South Side Quills is a writer’s group that meets once a month, south side of Bunbury, Western Australia. The group aims to provide a supportive milieu for committed writers to develop their skills, and to share new contacts and networks.

Johanna Castro, Glenys Yeoman, Ingrid Rickersey

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  1. Glenys Yeoman

    great website Jo. How about best beaches too?
    I am enjoying Quills and storing up a couple of bottles for the first one to publish!!
    Have a ball Perth Writers Conference. Bring back lots of notes and Grayling too please!

  2. Thanks Glenys! You are clever, and first to access the site and make a comment. Yes, I must mention the beaches too. It’s still a work in progress, so much to learn, but I’m passionate about making it work and also connecting Quills writers with potential readers who love WA. Maybe I should also offer a bottle of the good stuff for the first Quills member to blog on this site? Yes, i’ll bring back lots of notes, leads and business cards – and Grayling, for sure … I shan’t leave without him – well, not without a tussle!

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