon rain,” Michelle Spinks, Manager of the Mantra Frangipani Hotel tells us.

Note to self: Good time to book a cut-price, lazy holiday and go lie by the Mantra Frangipani swimming pools.

Apart from lazing at tropical resorts like the Mantra Frangipani, there are some amazing things to do in Broome both in and around the town.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Top 15 things to do in Broome, Western Australia

Without further ado, I think these 15 things are pretty amazing. I haven’t done all of them, but the ones I’ve yet to experience are on my wishlist.

Beach camel rides

Long trains of camels with colourful saddle blankets walk up and down the long stretch of beach in the early morning and at sunset. They are a fabulous spectacle as the sun sets, and it’s a relaxing way to while away half an hour if you’d like to book a ride. We did.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Cable Beach

This beach features in all the tourist brochures and is probably one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world offering 22 kms of white sand below pindan cliffs and a duck egg blue sea that has to be seen to be believed. Locals bring their 4 x 4’s down to the beach at sunset, and sit out with picnics and beers to enjoy the early evening.

It is reasonably safe to swim here, although the tides are massive, and can change by about 9 metres. November to April box jellyfish may be present. If you like parasailing and surfcats, then this is the place.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome


A visit to Chinatown is a must … well actually, you can’t miss it as it’s the main part of town. This is the original commercial centre of Broome where once upon a time you would have found a bustling scene of pearl sheds, billiard saloons, entertainment houses and Chinese restaurants.

Now you’ll find some of the world’s best pearl showrooms along with cafes and shops. Every girl needs a pearl, and I’ll be writing about the fascinating world of pearling in a future post.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

A tour of a pearl farm, an interesting talk about the pearling industry, a ride on a boat into the creek hunting for crocs and fresh Damper bread with coffee – Now that’s what I call a good morning.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

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Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Minyirr Park

Minyirr Park is a place of cultural significance to the Aboriginal people who believe the park is situated where Aboriginals were created. It’s tucked behind sand dunes and here you’ll find several walking trails that take you through bush land and dunes.

Sun Pictures

Even if you’re not going to the cinema to see a movie it’s well worth stopping off at Sun Pictures to have a look-see. The picture house was opened in 1916 and allegedly it’s the oldest operating picture garden in the world. Here you’ll sit outside on deck chairs under the light of the moon to watch a movie.

In the entrance area you’ll find a little museum area displaying movie memorabilia, which along with the cinema has withstood cyclones, floods from king tides and bombing during the Second World War.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Matso’s Brewery

The most remote micro brewery in the world.

It’s situated close to the beach and shady wind sails keep you protected from the blistering sun. The building itself is old and of historic value, but the food and the beer are as modern as you can get. I enjoyed the Mango Beer and the Ginger Cooler, but the Chango (mango and chilli) was really different. It had one enormous kick, like a mule, and certainly gave me an appetite.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Gantheaume Point

This is a little way out of town, about 6km. Here you’ll find rust red cliffs and petrified dinosaur footprints that are over 130 million years old. If you can’t get down to the tide line then you can see the replica casts of the same footprints on the cliff top which has stunning views of Cable Beach.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Broome Races

Thoroughbred racing seems a little incongruous with red earth and dust but you can watch expensive horse flesh thundering around the track while enjoying a day out with a picnic at the Broome Turf Cub in season. Count me in.

Staircase to the moon

This is a natural phenomenon that takes place for 3 nights each month from March to October. The full moon rises over the exposed mudflats of Roebuck Bay when the tide is very low creating an optical illusion of a staircase rising up to the moon. I didn’t get a good picture … note for next time: A tripod is imperative.

What amazed me was that the moon rose over the horizon as a big fiery red ball, turning white only when it was high in the inky sky.

You’ll find night markets with foods, crafts, jewellery, fast food and clothes for sale if you watch this phenomena at Town Beach. The other place to watch is at The Mangrove Hotel. I bought a large, lovely shell hanging for just $50 at the night markets (Pics of this in a later post: My Bali style garden).

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Town Beach

This is the place for picnics and paddling. It’s situated close to mangroves, where crocodiles have been sighted, so when I visited the beach it had been closed for swimming for a couple of days. It’s one of the two best spots to watch Staircase to The Moon.

Broome Museum

This little museum has interesting displays on the pearling industry along with a collection of photographs and information detailing the history of Broome.

Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Broome hovercraft

Fancy something different?  I’m putting this in my top 15 because I’d love to try it. The Spirit of Broome hovercraft flights, sunset and sunrise on Roebuck Bay.  Sounds like fun to me.

Japanese cemetery

A sad reminder of the 900 Japanese pearl divers who died during the World War 2 air raids.

Trike Limousine – Broome Trike Tours

It’s the only trike limousine in the world and was built in 2000 – on the back of a Harley Davidson, and we all shriek with joy when we get closer. The hatch door opens up to four seats in faux leather, surrounded by real wood fittings, a perfect wooden mini bar complete with lollies, strip lighting for night-time revellers, music, and two open air seats high on the back – what a view!

I haven’t had so much fun in ages!

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Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome
All aboard with Carolyn Jasinski (@footloosejazza), Jade JustJessica Zoiti , Scott and Yvette. Below right: Carolyn and Jade enjoying the ride.

Where to stay

I stayed (free of charge on a media famil) at the reasonably priced  Mantra Frangipani  (follow the link for a review of the resort) and my spacious self catering apartment, with a wonderful outdoor shower had its own tropical courtyard with a barbecue area. Two swimming pools and landscaped gardens with lily ponds complete the very Balinese picture at this resort.

Loved it.

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Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

Camel Safari

At the end of a busy morning, I sit in the shade under a Bali style hut at the Mantra Frangipani on a huge day bed just before I’m whisked off to Cable Beach.


Top 15 Amazing things to do in Broome

 The beach stretches away from and around us like a big yellow picnic blanket. The air is soft, sultry, infused with tropical calm although there’s a burn still to the sun, which even at 3.30pm is high in the sky and shows no sign yet of setting.

Although when it does set later on it’s stunning.

Top 15 Amazing Things to do in Broome

Never mind. We are going on a camel safari …and I can’t wait.

Top 15 Things to do in Broome

Come join in the fun – you might enjoy this post: “The Camels of Cable Beach

Cheers everyone!

Top 15 Things to do in Broome

 Click here for even more things to do in Broome by Travel2Next.

Now, hands up, who’d like to visit Broome?

And what will you do while you’re there?

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  1. Cannot believe I missed the Trike tour when I went there. Now I have to go back!

  2. EverywhereAmy

    What a pretty place! I hadn’t even heard of Broome, but it looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Neva Fels

    My hand’s up, I so want to visit Broome. I’m curious about the China Town and why the Chinese began living there. California need them to build the railroads, what was their main work in this area?

  4. Denise Gillies

    Your description of the camel ride reminds me of our venture to Broome five or six years ago. I don’t remember my camel’s name but the one behind me was Charmaine.
    Charmaine took a real liking to me and nuzzled the back of my neck throughout the ride. It was a bit disconcerting the first time she did it! However, I soon got used to the soft velvety mouth’s gentle nuzzling.
    What a happy memory! I hope it’s Charmaine and her friends who are still happily wandering up and down Cable Beach.

  5. Ahh what a lovely memory Denise! Their muzzles are so soft aren’tthey? I rode Malachi. Now wondering if Charmaine was in our train!

  6. Glad you want to visit Neva. I need to check but I think it was to do with the pearling industry and commerce around that.

  7. I want to go to Broome now 🙂 What a great place to spend a holiday. I’ve always wanted to do a camel safari ride on the beach so I’m looking forward to that post. Those beaches looks so inviting and relaxing. Love that sunset photo!

  8. Awesome Mary! Hope you get there one day too, and watch this space ….!

  9. Broome is certainly breathtaking. I don’t like beer but I’d be willing to try that mango beer. And I’m ready for a camel safari too. Broome looks like the kind of place you could visit and not want to leave.

  10. Camel safaris, mango beers, amazing sunsets, yes Marcia, Broome has lots of sticking points 🙂

  11. What a great post Jo. I found my experience in Broome was absolutely super. Camels, pearls, good food, micro beer, an outdoor cinema. What else is a girl to want? I’m grateful to this blog because it highlights experiences that I missed out the first time around. It’s good to know that Broome has other delights in store for me next time!

  12. What? You didn’t visit the Broome Bird Observatory??!! Only kidding, whatever one does in the Broome area is AWESOME & explains why my Broome blog posts are amongst my most popular!! It’s a FAAAAABULOUS part of the world!

  13. Hello Red, good to see you here again! I’m going to check out your Broome posts, and I bet they have a humorous side to them too ! Can’t wait 🙂

  14. That’s great Wanda! Hope you enjoy a return trip to Broome even more than your first.

  15. Antionette Blake

    Awesome, what a beautiful place, thank you for the mini vacation – definitely looks like a place to visit at least once in a lifetime.

  16. Oooh I have never been to Broome, but now I really, really want to visit! I know it’s the classic thing to do, but Cable Beach just looks incredible!

  17. It is classic, Lucy but Cable Beach is a winner particularly at sunset with the camel trains and a cocktail in hand 🙂

  18. Hi Jo! It’s to come full circle through the blog hops and find you again! I signed up as a Subcriber. But, I lost my first comment (user error on my part). I love all of the pictures and things to do. There was a lot to absorb. I had to do a double take to make sure that wasn’t a real crocodile. And I would love to let my Golden Retriever, Phoenix, run along Cable Beach. Oh my gosh that would be so much fun. I realize that was a domestic flight on Quantas but I absolutely hope to be able to fly them when I make my way down to Australia one day! 🙂

  19. I’m glad you’ve found ZigaZag again, Mike! Thanks for popping by. So glad you’ve enjoying all the pics and things to do, and that you’ve enjoyed the Broome post too. Yes Phoenix would love Cable Beach I bet. Yep, Qantas was a great airline to fly with. Hope you make it Aus one day, and specially to Broome 🙂

  20. No better thing than to head north when it’s rainy and windy down south, hey Jill 🙂

  21. We were told about Broome time before arriving there, and it really blew me away. People just potter around and do what they want, when they want. They had a parade when we were up there that was late by a long time; as they say; Broome time!

  22. Thanks Jo! I just stumbled on this from Google and it has me extra excited for our trip to Broome next week!

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