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When we first arrived in Western Australia we were told about the Golden Triangle.

It sounded a little like the Bermuda Triangle and equally as mysterious, given that we had so much to discover over the very wide ground that is Western Australia.

western australia, nannup
Paint a picket fence was a popular attraction at the recent Flower and Garden Festival. Visitors could paint their own picket to go with other community offerings which made such a lovely focal point.

But nowadays we pop down to Nannup quite often, for a weekend stroll, a bike ride, or just to have lunch in one of the cafes along the main street before driving along the roads of the golden triangle.

Nannup to Balingup on the Balingup Nannup Road, Bridgetown to Nannup on the Brockman Highway and Balingup to Bridgetown on the South Western Highway – taking in some of the most remote and picturesque countryside.

western-australia, nannup
On my desk right now, a map showing just how central Nannup is within the SW region (courtesy of www.nannup.wa.gov.au). It’s obtainable from the Visitor Centre in Nannup.

Nannup, the town

Nannup’s a sleepy little town considered the gateway to the south west, and from whichever way you approach you’re sure of some beautiful rolling agricultural scenery or tall forests lining the roadside.

western-australia, nannup
As you can see, Nannup is at the heart of the South West with country roads linking to many other small, interesting towns of the region

Festivals and Markets

There’s the garden and flower festival in August, the Music Festival in February or Early March, and the Arts Festival, to name just three and day trippers or weekenders appear from far and wide to join in the community festivities.

western-australia, nannup

But imagine Back in the day when Perth was once 17 to 20 days from Nannup as pioneers travelled by horse and buggy. Today the 280km journey from Perth takes about to and a half hours while from Bunbury it’s just over an hour.

western australia, nannup, tulips

Things to do

I’ve written previously about things to do in Nannup: 14 Things to Do in Nannup and here : Fire and Ice in Quirky Nannup but here are some further suggestions today.

western australia, nannup, things to do in nannup
A few suggestions of things to do in Nannup.

Ask at the Visitor Centre for maps of bush walks, wildflower walks (in season) and the Bibbulman track walks.

You might like to cycle along the Munda Biddi bike trail which goes along the old timberline trail and the sidings trail in a loop from Nannup to Jarrahwood and back.

western australia, nannup, Holberry House, sculpture walk
Holberry House has a wonderful sculpture walk through its graceful gardens.

Pop into Holberry House gardens for some tranquil me-time in amongst the trees, flowers and burbling streams – and why not overnight in the lovely guest house?

western australia, nannup, where to see tulips

Fast Facts about Nannup

  • The earliest recorded European exploration was in 1834.
  • Nannup means “Place to stop and rest” (from Aboriginal)
  • Agriculture, viticulture, aquaculture, tourism and refined wood products are the major industries of the region which have taken over from the timber industry.
western australia, nannuup, wattle trees
  • Nannup has only around 1300 residents.
  • The railway line was established in 1909, and provided transport to Perth in one day. It stopped operating in 1984. You can see evidence of the old rail trail at the restored bridge over the Blackwood River at Nannup Caravan Park. You’ll find the old timberline trail which is now part of the Munda Biddi cycle track.
  • Nannup was an important meeting place for the Wardandi and Bibbulmumn people.
  • The Blackwood river floods regularly and has been recoded since 1913. The most recent 1982 when much of townsite under water.
  • The Nannup Tiger local legend – A Thylacine a large dog like creatues, once Australia’s larges marsupial carnivore. Shy and secretive creature, declared extinct in 1936, confined to dense forests. Nannups terrain is tiger territory and sighting continue to be made but not confirmed.

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Love festival towns? Where in the world is your favourite?
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  1. Thanks Irene. Yes, there are. Four seasons and quite distinct. Spring Sept – November, Summer from Dec to Feb, Autumn from March to May and winter form Jun to August.

  2. Oh I so adore tulips! How come I missed this little gem of a place during my recent travels through the South West? There were so many places that ended in ‘up’, I guess I just missed this one!

  3. Ohh so sad you missed Nannup, Kathy … but it’s impossible to go everywhere. I’m sure you saw equally as other lovely places, and now you have a great one to return to … for one of its lovely festivals perhaps?

  4. Ya know, Australia has the coolest, most inviting names for towns and locations. That in of itself is always so inviting. I love small towns so Nannup sounds perfect for me, Johanna! A nice ride on the Munda Biddi trail would be wonderful! 🙂

  5. Hi Mike, thanks for your comments today. Australia is fantastic with its names hey! Either they are unusual, or intriguing like all the “Up’s or down-right blatently obvious which gives another kind of charm! Yes, you and Phoenix would enjoy the Munda Biddi 🙂

  6. Nannup looks like a beautiful spot to spend some relax time! I would love it. Johanna, thanks once again for linking up with Weekend Travel Inspiration!

  7. Hi Corinne, yes it’s a great relax-town! Kick back, have a coffee, walk, smell the roses! Thanks for popping by 🙂

  8. Gorgeous place, I love quirky and artsy places, this would be right up my alley and all the fun things to explore!

  9. Love the photos, especially the one of the Nannup Hotel. What a charming image! Thanks much for the tour, Jo.

  10. For such a small community, it has so much to offer its visitors. I liked reading about its history too!!

  11. Once again you’ve provided more incentive to make a return visit to Perth and Western Australia. We’ve been to Freemantle, Rottnest Island and the Margaret River wineries. Clearly, there’s much more to see.

  12. Nannup looks like a very colourful town and with just 1300 residents they must be a very committed bunch of folks to keep its landscape and history so beautifully maintained and preserved. Fun photos!

  13. There are some beautiful photos of Nannup here Jo. I love the Wattle flowers -I can almost smell them.

  14. You have to love a town with so many festivals! And I like the meaning of the Nannup: place to stop and rest. Sounds like a lovely place to visit

  15. My sister and I just returned from a cruise in Fiji and met a couple from western Australia who insisted that we come back and see more than Perth and Freemantle! We’d love to do so. You make Nannup sound and look quite charming and who doesn’t love a tulip festival?

  16. I don’t know if I would call the “-ups” in WA “some of the most remote […] countryside”… Okay, there’s not much to the East of them, but still: the region is fairly easily accessed from Perth and Bunbury. From the first time I visited I loved that entire region, I agree with you that it’s very picturesque. I once briefly considered to move to Denmark, but in the end I decided that all of Western Australia too far removed from the rest of the country – mostly because all my friends live on the East Coast.

  17. I’ll add this place to my must visit list when I finally make it to western Australia. It looks like the sort of town I’d really enjoy.

  18. Beautiful Jo. You touch on several attractions that are close to our hearts. We’ve cycled on the rail trail between Nannup and Jarrahwood and overnighted at Holberry House. We’ve taken funky photographs in the sculpture garden and made postcards. Thanks for reminding us of those lovely experiences. We’re looking forward to our next visit.

  19. Neva @ Retire for the Fun of it

    I grew up in a smallish town and Nannup really makes me want to join you in this town since you visit often. The flowers are amazing and so many colorful chances for eye popping photos that you shot so well.

  20. Every time I read your blog, I’m reminded that I want to spend more time in Australia. Nannup looks so charming and I love all of your flower photos. The “face in the hole” one is so cute!

  21. Thanks Neva, Also have to thank my hubby for that. Yes I reckon you would love Mann up too.

  22. a great write up about Nannup Jo. We like it down there too. We have a special little cottage hideaway we have been to a coup0le of times. so lovely. And we love walking along the Timberline Trail.

  23. Ahh yes, the lovely Timberline Trail, Jill. Beautiful at any time of year.

  24. Yes I know what you mean Juergen. We are not ‘that’ remote, but then we ‘are’ remote in WA. It’s a bit of a juxtaposition really 😉

  25. Thanks Kay! Hope you do come back to see more of WA. There’s so much to discover 😉

  26. Johanna, I am absolutely enthralled with WA! I love all your posts. I was privileged to be able to visit Perth only, in October 2013, boy what an experience! I visited Wave rock and Cape Leewin and miss it all dearly. I do hope to return one day–but for now I get my injection of ” Australia” from your blog– thanks!

  27. Glad you enjoy the posts on ZigaZag, Barry! Please keep reading 🙂

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