Things to do on a trip to Pemberton

Things to do in Pemberton and the great South

In Springtime the little south west towns are all bursting with new life, and there’s nothing we like doing better than taking a trip south.

It’s probably my favourite time of year for a road trip because the ground is green and lush, and the splashes of intense colour are bright and new, which makes walking or cycling  a pleasure,  plus it’s a bonus that the weather is cool for exercising.

For instance, life just doesn’t get much prettier than this nature’s pink, below, for me.

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo CAstro

Light showers, blue skies, grey skies, clouds and bursts of intermittent sunshine characterise the months of September and October in the south west pocket of Australia. Take a jacket, don’t take a jacket, but definitely take a fleecey jumper if you’re heading down to Bridgetown or Pemberton.

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Things to do in Pemberton

Heading south

To reach Pemberton from Bunbury and Perth, you have a couple of options. We like to drive south either via Busselton and Nannup or through Donnybrook, Bridgetown and Manjimup. Both routes take about 2 hours from Bunbury.

Donnybrook, the apple centre of WA, is bursting with blossom during the months of late August and September. I can’t wait for the apples and pears which will be in abundance in Autumn, but until then I’ll have to be patient. However, the blossoms are a sight for sore winter eyes.

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo CastroOnce in Pemberton there are trees to be climbed and walks to be walked, Twenty-Eighter’s (parrots) wing their way through the tall woods and will, if you’re lucky land on your shoulder hoping for food.

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo Castro, Things to do on a trip to Pemberton by Jo CAstro

Top 21 things to do in and around Pemberton

Beedelup Falls

How about driving to Beedelup Falls? You could walk from Karri Valley Resort if you just happen to be staying there (it’s lovely), or do as we did and walk from the car park at the Beedelup National Park and access the falls via a short circuit of excellent boardwalk tracks.

What I love about Australia is the attention to detail that’s laid on for tourists – boardwalks, look out points and interesting information boards, all of which await you at Beedelup.

Below are some pictures from the information boards at Beedelup Falls. I think the ‘ranger’s notes’ really bring the place to life and you can imagine how this area felt and looked in days gone by.

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo Castro

You’ll also see the point from which the longer, tougher Bibbulman track veers off into the deep forest (shown in a picture above).  The Bibbulman is a long distance hike stretching form Perth to Albany.

Don’t you love the Twenty-Eighter below, welcoming us to the falls?

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo CastroAt least travel into the National Parks these days is a little more reliable and less arduous than in the photo shown on one of the information boards, below.

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo Castro

Pemberton National Parks

In the National Parks the towering karri forests shade us from sunlight though and we are dwarfed beneath some of the tallest trees in Western Australia which are averaged to be more than 400 years old. It’s always a joy walking in amongst these ghostly giants with their smooth white barks and huge trunks completely dwarfing us mere humans.

There are three national parks surrounding Pemberton; Gloucester, Warren and Beedelup while close by is the D’Entrecasteaux and Shannon. Collectively they’re known as the Southern Forests.

From September to mid November the wild flowers will be at their zenith and you can expect to see orchids, kangaroo paws and banksias along with a multitude of other forest flowers – buy a small guide book at the Pemberton visitor’s centre.

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo Castro

On your road trip south

  • In Bridgetown perhaps stop off at the Cidery and sample their selection of natural ciders and home made tarts, then enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river bank.
  • Buy fresh apples in Donnybrook.
  • Visit one of the wineries and buy yourself a nice bottle of red to enjoy by a log fire at night (we chose the Barbara from Barracas near Donnybrook, a deliciously fruity wine)
  • Stop in at Balingup and have coffee and cake at one of the numerous cafes, then browse the quaint gift shops.
  • South of Manjimup climb the Diamond Tree, in Pemberton climb The Gloucester Tree or Dave Evans Bicentennial tree – but remember if the wind is strong or it’s damp or rainy you shouldn’t climb them for safety reasons. They are high and you are very exposed.

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo CastroBicentennial Tree

The Dave Evans Bicentennial tree tower, above, was built in 1988 as part of the celebrations to commemorate 200 years of European settlement in Australia. There are wonderful views if you’re brave enough to climb its 75 metres – the first platform you can see in the picture above is a mere 25 metres up, and there are 130 climbing pegs and a cabin at the top. If you’re at the top in windy conditions expect a 1.5 metre sway in either direction – ewwww!

You can see for about 40 kilometres in every direction over forest and farmland and of course the view of the forest canopy is incredible. I haven’t yet had the nerve to climb this tree, although I’ve climbed the slightly shorter Gloucester Tree.

Things to do in Pemberton by Jo CastroThings to do with kids

  1. Walk around Big Brook Dam 3.5km – or get your kayak out and canoe and perhaps swim in summertime. There are BBQ facilities, tables and toilets and a swimming beach.
  2. There’s an easy return walk along a paved path to the Gloucester Tree – 2km return, or just park in the car park and enjoy the multitude of birds. This is a great excursion to do with kids because the birds will often land on your shoulders and head.
  3. Cycling – road and mountain biking trails abound in Pemberton.
  4. There’s a lavendar and berry farm, there are eco tours and forest and dune walks, there’s the Pemberton Tramway that meanders over rivers and streams along a majestic route through the karri and marri forests.
  5. Stay at a farm chalet – various places offer hay rides and bottle feeding the animals.
  6. Drive a short distance to Northcliffe and discover the Southern Forest Arts “Understory” – a unique park with various artwork set on a short trail in amongst nature.
  7. Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the Donnelly River and meander along a 12km section of the river to the beach, and the Southern Ocean.
  8. Go walking, wobble across a supsension bridges, have a little adventure. There are more than 20 trails close to town.


Things to do in Pemberton by Jo Castro

More things to do in Pemberton

  • I love going to Pembers for a weekend, but I’d be happy to stay for a week. Once you turn off the highway and drive into rolling green countryside, past wine farms and into the forests your soul starts to relax and slumber. It is so peaceful down here.
  • There are several little restaurants in the town, and wine farms offering lunches outside the town.
  • If you enjoy fish, you could try some fresh trout of marron from the fish farms around Pemberton.
  • If you’re a fisherman you’ll enjoy fishing for marron, trout and perch all of which are found in Pemberton’s rivers and streams. The general open trout season starts on 1 September and ends on 30 April, although some rivers are open all year round. Check with the tourist centre of Fisheries Department.
  • If you love camping – you’re in for a treat. The cool south west forest campsites are generally peaceful and often remote. You could choose from the popular Warren National Park which is close to town and situated on the Heartbreak Trail, or the Shannon National Park and the Big Brook Arboretum.
  • Go 4 x 4 driving in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park. The park covers 118,000ha and most access is by 4 x 4 only – though play it safe and follow the tips from the local DEC office before you venture onto the sand in your vehicle.

Of course I could go on and on, but some things you need to discover for yourself. And you will. Pemberton’s like that.

Guide Books

The Pemberton Visitors Centre has a great selection of guide books and coffee table books about the region. You might find some of the following helpful, and most of the following are free:-

“A Guide to Western Australia’s Southern Forests’ is free from the Pemberton Visitors Centre and it has information about all the best places to visit, best seasons and details of the facilities at each place.

The Karri Forest Explorer – a guide to Pemberton’s National Parks

Fees and Charges – a Visitor’s Guide – entry and camping fees at the parks

Pemberton Wine Region Wineries and Vineyards Map – giving you a map guide to the vineyards and cellar doors

Pemberton Bushwalks

Bush Books – these are inexpensive informative field guides – wildlowers, birds, plants, trees – well worth buying to slip in your pocket for walks and drives.

Pemberton Accommodation

For the best deals on accommodation in Pemberton – Click Here.

Until Next Time … Be Happy and tell us in the comments which place in the world is good for your soul?



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  1. Great post Jo! Braden and I had a lovely getaway to pemberton last year. Love that part of the world! We are definitely keen to tackle the bibbulmun track when we get back too 🙂 x

  2. Neva Fels

    The pictures were so expressive of your love for this area. I just love that little Twenty eighter.

  3. Thanks Nat! We are keen to tackle the Bibbulmun too. Hope to chat about your travels and all and all when you return 🙂

  4. It’s always a joy to learn about Pemberton from you. What a great place to explore. I love all the blossoms and of course the birds. Spring is my favorite time of the year and I’m jealous you’re experiencing it right now 🙂 You’re right, those ranger’s notes make a big difference in presentation.

  5. I love your photos, Pemberton is on my list, the bridge looks good to me, I think that is something I could manage. The Bicentennial tree looks just right for Michael. A few posts ago you asked for photos of us in our spring gear. Well Johanna, I am sorry but I am still waiting for spring to arrive, have the outfits, ready and waiting though. xxx Rae

  6. Ha Ha Rae, I know what you mean. We had a couple of nice days here and mow we are back into winter it seems! Look fwd to a pic of you in Spring clothes though 😉

  7. Thanks Mary,so glad you enjoy reading about Pemberton. It is such a special place:)

  8. yes spring is my favourite time of year Jo, and a walk in the forest at Pemberton, or any of the Kari forests, certainly is a favourite for me. Especially for photographing wildflowers. Great post Jo covering all the possibilities.

  9. Great light at this time of year for flowers too. Thafks for popping by today, Jill.

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