We pop down to Nannup quite often, for a weekend stroll, a bike ride, or just to have lunch in one of the cafes along the main street. It’s a sleepy town considered the gateway to the south west, and from whichever way you approach you’re sure of some rolling agricultural scenery or tall forests. Coming up is the Music Festival, its held every year in early March and it’s event which we love to attend.

You might too – the atmosphere, the acts and the setting are truly memorable. Here’s a link to where you can find out more and book: Nannup Music Festival  It’s on from the 4th to 7th March 2016.


Festival Town

Nannup is considered a ‘Festival’ town because it hosts some wonderful annual events, and to tell you the truth, you’ll only find it busy on these occasions – which is bliss, or not, depending on how you like things.

Festivals and Markets

There’s the Garden and Flower festival, the Music Festival, and the Arts Festival, to name just three, and day trippers or weekenders appear from far and wide to join in the community festivities. But imagine back in the day when Perth was once 17 to 20 days from Nannup as pioneers traveled by horse and buggy. Today the 280km jurney from Perth takes about two and a half hours while from Bunbury it’s just over an hour.

Things to do in Nannup

I’ve written about many other things to do in Nannup here:

14 Things to Do in Nannup

Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup.

Where to Stay in Nannup

Why you should visit Nannup

But here are some recommended ideas …

Ask at the visitor centre for maps of bush walks, wildflower walks (in season) and the Bibbulman track walks.

If you’re into cycling try the scenic Munda Biddi bike trail that runs along the old timberline, and the sidings trail too.

Pop into Holberry House gardens for a tranquil time amongst the trees, sculptures and burbling streams.

Take it easy and enjoy breakfast or lunch in the main street at a quirky cafe.

Fast Facts about Nannup

  1. The earliest recorded European exploration was in 1834.
  2. Nannup (from the Aboriginal) means “Place to stop and rest” .
  3. Agriculture, viticulture, aquaculture, tourism and refined wood products are the sustaining industries of the region and are taking over from timber industry.
  4. Nannup has around 1300 residents.
  5. The railway line was established in 1909, and provided transport to Perth in one day. It ceased operation in 1984. You can see evidence of the old rail trail at the restored bridge over the Blackwood River at Nannup Caravan Park, and the old timberline trail is now part of the Munda Biddi cycle track.
  6. Nannup was an important meeting place for the Wardandi and Bibbulmun people.
  7. The Blackwood River floods regularly and has been recorded since 1913. The most recent flood was in 1982 when much of the town site was under water.
  8. The Nannup Tiger is a local legend and there have been rumours of sightings. The Thylacine is a large dog like creature, once Australia’s largest marsupial carnivore. Shy and secretive it’s habitat being dense forests, it was declared extinct in 1936, but Nannup is tiger territory and sightings continue to be made but not confirmed.
  9. Nannup is near Margaret River, Bridgetown and Balingup – a great road trip.

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  1. It is a great weekend, Anne. Camping, music, food and a few beers. What could be better?

  2. Is that you with the “Free Hugs” sign? I like the sound of this place and there is nothing better than great food, wine and music!

  3. Hi Kathy, no it’s not me. But I reckon it’s a great idea! Nannup is a gorgeous place off the beaten track.

  4. Hi Jo, We have finally decided to re-visit WA. It is quite a few years since we were last there. David especially wants to see wild flowers. Is the first two weeks of September good for WA wild flowers? We will bring our bikes and do some cycling so I have bookmarked the Munda Biddi Bike Trail – thanks.

  5. Hi Lyn, Great that you’ve decided to revisit WA. How exciting. First two weeks of September would be good for wildflowers north of Perth, less so for the south west where they happen a little later. You’ll love the cycling 🙂 Keep in touch 🙂

  6. There is certainly plenty to do in Nannup despite it’s small out of the way country feel. We have stayed in a little cottage for a long weekend a few times and hiked along the St Johns Brook Rail Trail to Cambray siding.

  7. Rae Hilhorst

    Never Knew about it, I love a weekend away. Nan up is a fabulous place X

  8. Nannup is such a lovely town. We have enjoyed cycling to Nannup from Bunbury, staying overnight and then cycling home. This is what I call huff n’ puff. We have very fond memories of Holberry House (swimming pool, sculpture garden and fireside lounging). Happy travels to anyone who visits.

  9. Hi Wanda, Oh I know what you mean about the huff n puff trails around Nannup! Beautiful but you need somewhere like Holberry House for some serious R and R afterwards 🙂

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