South West Events: Balingup Medieval Carnival 2014

Gotta love the South West Events and Festivals. One of our faves is the Balingup Medieval Carnival which is held annually in August and even if you're not into all things Medieval, it's a fabulous … [Read more...]

7 Things I love about Autumn

Without a doubt, if I had to pick my favourite season in South West Australia it would have to be Autumn or Fall as it's also known. The weather cools, the days are generally warm and sunny, … [Read more...]

6 Fabulous Festivals in South West Australia.

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Top Things to do and Places to see in Western Australia

There's so much to do in WA, but I don't know about you,  so little time to do it considering that, often, vast distances have to be covered to get to places. There are forests, and beaches and … [Read more...]

Medieval Festival in Balingup

Festival in a Forest. Hear ye, hear ye! I’m standing in a forest glade with sawdust strewn under  tall trees. The morning is bright, with warm spring sunshine filtering through the canopy of leaves. … [Read more...]