There’s a saying that goes something like … the distance is nothing, it’s only the first step that’s difficult, and isn’t that true for so many things?

Moving abroad is like that too …  Putting aside the inner critic, not letting negative thoughts about possible problems or challenges inhibit action, and just getting on with something – doing it.

Generally I’m reasonably good at jumping in with both feet and not worrying too much about the splashes, but sky diving was something I couldn’t get my head around. However, my boys had no such qualms about leaping head first from an aircraft, action men that they are, and as I hugged my heart so they jumped from 10,000 feet, hurtling towards earth at about 200 kms  per hour during the free fall. Afterwards they told me … it’s only the first step, the one you take from the door of the plane, that’s difficult. Ho Hum.

We had a great experience with the WA Skydiving Academy in Pinjarra. You can find them at Rockingham, Mandurah and Perth too. Website:

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