There’s so much to do in WA, but I don’t know about you,  so little time to do it considering that, often, vast distances have to be covered to get to places.

There are forests, and beaches and wine farms and dolphins and wildflowers and wide open spaces. No wonder it’s considered an area of world important biodiversity.

Perhaps you’re like me though – always trying to weigh up the pleasure vs the time factor – ok I know, it’s not always about the destination, the journey is also part of the whole experience, it’s just that sometimes long straight roads can become monotonous if they are eating into hard won holiday leave. That said, you want to be sure that the destination, including things to do and the accommodation, is going to be worth your money and your time.

Tourism bodies do a great job in promoting places; places to go, places to stay and things to do. In my view though, much of this information can be gentle spin and a lot is  paid-for advertising. Now while this is informative and necessary, you don’t really get the real low-down about a place from the tourist brochures – it’s like being hand fed. You’re given what they believe is good for you. BUT is it GOOD FOR YOU really?

Travel articles and blog posts on the other hand, allow a little more lattitude because they can give a flavour of the place, along with the facts. True, a writer is probably not going to say a place is crappy in an article, just because they think, well, it’s crappy, or they had a bad experience there (although they well might mention it in a blog), but at the very least they’re going to provide a bit of a story about the place and impart a feel for the people and the landscape which might suggest the good along with the not-so-good if you read between the lines.

This might put some people off a destination, and attract others towards it and that’s good in my view, especially in Western Australia’s vast landscape. After all, who wants to travel thousands of kilometres to find a particular experience just wasn’t worth the hours of driving, because well, you’re just not that in to that type of experience? Having said that, WA has such a diverse amount of landscape on offer, that it would be really difficult not to find something you enjoy.

So if you’re thinking about taking a break, or have a long weekend to fill, then perhaps check out the stories below and others I’ve written for The weekend West Australian Travel section for a little inspiration.

Shark Bay – for those who love the call of the wild. I wrote this for The West Australian Travel  after a road trip, and I can’t wait to go back. Check out what’s going on in the mid-west around Denham, Monkey Mia, Shell Beach and Hamelin Bay.

Nannup and the South West – for fabulous flowers was written after being stunned by the tulips in Nannup. Put a note in your diary if you like flowers and visit when the wildflower season is bursting with colour down south. Nannup, Balingup and Bridgetown are places to visit in Springtime.

Also take a look at 3 Top Places to visit around Cape Naturaliste and Bunbury Stands for Fun. Bike riding is great around Bunbury.

and if you’re heading north, don’t forget Kalbarri. Nature’s Window is gorgeous.

Enjoy the articles, and a bit of armchair travel in the process of choosing where to go 🙂

And NB: DON’T FORGET to  look out for what YTravelBlog has to say about WA in the next week or so.

Until next time, Happy Travelling!


P.S. What’s your favourite West Aussie destination?

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  1. jenny@atasteoftravel

    A great article Jo. Insider information is so important today. I’m always reading blogs and magazines to pick up tips to help me know what I may expect or what not to miss from a place I am visiting. Your articles are just what visitors to WA should read before they start travelling.

  2. Johanna

    Thanks for the thumbs up, Jenny 🙂

  3. Your writing Jo will always entice someone to visit!
    And that’s the great thing about travel writing, visiting new places!

  4. Johanna

    Thanks Jill. Sometimes I think we should be keeping this beautiful region a secret though!

  5. Thanks Jo! My boyfriend and I are either doing a trip to WA or the Whitsundays this August, so I’m already excitedly doing some research! WA is looking pretty amazing!

  6. Awesome Genevieve – glad we’re inspiring you to come this way too 🙂

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