Australian Sandalwood, Albany, Western Australia
Australian Sandalwood and products at Mount Romance in Albany, South West Australia. Have a relaxing experience and try The Cone, The Gong and The Bowl (middle bottom).

I’m just back from a trip to England and for some reason I’m longing to get back to Albany, deep in  south west Australia. I’ve written about Albany before here”- 23 things to do in Albany, and it’s the sort of place you just want to keep returning to because there’s so much to do.

Beautiful beaches, Albany, Western Australia,
Australia is known for its beautiful beaches and Little Beach in Albany is no exception.

More Things to do in Albany

Perhaps it’s the thought of being on the southern tip of Western Australia, remote, uncluttered and far from the madding crowd that’s appealing, or perhaps it’s thought of all the things to do in Albany that gets me going, or maybe it’s  the good recent memory of an unconventional, ancient therapy using Sandalwood Oils.

The Cone, the Gong and the Bowl.

The land of the gong is alive and well at Mount Romance near Albany and from past experience I know that good vibrations are assured. You relax under twinkling lights that resemble celestial stars in a 16 sided cone that’s scented with sandalwood oil.


As you lie on comfortable mattresses in the darkened cone, which is a bit like a Teepee, enormous gongs are played and their vibrations seem to wash over and through you.

Just the thing to get the drone of a 23 hour air flight from Heathrow to Perth out of my system, or something for you to choose  perhaps if you’re looking for what to do in Albany, Western Australia on a rainy day or if you’re travelling around the area.

Anyway, I think it’s sensational.

At first all I could do was giggle at the sight my mind’s eye conjured up of us in this seemingly comic situation awaiting release of tension and stress. But as the gongs vibrated, their resonance helped my mind relax, releasing tension and stress from my body. So much so in fact that the man lying next to me said I snored!

As if!

Sandalwood oil  is one of the world’s most precious oils and it’s distilled at Mount Romance in Albany. Its smell is really relaxing and soothing – one of those aromas that you feel could actually be doing you good. I like to put a few drops on a scarf and leave it on my pillow during the day and then tuck it underneath my pillow at night. I think it helps me to sleep soundly.

If you are looking for Australian Sandalwood, there are other Mount Romance stores in WA selling beauty products and sandalwood oils – one in Broome and one in Kununurra, and there’s an online store as well. It’s quite expensive, but if you Google “sandalwood oil”, you’ll find out why, because it’s also used to treat many different ailments.

What’s your favourite essential oil from around the world, and what do you use it for? Why not scroll down to the Reply Box at the bottom and tell us something about it?

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  1. I actually find Lavender oil very soothing – and evidently it can help ease headaches if rubbed on your forehead.
    Reading your post I can understand why you want to go back to Albany, Mt Romance and the gong Jo after your long flight. Just being in the beauty of the Albany south coast is relaxing. I might have to try the “gong” next time I am down there.
    Welcome back from your overseas tripping Jo. Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Thanks, Jill! Yes, I can thoroughly recommend the Gong experience – although I was sceptical at first 🙂 Thanks for the tip about Lavender oil, I’m going to try some for my tension headaches when I get them.

  3. ooo! you have joined Mosaic Monday Jo! Great to see you over there.
    ps – I think you are meant to put a link to Mosaic Monday at the end of your post. cheers!

  4. I love sandalwood. I am using it with patchouli and lavender in one of my new goats milk soaps.

  5. That sounds a lovely combination, Teresa 🙂 Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Thanks, Jill. I’ll do that right away. Loving creating mosaics right now 🙂

  7. For some reason when I visited the Kununurra store recently, I was expecting products of sandalwood WOOD!! So was surprised to find only products using the oil – but surprised in a good way! My favourite oil is a KFC-like blend of 12 essential oils and weirdly, it seems to fit almost every scenario!!

  8. Oh Red, that is so funny! And love your description of the KFC-like blend of 12 essential oils! I’m going to look out for that one 🙂

  9. 23 hour flight would kill me! But the gong would certainly be a great way to destress and meditate! One day I’ll get to Australia!

  10. Carol Colborn

    My favorite is lavender oil but it would be great to try sandalwood oil. I am trying to imagine the vibrating cone…a picture would been helpful. But 2017 is the year we explore Oceania so thanks for bringing to my attention Albany and its Little Beach!

  11. This sounds wonderful compared to Albany, New York, the capital of New York State, where there is lots of snow right now:-)

  12. I think you’ll love Albany and its Little Beach, Carol … but there are others too 🙂

  13. Hi Janice, yes it was strangely relaxing 🙂 Come here soon won’t you!

  14. Sounds like a most relaxing way to spend the day – especially after a long flight from Chicago which is where we’d be coming from. Thanks for the great tip!

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