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Culture Shock and How to Cope with it

COPING WITH CULTURE SHOCK It’s never easy settling into a new home and a new country, no matter how much we embellish our feelings with bravado, and no matter how much enthusiasm we have for all … [Read more...]

Manila The Philippines and a strange night out.

Guess where I went not so long ago? Beautiful island, fabulous beach, climbed up Mount Pinatubo , visited a drop-dead-divine-destination  such as Puerto Galera pictured above? Nope,  today my … [Read more...]

Philippine Floods. You can Help.

Travel has an aura of glamour. Doesn’t it? But not today, not if you are in The Philippines, a country which is suffering huge floods and torrential rain. Imagine this Your home is … [Read more...]

Adventure in the Philippines – Along the Pumice Trail

Climbing Mount Pinatubo The Philippines. Angeles City.  March. Our night was troubled. We were anxious about the climb. Would it be too hot? What about heat stroke? If it rained, would we be buried … [Read more...]