Spring is in the air and we’ve just spent a lovely weekend driving around the Swan Valley and cycling along Perth’s many (mostly flat) bicycle paths which got me thinking about all the free things to do in Perth.


We are lucky to live in such a beautiful city with so many free things to do – Perth has lovely weather for most of the year, so the accent is on getting out and about.

So without further ado, here are my Top 10 free things to do in Perth now that the weather is getting warmer.

  1. Go to an event. Perth hosts many events. From marathons, to charity walks, music festivals, circuses and art festivals. Watch out for and diarise the free ones such as street art exhibitions – like the annual Cottesloe Sculptures by the Sea below which is a fun event for adults and children and runs over a couple of weeks on Cottesloe beach in summertime.

free things to do in perth

2. Keep an eye out for a variety of interesting summer events held in Langley Park by the river, like the Buddhist Cultural Festival below.

free things to do in perth

3. Perth is a fabulous city to walk around, because the city centre is reasonably compact and there are pedestrian precincts and inter-joining malls linking two main shopping areas.Walk around the city centre, take some time out to listen to the street buskers and watch the street artistes. Breathe in the city vibe and be on the lookout for quirky sculptures like the one below advertising the show “Wicked” some months ago.

free things to do in perth

4. Go to the Northbridge Plaza when the weather is warm on a Sunday afternoon and lie on bean bags, do a crossword, chill out and listen to live music.

free things to do in perth

free things to do in perth

5. Visit one of Perth’s many beaches. As the sunniest city in Australia you’ll be sure of a nice day to visit the seaside in summertime. There are several beaches, each with its own appeal.

free things to do in perth

6. Pop up to King’s Park and have a picnic or just walk and enjoy that view. Right now (September) the annual spring festival has started and the flowers are looking gorgeous. Not to mention the trees! Below you can see a tree the Queen planted, it’s dressed up in a tutu and tiara, really looking like The Sugar Gum Fairy peeping out from another tree covered in colourful bunting.

free things to do in perth

free things to do in perth

free things to do in perth


free things to do in perth

7. Go walking – there are so many other beautiful parks and wetlands in Perth besides Kings Park. I’m thinking of Herdsman, Lake Monger, Queens Park, Hyde Park, Whitemans, Maylands, to name just a few. Or just walk along the Swan River –  there are so many lovely walks or directions you can choose.

free things to do in perth

free things to do in perth

free things to do in perth

free things to do in perth

8. Grab a map from the info bureau in Forrest Place and perhaps take off on a self guided Convicts and Criminals tour at your own pace to discover Perth’s history. There are still a reasonable amount of old turn of the century buildings in Perth often nestled beneath or between modern skyscrapers as in the feature image at the top of this post.

free things to do in perth

9. Head to South Perth at sunset and wait for the city lights to come on – if you’ve got a tripod or a steady hand, now’s the time for that iconic photograph.

free things to do in perth

10. Walk along the river to Claisebrook Cove in East Perth and just watch the world go by. With its canals (and interesting architecture opposite the street cafes) you could at a pinch imagine you’re in Italy –  except it’s not as crowded!

free things to do in perth

I consider myself very lucky to live in Perth. I think it’s a hugely underrated city, and I often wonder for just how long we’ll have the privilege of being able to enjoy it’s beauty without big crowds.

So do come, won’t you, before the crowds do 😉 if you know what I mean! But sshhh, keep it a little bit quiet that you’re coming to Western Australia. We are the world’s best kept secret.

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13 Suburbs of Perth to Explore Get away from the CBD and explore the different suburbs with Amanda Kendle in this post from Not A Ballerina who explains: “Perth is a sprawling city and stretches 100km from north to south. It covers an area equivalent to well over double the size of Luxembourg.”

Have any of you got any other ‘Free Things to do in Perth’ that you’d like to add to this list? Please add them in the comments.

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  1. This is a very comprehensive list of free things to do in Perth. I always enjoy walking around a city. I feel that this is the best way to really see the sights and learn the history of the city you are visiting.

  2. Thanks Kathy. Yes I love walking too. You get such a great feel for the vibe of a city, its culture and its heritage.

  3. Oh we’ve had such a spectacular summer that it is depressing to think that Sept. Arrives tomorrow and with it fall, followed by winter. It is SO GOOD to be reminded that as we head into a dormant period, that spring is arriving somewhere on earth!!

  4. So glad to hear that your summer has been spekkie, Jackie! We are looking forward to Spring, but to tell you the truth I love Spring and Autumn in Perth much better than summer 😉 Hope your Autumn is lovely.

  5. Hello there, I’m very fond of Perth and have visited for or five times over the years… but not for a long, long time… far too long! We saw fireworks from South Perth once when the big two boys were little, gorgeous.

    We’ve almost moved there a couple of times, I’ve always thought it’d be a cool place to live. Cheers from Seana

  6. Hi Seanna, thanks for popping by. How lovely for me it would have been if you’d made the decision to move here several years ago! I can just wish that you’ll come back for a visit soon 🙂

  7. I’m one of the few Americans (or even Australians) I know who have actually been to Perth—-twice actually. We visited King’s Park both times and had dinner at a seafood restaurant at Cottesloe Beach. It is indeed a beautiful city. People think of it as isolated, but as you’ve written about in other posts, there is a lot to do and beautiful places to visit nearby—-some of them involving wine. 🙂

  8. I know Suzanne, it’s true … so few tourists and travellers get over to the west coast, so you are to be applauded for your efforts – and twice! Yes, we have so much to do here, can’t get around to it all. That’s not to say we don’t wish we weren’t quite so remote sometimes though.

  9. We are lucky that we live in a wonderful city where life definitely revolves around being out and about. Sculpture by the Sea is one of my favourite festivals. It’s great there are so many walks but I always seem to do the beach walk from Leighton to Swanbourne. Off to see the wildflowers now!

  10. I remember going to Perth on a work trip once – the time difference in summer gave me an extra 3 hours or so that day – so I wandered around the CBD for awhile and down to the Carillon. The next day, one of the locals took me for a flying visit to Kings Park – the kangaroo paws were out, and the views were stunning. I hope to get to do ALL the things on your list one day 😀

  11. Hello Red! Yes, the time difference can be a bit of a score! Seems like you managed to fit in a lot in your few hours – definitely time for you to come back and see how this lovely city is changing (for the better).

  12. Glad you’re getting out to see the wildflowers, Jenny. Thanks for your addition to the walking trails – The beach walk from Leighton to Swanbourne sounds like a good one for us to try.

  13. A list of free things to do is always great for the traveler on a budget~
    It’s nice that Perth offers so many options!

  14. That’s quite a variety of things to do! I particularly like the idea of all the parks and walks available, especially in the wetlands.

  15. I thought it was time to do this Irene, given that WA can be pretty expensive for other things 😉

  16. I love the wetlands Karen. And we are so lucky to have a large variety of birds as well.

  17. When we arrived in Perth in the 80’s the first thing I noticed was how everyone go out in the parks every week-end. In the two years we were there we loved to have a BBQ in a National Park every week-end, go to the Freo Markets and drive our campervan as far as we could in a week-end and still make it back to work on time Monday.

  18. I think you’ve just written a love letter to your hometown! Your photos show a vibrant and beautiful city full of many things to do and see (and on the cheap, too!) and it’s hard to see why Perth is off the path for tourists. Australia has long been on our must-see list and it looks like we need to start on its western coast with Perth!

  19. Perth looks like a beautiful and interesting place to visit. I admit I don’t know much about the city and really appreciate this post. It’s great that there are so many events.

  20. OK, someone just told me there was nothing much to Perth, but you’ve shown me otherwise. If there is walking and parks, more parks and more walking, I’m in.

  21. A lot of people have that very same perception Kristin! I’m glad I’ve shown you otherwise!

  22. Thanks Donna – I’m glad to be able to show you a little more about this lovely region.

  23. Loved reading about your own capers in and around Perth, Jan. Yes, the parks are such a drawcard and so lovely.

  24. Perth seems like such a great place to live or visit! Your top 10 free things to do would be a great addition to anyone’s list. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Welcome to the Linkup Jo – I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. Perth is a gorgeous city to live in and this post will come in very handy for the visitor or new resident. I worked in East Perth and I remember there were black swans in a small park nearby my workplace. I’ll share this with all my budget travel talk followers who love to hear about the free stuff!

  26. Loved to read this post! Would like to visit Perth one day (well, a lot of places in Australia). I am sure there is always something interesting to do during the weekends.

  27. Super Jo. Was just in Perth today for a quick drop-some-artwork-off trip. Wish I could have stayed longer. Love those trees in Kings Park in their fancy dress!

  28. Barry Morgan

    Welcome back Johanna! Your Perth freebies are super. Upon my visit Northridge was buzzing! Perth is FABULOUS – W. Australia is beautiful , cannot wait to return!

  29. That list comes in handy since we are spending some time in Perth area. Have been to the new Elizabeth Quay and Kings Park for the sunset and to see the lights of the city. Will have to go to south beach for the sunset too. Many thanks for the inspirations.

  30. Hi Marcel! Glad that you’re finding these tips useful 🙂 Enjoy the sunsets!

  31. Perth really is a beautiful city and so much to do. We need to be a tourist in our own city next time we are home. Great list of things to do. We love Kings Park. We have spent many afternoons enjoying the views with a picnic and a drink. We love Fremantle too. 🙂

  32. Hey Johanna, great post. I’ve never been to Perth but it really seems incredible.

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