The power of positive thinking

According to quantum physics it seems that I’m essentially only an illusion. A little blob of vibrating energy that flits about, effecting little change in an ever expanding universe, attracting to it only what it gives out.

I find this hard to believe. But I’m willing to give it some thought. y the fairies.


Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

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  1. So Jo when are you going to start writing a weekly column for the newspaper? I just love your blog posts, and I think you should have a job at the newspaper writing a weekly column! Dreams are good but we have to do the work towards their reality – it just won’t happen – not overnight anyway. Go for your dreams Jo!

  2. You are a great uplifter Jill, thank you! I really appreciate your comments and support – as for the weekly column, yip, a lot of work to get to that reality – although Jules in Packed to the Rafters didn’t have much trouble getting one, did she!!

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