things to do in bunbury

Bunbury has been renamed Funbury – It’s Official!

Only joking.

But the city is a fun place to visit and it is getting a whole lot more attention these days. Someone said, “It’s expanding like rabbits!” which made me laugh.

I think they’re right though. Everywhere I look or don’t look there seems to be another building going up, and the region is growing with new developments sprouting like mushrooms.

Despite the growth, it’s a great weekend destination only two hours from Perth. You could visit in a day if you wanted to, but that would be cutting things short.

Here’s a short video to give you an idea of what life’s like here on the Indian Ocean in a city surrounded by water – here ’tis …  WA Weekender it’s only a few minutes long.

things to do in Bunbury

Things to do in Bunbury

  1. Visit the Dolphin Centre (about 120 bottle nose dolphins live in Koombana bay and most mornings you can get up close to a few of them)
  2. Go to the Wildlife Park (it’s right in the city centre just about, but you wouldn’t be aware of that because it’s by the very scenic, Big Swamp).
  3. Walk around the pretty inlet (45 minutes to an hour)
  4. Take the kids for a swim at Koombana Bay, or go catch the waves at Back Beach
  5. Get nautical – Float a kayak on the inlet or on the bay. Maybe have a go on a dragon boat or an outrigger or go twilight sailing with the yachties on a Wednesday evening.
  6. Walk along Ocean Drive – the pavement stretches a very long way.
  7. Bicycle – just bicycle – there are so many places to get those wheels whizzing.
  8. Catch a show at the new Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre.
  9. Go for a sundowner at one of the ocean front restaurants or cafes.
  10. Hit the shops – Apart from two malls, Victoria Street has a host of eclectic boutiques and Marlston Waterfront is showcasing art galleries.

Pic Monkey Cap

Fast Facts about Bunbury

  • Bunbury is WA’s third largest city, and the 18th largest regional city in Australia by size. It’s big enough to offer everything you need on a day to day basis, and yet small enough to be user-friendly.
  • It’s less than two hours south of Perth and one hour north of the famous Margaret River wine region.
  • About 70,000 people live in the greater Bunbury area which includes the 34,000 living in the city centre.
  • Known as the City of Three Waters it’s situated on a peninsula surrounded by the waves of the Indian Ocean, the tranquil waters of Koombana Bay, and the calm Leschenault Estuary, which incidentally is a prime crabbing spot if you’re partial to a bit of free seafood.
  • City lifestyle, world class restaurants and historical buildings such as the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery built in 1897 as a convent, go hand in hand with un-crowded beaches, al-fresco cafes and works of modern public art.

Weekend Getaway close to Perth

Cycle tracks span from ocean to forest and there are numerous walking trails around the city. Fishing, sailing, surfing, outrigging, dragon boating and kayaking are popular sports. Oh, and did anyone tell you there’s a fantastic library too.

Just imagine …Hahaha … if you lived here you could walk from the office to Back Beach for a surf or swim, have a coffee and sandwich along Bunbury’s cappuccino strip, or perhaps stroll to Koombana Bay and interact with dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery Centre– within the space of your lunch hour.

Too good to be true, right?

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Interesting Facts about Bunbury

Tourism Related Sites: Australia’s South West:, and The Dolphin Discovery Centre:,

So who’s coming to visit Bunbury then? If you live in Bunbury – what do you like the best about this eclectic West Australian city?

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  1. Brenda Ellen

    I have to agree, Bunbury really is a great place to live, work and play!
    There is something for everyone and is not just a seasonal seaside port city.
    Encompassing a variety of boutique businesses all set in a stunning backdrop.
    With Art Galleries, the Entertainment centre, regular sporting events, superb award winning restaurants and cafes with a vibe a trip to Bunbury is well worth the short drive.
    Not to mention wineries in the Ferguson Valley, boat trips, great diving, and the Dolphins…. What’s not to like?

  2. Catherine

    Yep! Bunbury certainly has it all! Thanks for yet another post on the beauty of our fair city, incorporating the wonderful Dolphin Discovery Centre.

  3. And you are an amazing volunteer Catherine – and such a cheerleader for Bunbury 🙂

  4. Yessss, the art galleries, thank you Brenda – and folks don’t forget Lava Art on the Marlston Waterfront – go and learn how to make something unique or just buy something beautiful for your home.

  5. Great post! Ironically I’ve only ever spent one night in Bunbury. We found Belvidere a few months ago though, and loved our few nights camping there.

  6. You’re not alone Aaron, as most people bypass Bunbury for other down south delights like Busselton and Margs. Belividere, something for my list methinks! Thanks for popping by 🙂

  7. Hi Jo, you make Bunbury sound very appealing. I really like Victoria Street and the areas surrounding Bunbury like the Wellington National Park and the Ferguson Valley, but apart from that I’ve never been particularly enamoured by Bunbury. But perhaps I just haven’t given it a chance? I would like to go for a walk around the entire estuary and go on a dolphin tour one day.

  8. I have only been to Bunbury once years ago for a fleeting visit, but now I think it would be worthwhile checking out and staying for a while. You are lucky to have this in your backyard, as I am with many great places handy to the Gold Coast that are perfect for a weekend escape.

  9. It does sound as though there is plenty to do in “Funbury” …watching those bottlenose dolphins in Koombana Bay would be top on my list.

  10. Jo, I can always count on you for a fascinating glimpse at a city I’ve never heard of in your region, with which I am gaining familiarity thanks to you. I love your enthusiasm and you’re doing great work introducing us to everything Western Australia has to offer.

  11. Thanks Betsy, and so glad that I’m able to introduce you to our lovely corner of the world.

  12. I think lots of people disregard Bunbury, Bonny, so you are not alone 😉 It’s a place that needs discovering as its best spots are not immediately apparent.

  13. I’m looking forward to another WA adventure sometime in the near future – and Bunbury will certainly be on the list, along with all the other amazing places we missed the first time around! Is WA the most varied state in OZ? I’m thinking yes!

  14. Love your post! Haven’t played with dolphins!

  15. Thanks Carol – put it up there on the list! It’s a spiritual experience almost 😉

  16. Hello Red! Nice to see you again here 🙂 I can’t wait for you to visit – and yes, I reckon it is the most varied!

  17. I have never considered Bunbury as a weekend getaway place – probably because I live here – but yep, you are right we have it all right here in our city. And on the doorstep of the Ferguson and Margaret River wine regions who could want for more! I love living so close to the beach, rivers, waterways. Great post Jo.

  18. One of these days the South West will be ‘discovered’ Jill and we won’t know what’s hit us!

  19. I would be all for the Dolphin Centre and Wildlife Park for sure. I had to look up what a dragon boat is though…I was picturing something far different ha, ha! Bunbury would be perfect as 70,000 people allow to have a great city atmosphere yet not be too big and frenetic like the super large cities. Fun post, Johanna! 🙂

  20. Thanks Mike – yes, it’s just about the right size right now – we don’t want it to get much bigger, but it will of that I’m sure.

  21. Thanks for this terrific post Jo. I love the Marlston Hill Lookout Tower. Climbing the stairs can make the heart rate soar, and the view from the tower is a great introduction for new arrivals (short term or longer) to Bunbury.

  22. I love climbing the Rotary Tower every time we have visitors, Wanda. As you say, it gives a great perspective of the city.

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