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Fun Things to do in Perth at night

Things to do in Perth at night by Jo CAstro

Love taking the ferry to South Perth and looking back on the city lights

Travelling up to Perth from the South West always feels like an escape. I probably shouldn’t say this because you’ll think that I never get out, but it’s always a little bit exciting, and somehow filled with possibility, as if anything could happen and new places may be discovered.

Things to do in Perth, travelling from the forests of the south by Jo Castro

From the forests of the South West to the excitement of the city and Perth where there are lots of fun things to do at night.

What is true though is that I’m escaping the daily domestic drudge and the routine of workdays. Yay, no more housework – instead I’m off to a comfortable hotel with no beds to make,  no meals to cook and lots of exciting things to do in Perth at night.

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I can’t wait for the evenings when He Himself and I put on our comfy shoes and walk, with rarely a table booking, taking the city by chance and waiting for serendipity to strike.

It always does.

Expect the MOST AMAZING sunsets if you walk along Riverside Drive at dusk.

Things to do in Perth at night, sunset by Jo Castro

Enjoy a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a Speckled Hen beer on the waterfront at The Lucky Shag (named after a bird – a cormorant – not what your filthy minds thought!).

“One story has it that when the name for the bar was being decided a shag swooped down into the water and emerged with two fish, someone immediately said “Gee, thats a lucky shag” and the name was born. Of course there are other stories as to how the bar got it’s name but we’ll leave you to figure that out !!”

Up the hill, along Barrack Street and into Northbridge we marched in search of tucker, missing Jamie’s (Jamie Oliver’s new Italian restaurant – next time we’ll book) instead coming to another of our favourite restaurants, coincidentally another Olivers.

Things to do in Perth at night by Jo Castro

Looking out from Oliver’s on James Street

This one is called Olivers, on James Street. The pizzas are amazing. Try the Daviola if you like Chilli. Sit outside on a warm night if you can.

Things to do in Perth at night, Brass Monkey by Jo Castro

The Brass Monkey, Northbridge – an iconic landmark day or night

And then a short walk through bustling Northbridge where the clubs were starting to light up, a guitarist strummed popular tunes from the balcony of the  Brass Monkey (Once the Great Western Hotel) and along the streets people of all ages and all nationalities looked for places to eat, drink and be merry.

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And how about The Ellington night club, for some jazz. I love the Ellington. It’s  all New York style on Gloucester Street, with a dim black interior, and dark corners. The little window, behind which the receptionist sits, as you enter a small foyer cubicle with two heavy doors makes you think you’re arriving somewhere dark and private – where my writer’s imagination believes just for a moment that I could belong to the Maffia or something of equal disrepute as I’m ushered through the second door into a cosy, intimate venue where music is live and conversation is hushed. It’s a great way to end the evening.

After a bottle of wine, a couple of Tapas, and enough jazz to fill your brain until the next time, it’s time to go. Walk past the council buildings at night  – they’re amazing and change colour! Spot a kangaroo or two, too!

And head to a wonderful hotel for the night …

Things to do in Perth at night by Jo Castro

The Council House changes colour at night

Shanks Pony. All the way back to the hotel through Perth’s city streets.

More things to do in Perth at night

  • Walk up to King’s Park and watch the sun set over the city as the city skyscrapers light up.
  • Walk or cycle along Riverside Drive as the sun sets over the Swan River
  • Have a meal in the revolving restaurant “C” on Level 33 of St Martin’s Tower. The nighttime views are spectacular.
  • Take the ferry to South Perth and look back across the river at the city lights.

Things to do in Perth at night by Jo Castro

I’m already looking forward to the prospect of my next visit to not so sleepy Perth.

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How about you? Where do you like to go or what do you like to do for a night out?


  1. I can imagine the excitement of heading to the “big smoke” from the south-west. Much the same sense of excitement that the people of Perth feel when they head for a piece of country life down Bunbury way 🙂

  2. Ha Ha, yes that is true. The big smoke or the country – ahh, the human condition, never content – and we cannot ever have it all!

  3. Yes, Perth has it all for a city getaway. We have just come back from seeing the “Picturing New York” exhibition. Who needs a BIG city? – I think Perth has everything we could want!

  4. Haha, thought this post might have been X rated – from the title! Tragically, I’ve only ever been to Perth for work as an adult, so Lucky Shags & Brass Monkeys will have to wait for a ‘tourist’ visit!! Maybe this year …

  5. Glad you enjoyed Picturing New York. Yes, the fact that Perth isn’t too big is a plus by my books too.

  6. Ha Ha, Red! Adult content indeed!

  7. I have still not made it to Ellington’s that is on my bucket list. We are waiting for a few weeks before booking at Jamie’s, I don’t know anybody that’s been yet. The papers say its great though, so it must be. xxx

  8. I want to go to Perth now! It sounds like you had a great time Jo. I have always wanted to visit Aus, but it is a long way from the UK. Hopefully I will get round to it some day.

  9. WoW looks like a great night out. That photo of the sunset is absolutely stunning

  10. Thanks, Freya. It was a fun night, with no expectations but lots of serendipity! Perth does that well 🙂

  11. Yes, it’s a long way from the UK, Jon – but Perth is actually the closest place in Aus to fly to. Hope you make it over one day – it’s such a great country wherever you choose to visit.

  12. These are all great suggestions for a wonderful night out. I don’t know too much about Perth but I would love to watch the sunset over the city and then dine at that revolving restaurant. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable night. Love the Council House changing colors.

  13. Thanks for your comments, Mary. Yes, perth is a lovely city at night – and the Council House is always a ‘rubber neck’ spot!


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Posts on ZigaZag may contain affiliate links from which I earn commission.