Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup

There aren’t many places in the world where you can go for a pee in a public toilet block and listen to the  Hallelujah Chorus being sung by a local choir right outside as they practice for their performance in the exhibition tent at the Garden and Flower Festival.

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup
When taking this photo I wasn’t trying to capture the rain, but I like the way the spring shower has been captured against the grey of the tarmac road.

But in Nannup, anything’s possible. In fact you may even be lucky enough to spot a tiger – the elusive Nannup Tiger which is thought now to be extinct but which some people claim still roams the woodlands. I’d like to think that these rumour mongers have had a few too many beers at the old Nannup Hotel but apart from naughty locals painting sheep stripey on one occasion,  they do say that the tiger could be still around, lurking in the forest.

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup

Nannup’s a quirky little town deep in the South West forests, situated on a river which in 1910 flooded to such a height that when you walk over the bridge you can hardly believe it would be possible for anyone to survive. Thankfully it hasn’t flooded for quite a few years.

In springtime the town hosts a Flower and Garden Festival  that brings music and sweet fragrance to the air. The town is normally awash with tulips, which have to rate as one of my favourite flowers. This year the theme was “Fire and Ice.”

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup

In summer there’s the annual Folk Festival. At any other time of the year we like to pop down and walk or cycle, then overnight at Holberry House, which is a beautiful place to spend the night.

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup
A peaceful area to sit outside at Holberry House in Nannup

I love the idea of sculpture. Art for the people, public art displayed outside to be admired, touched and photographed, and the sculpture walk at Holberry House is lovely. We purchased a wonderful piece by Joanne Ball – a quirky outdoor garden orator. What shall I call her, do you think?

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup
Sculpture by Joanne Ball

Dave particularly liked a magnificent hanging sculpture consisting of spoons, and spent a while photographing it. I love the way he’s captured the relections of green  in the spoons.

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup

A not-so-tourist-happy encounter occurred at one of the restaurants last Saturday where we enjoyed a nice breakfast and pot of tea for two. The pot of tea for two cost $6. We had one cup each out of it, and still had milk and sugar yet, so we asked:

“Please could we have some more hot water for the tea pot.”

“Hot water?”

“Yes, to spruce up the tea bags. We still have milk and sugar.”

“No. Sorry you can’t. We’ll have to charge you for another pot of tea.”

WHATTTTT!  In all our days of travelling WA and the world, we’ve never been charged for hot water. Suffice to say we refused and left disgruntled rather than happy, thinking ‘how sad and unnecessary’.

By the way, the sign below was NOT taken at the restaurant in question, but somewhere else along the main street.

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup

What do you think. Should the restaurant we ate at have asked to charge us for extra hot water, or not?

Quirky Nannup

What I love about Nannup is its quirkiness which must partly be due to the number of creative souls who live there. I mean, how do you come up with an idea to decorate a bike like this? Fit for a princess, isn’t it!

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup

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But before you go … have you ever been charged an extra amount for hot water in a pot of tea at a restaurant, and what shall I call our Joanne Ball sculpture?

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  1. what a bloody cheek, that’s one way to lose customers. Nannup looks awesome, have driven through but not stopped. Rae xxx

  2. You have to stop some time Rae … and there are lots of other lovely little places to stop and eat.

  3. It will be very different to Japan 🙂 I hope you’ll get there one day 🙂

  4. Hello, I think I’d call that sculpture Squiffy, as she looks a little that way, very endearing. Horrors to be charged for hot water, just a lack of experience on the waiter’s part, I’d hope. This looks a lovely spot in that most gorgeous corner of Australia.

  5. Squiffy! That’s an excellent idea Seana. She does look as if she’s had one wine too many, but she is gorgeous! Actually no, it wasn’t just the waiter 🙁 But Nannup is a fabulous place and we love going there.

  6. They definitely should have. I have been asked by waitresses in Townsville, if we would like more hot water for the pot (at no charge!)… There’s one in every crowd. The flower and rain against the road is superb 🙂

  7. I think flower shows are a marvelous way to keep our sanity! Thanks much for the beautiful photos and for stopping by our blog today (or yesterday as the calendar tells me).

  8. what an excellent time to visit and enjoy all the colorful plants and flowers, looks like a nice place to visit and see some fun/quirky adventures.

  9. Hot water is typically offered free of charge in most restaurants. In fact, in some places the servers ask if you’d like more hot water.
    I love the spoon sculpture — very clever. Not sure what to call yours though…

  10. Hi Jo, Nannup looks lovely and a lot of fun.
    I so love your photo of the tulips with the rain. Really beautiful capture.
    I also enjoyed all the fun and quirky sculptures.
    That’s too bad about your restaurant encounter. I think the hot water should be free.

  11. Thanks Jan, glad you liked that photo of the tulips. And yes, that’s what I thought the restaurant should do too. Hmmm … not good for WA.

  12. Thanks Jackie and no problem. Flowers, birds and butterflies all bring me back to base … the colours … ahhh 🙂

  13. Yes, Noel, Spring is a great time in SWA. Thanks for popping by 🙂

  14. That’s what I thought Marcia. It was such an odd thing to happen. That spoon sculpture is so clever isn’t it?

  15. Hi Marisol, thank you. It’s one of my favourite photos from the day. Yes, the general consensus from around the world today seems to be that the hot water should be free 🙂

  16. Those tulip pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love how you captured the raindrops on them. Nannup looks like such a fun town to visit. My daughter would be so inspired to decorate her bike like that princess one 🙂 I’ve always been shocked when charged for any sort of water. I’m so used to water being free at restaurants in the US, I’m taken aback when I have to pay for it in Europe.

  17. I really like Nannup. We have stayed there a couple of time in a cottage surrounded by farm and bushland – so beautiful and peaceful. And there are great bushwalks. The tulip season of course is glorious – sadly we missed the festival this year. Oh well, there is always next year.

  18. Wanda Sadowski

    Hi Jo, Just love your Nannup post. We’ve had great success at Holberry House too when we overnight there while on our cycling ventures. Sculpture garden is a beauty, as are your flower photos!

  19. Thanks Mary, my flower shots don’t always work out, but that one did. Yes Nannup is a gorgeous little country town, I’m sure you’d like it too. Wish that bike could be bottled really, it’s stunning isn’t it!

  20. Yes, the bush walks and bike trails are great aren’t they Jill? I especially like going there in Spring and Autumn, although in summer the big natural pools just outside the town are a great place to cool off. I think you’ve written about them too. Hope you get to the,festival next year … I’m sure your flower photography would be much better than mine. 😉

  21. Thanks Wanda! Yes, Holberry House is such a relaxing place after a weekend of activity. Would love a guest post from you about the cycling trails you know about around there 😉

  22. Great first sentence! It even caught the eye of my 10-year-old. Nannup looks like a fun place (except for the place that charges for hot water). I also like that Orator and the spoons sculpture. I kind of fancy a spoon sculpture for myself, now.

  23. Ha Ha Michelle! I’m glad that sentence it caught the eye of your daughter! Maybe you’ll find a spoon sculpture to buy one day 😉

  24. Thanks Jo. Yes, I would be delighted to write a guest post. In fact, on Thursday, we are off on one of our Munda Biddi multi-night tandem adventures. I hope it has stopped raining by then!

  25. I hope it’s stopped raining by then too, Wanda – nothing worse than a wet bum! Have fun on your night time tandem adventure – I’d love to hear about it, and I’m sure ZigaZag readers would too 🙂

  26. Charing for a pot of hot water – welcome to overpriced Western Australia. And we wonder why we don’t get more tourists. Get it together, WA!

  27. Yup, it happens too often and the tourists shy away. Thanks for your comment Carol 🙂

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