Sunrise by Jo Castro
Sunrise from our garden

Sunset and sunrise is a brilliant time of the day in Western Australia, especially during Autumn when the sky often conjures up the most amazing palette of colours.

If I’m up early enough to watch the sun rise (actually not so hard to do now that it’s rising around 6.30am) the colours of a crimson dawn put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. And equally a pretty sunset (followed by a nice glass of a Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc!) is a beautiful way to end the day.

Sunset and Sunrise last night and this morning

So, as I wasn’t actually with you to share these magical moments in real life, I’d like to share 5 sunset and sunrise photos that I took last night and this morning, which I hope will make you feel equally happy.

Sunset over the inlet
Sunset over the inlet in Bunbury
Sunset looking back to the Cathedral in Bunbury
Sunset looking back to the Cathedral in Bunbury
Sunset over the Bunbury Tower
Paddlers having fun as the sun sets over the iconic Bunbury Tower
Sunrise over our little patch in Western Australia
Sunrise over our little patch in Western Australia

There’s nothing like a brilliant sunrise or sunset to bring back romantic memories. Where is your most romantic memory of a sunset?

I think mine was when we were travelling around Tasmania,  and on the evening of my birthday He Himself sprung a surprise picnic and bottle of wine on top of a big rock in the Bay of Fires.

PicMonkey CollageYou’ll find a wonderful selection of travel stories, and sunrises and sunsets at Travelers Sandbox, Photo Thursday – why not pop over and take a peek – after you’ve told us about your most romantic sunset of course 🙂

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  1. It’s true – everyone loves a sunset. I was busy taking sunset photos on our walk last night. In summer the sun set while we were in the car homeward bound from our afternoon walk, but now the sun is setting earlier so we are seeing it during our walk. The only problem with that is the sun sets over the land so the buildings block the horizon 🙁
    I love the pinks and blues (that was like our last night’s one) but the dark orange cloud photo is a real eye grabber.

  2. Yes, we are lucky in WA with the unobstructed sunsets – just the sea and the sun and a plop and then amazing colours!

  3. Johanna, I have to admit that when I first found your blog, I thought you were writing from ‘my’ WA; that would be Washington State. I couldn’t figure out how you were able to find so much sun, so often. Brings a smile just thinking about it. Now I understand and these photos illustrate so well the difference between your WA and my WA!

  4. Ha Ha Jackie, that is so funny! Yes, I do wonder how many other people think that too! Sometimes it’s just so cumbersome to keep writing Western Australia, and Aussies know it well as WA – although why I assume anyone else should I don’t really know! Your WA would be much more meaningful in the States and possibly Europe too. I’m glad I brought a smile to your face anyway 🙂 Please keep reading!

  5. These are a beautiful collection of sunrise and sunset photos! I love the colors especially on your first picture. I’m more of a sunset picture and they are magical that brings the romance up a notch. One of my most memorable ones were in Maui, Hawaii. Love that last collage photo of the happy couple 🙂

  6. Thank you Mary. I bet your memorable sunset in Maui was truly spectacular. Yes we were a very happy couple that evening!

  7. Tracey | Chronic Adventures

    One of the reasons I get up early to ride to the coast or mountains is to watch the sunrise. The novelty never wears off. We are blessed in Australia.

  8. Yip we are blessed, wherever we are in Australia 🙂 I’m impressed with your early rising, Tracey! I’m not so quick on getting my carcass out of the sack in the morning 🙂

  9. Stunning! I’m not sure which I like more — they all make me feel happy. It’s just past sunrise here in Kingston, Jamaica where I am now. Unfortunately, I didn’t wake up early enough to catch it so I’ll feed on your photos and think of romance.

  10. Aha, I challenge you to photograph tomorrow’s sunrise! I know, it’s not easy waking up early enough! In the meantime, enjoy the romance of your Jamaican sunset that must be coming up or rather going down shortly 🙂

  11. Of course, when I saw the title of your post I just had to come by. Indeed, your 5 photos send a happy message. Beautiful. No matter how many beautiful sunrises and sunsets you see, you can never see enough.

  12. Love sunsets and sunrises! I try and capture as many as I can :). My Photo Friday post also captures some of those sunsets. I can just sit and watch forever! I couldn’t pick out a favorite one. They were absolutely beautiful over the Grand Canyon(US), but my wedding and honeymoon were in Hawaii, so I would have to say that the most romantic would have been my sunset wedding in Hawaii or one of the several my husband and I saw while we were honeymooning. We would plop ourselves down wherever we were to watch them :). I dream of seeing a sunset in Australia.

  13. Sounds as if your honeymoon was super romantic being at sunset in Hawaii. How lovely. Yes, we too tend to just stop what we’re doing and stand and stare when there’s a lovely sunset wherever we are at the time. Thanks for commenting, Sere.

  14. So glad my 5 photos sent a happy message Cathy! Yes, each one is different, like a thumbprint of days.

  15. Ah Marisol, so glad you feel uplifted. Santorini must have been a wonderful place to have your wedding and I can imagine the sunset would have been spectacular. Going to pop over and have a look now 🙂

  16. For some reason, the sunset behind our house is amazing in summer — the sky turns vivid hues of red, purple and indigo. We’ve lived here for 12 years and they still take our breath away. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Sounds wonderful Karen. It’s funny how different times of year are better for intense sunsets and sunrises. Ours are best in Autumn.

  18. sunrises and sunsets – oh the romance of it all! I look forward to sunrises and sunsets when we are out camping – somehow they are more brilliant away from the city. How can you beat sitting at a remote sunset viewing spot with a glass of wine and some cheese & crackers.

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