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Two Important Blogging Tips

Hello ZigaZagers, It's nearly the weekend (Yay!) and it's Bloggie Friday again, and because I've had a busy week giving writing and blogging workshops, I haven't had time to write a bloggie post … [Read more...]

7 expert blog tips from Darren Rowse

Hello ZigaZagers! It's bloggie Friday, so if you're not into blogging and blog tips then please look away. But just for you here's a dreamy read today ... how about popping over to Australia's Golden … [Read more...]

Niche Blogs or Blogs for all Seasons and Reasons?

I received an email the other day that read: “I'm in a dilemma and I would love your advice. Should I have one blog or two?" It was from a fellow West Australian blogger, Agnes Lim, who writes a … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Turn Freelance Writing Into a Career

Many people love to write, but very few take it farther than the occasional journal entry, personal poetry collection, or a half-finished novel. The lack of dedication usually doesn’t come from a lack … [Read more...]

How do I create an effective system to drive traffic to my blog?

Serious about blogging? Then I bet you’ve Googled, “How do I make money from my blog?” or “How do I drive traffic to my blog?” In between those two questions are hundreds of permutations all asking … [Read more...]

How to become a successful Blogger or Freelance Writer without a degree in journalism

10 inspirational tips on how to achieve success as a writer or blogger without a degree in journalism Having a degree in journalism or creative writing is not always a passport to writing success, … [Read more...]

Posts on ZigaZag may contain affiliate links from which I earn commission.