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Essential Safety Upgrades for your Car and Caravan

A Guest Post by Jayde Ferguson in which she shares tips about essential safety upgrades for your car and caravan   Travelling around Western Australia with a caravan is one of the best … [Read more...]

Around and About Western Australia. Your inside guide to life and living in Australia’s largest State.

Tourism brochures are pretty, but sometimes they don't tell you what you really want to know. Well,  now you're in the right place for an insider's look at life, holidaying and travel in Western … [Read more...]

What do women want in a blog?

Do you prefer reading travel stories or articles about life issues? I’ll admit. I often get bloggers’ block, when I have tons of ideas to blog about, many at the half-edited stage in my drafts … [Read more...]

Journey of Discovery

This post is the first in a series of “Snapshots” compiled from Author talks and discussions at The Perth Writer’s Festival. I have tried to stay as close to the spoken word as possible, my intention … [Read more...]

What’s great about the 21st Century

"The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there." From the Go-Between.   I don’t believe in the good old days. I’ll admit the world is facing many crises but I still … [Read more...]

The Good Life in Balingup

Robert Holden, quoting Freddie Frankl in the book 'Shift Happens' (Hodder & Stoughton) says that, "The meaning of life is made not found", while Freddie's internationally acclaimed uncle, Viktor … [Read more...]

The Extraordinary Taxi Ride – Western Australia – Passenger Gallery

The Extraordinary Taxi Ride - Western Australia- Passenger Gallery. The Extraordinary Taxi Ride's going to start on 9th April 2010. You can check out the lucky passengers, and read a bit about them … [Read more...]

Bunbury Rules! Check it out with these 10 Great things to do.

Bunbury's just two hours south of Perth if you take to the new highway, but many people choose to bypass the town on their way south, and in part this is probably to do with Bunbury's reputation that … [Read more...]

Thought for the day

Meandering along the leafy lanes of Margaret River. Grapes ripening, vines beginning to turn red and gold, we were far away from any rat race. And then we saw this sign ... It was at Olio … [Read more...]

The Stingrays of Hamelin Bay

Picture this ... a white sandy beach ...the sea, a duck-egg-shell blue, and warm waves licking the tips of your toes. Heaven. But it gets better. There are Stingrays in the shallows.... One, … [Read more...]

Artist at large

Swallows Welcome. We found it down a rutted track, surrounded by tall indigenous Australian trees. It's the chapel you notice first, a small mudbrick and timber building with a sign above the … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Taxi Ride

Doug Slater from Bunbury is Western Australia's Extraordinary Taxi Driver - Congratulations Doug! <> … [Read more...]

Udderly Creative

Over the hills and far away, down in the Margaret River region, the cows are out to play. Yes, you too can be entertained as I was, 'Till the Cows Come Home'  by lifesize Moo-art, featuring among … [Read more...]

Taking the first step

There's a saying that goes something like ... the distance is nothing, it's only the first step that's difficult, and isn't that true for so many things? Moving abroad is like that too ...  Putting … [Read more...]

When you come to a fork in the road, take it – Yogi Berra

Albany or Denmark? The road forked, we made a choice based on a whim, and we were not disappointed. That's the nice thing about a life on the move or living abroad ... you get to explore, based on … [Read more...]

It’s a funny old world

Elton John's belting out, "I was made in England", from the album of the same name ... and so was I (made in England) but here I am now a Pommie in the great land of Aus. We're heading south to the … [Read more...]

Make voyages

"Make voyages, attempt them, there's nothing else", said Tennessee Williams, and if you think that by the time you get to the end of this sentence 100,000 of your cells will have died,  it makes sense … [Read more...]

What makes life worthwhile?

Philosophers through the ages have suggested that life can be made worthwhile through art, love and the pursuit of knowledge. While all this is certainly holds true for me, landscape and being at one … [Read more...]

Tell me more about Zigazag

Welcome to ZIGAZAG. An Australian ‘Blogazine’, connecting you to the interesting, beautiful, cool or just plain wacky in Australia and beyond. Making connections, sharing conversations and … [Read more...]

Posts on ZigaZag may contain affiliate links from which I earn commission.