Green Cocktails at the Wicked Stage Show

Today I’m travelling, but ficticiously, to Melbourne in search of a cocktail called a Green Pear Reviver for a Nuffnang Australia competition. Nuffnang recently hosted a Blog Conference in Sydney.

The Story of Jose and the Green Pear Reviver or maybe …


Chapter One

I’d love my favourite cocktail,  right now, I thought licking my lips and staring down at a glass of water. Ahh, for a shot of sharp tequila, my favourite pick-me-up (forget coffee!) with the slicing flavours of citrus and pears, sweetened with fennel sugar and  cinnamon sugar.

I picked up the drinks menu. There it was.

Green Pear Reviver – José Cuervo Gold Tequila shaken with Lemon Oleo Saccharum, orange, lemon and pear chunks, topped with fennel sugar syrup, served tall with a cinnamon sugar rim.

Oooh, how lovely!

I was tired, and the cocktail was way out of my budget  this month unless someone else was buying, and besides I needed to concentrate. I’d been mentally preparing myself to start my meeting with Jose Cuervo with a cool, don’t give a damn attitude. After all, his reputation as a hard nosed businessman and compulsive womanizer sped before him like a runaway train  and I was not going to let him get the better of me.

Shaken but not Stirred

Oh, I’d heard the stories; shaken but not stirred, and all that. Fruity and sweet when he wanted to be, especially with the ladies.  My friend Janice who worked in our accounts department had walked into his office one day and caught him making out with two girls from a happening rock band – they turned out to be  Lemon, and Pear Chunks, daft names if you ask me, but famous all the same. Walked right in Janice said and found them sprawled half naked on his enormous leather topped desk, and him in his Prada underpants. Prada, for God’s sake. Who wears Prada underpants these days?

I felt self conscious waiting for him on the oversized squidgy couch in the posh Crown Metropol Hotel in Melbourne.


Exclusive Sky Bar

I was in “28” Melbourne’s highest and most exclusive sky bar and lounge. Crikey, the views over the city skyline were gob-smackingly gorgeous, I could just about see the Dandenong Ranges and at the other end I could see the sundeck and infinity-edged swimming pool. Talk about exclusive; custom made furniture and artwork everywhere you looked.

I’d always wanted an excuse to come here, and summonsed by Jose, the CEO of Bicheno magazine, the flagship women’s weekly in the Media 94 stable, for a business lunch was not something to be sniffed at. I had an inkling that he wanted Tag Personnel to source another PA for him, as rumour had it that his latest had fallen pregnant. Who had fathered the baby was anyone’s guess. I shuddered as the obvious implication presented itself, and prepared myself not to like Jose Cuervo no, not one bit.

I looked around  hoping that nobody would take notice of me in my Supre summer dress that I’d bought in the summer sales for $25.99.

“28” was not the sort of place for a dress from Supre, but as needs must, and Prada underpants or over-garments are not the sort of clothes you’ll find lurking in my wardrobe either.

As if by Magic

He walked into the room as if he owned it. Come to think about it, there’s every possibility that he owned the whole building. Silhouetted in the doorway of the restaurant, the incredible city view glinting behind him didn’t really stand a chance. Heads turned and I felt my battle armour clinking shut around the seams.

He snapped his fingers, and without further ado, as if by magic, a barman appeared holding a black tray with a white linen napkin – on which was a long tall cocktail … I nearly gagged.

“Ma’am, with compliments of Lumia Bar,” the barman said. “A Green Pear Reviver.”

Shrub Glamour

“Shrub was of course a technique devised in the late 18th Century,” Jose piped up without so much as a “Hello Jo”. He had a deep baritone voice that made my tummy erupt with butterflies, or gremlins, take your pick.  “It’s used to preserve summer berries and fruits for consumption year round.  Lumia have taken Shrub and mixed it with modern spirits to produce cocktails which are, well, a little bit glamorous. A little like you, it would seem.”

Yeah right! I thought. Arrogant sod! I smoothed down my cheapo dress and knew he was lying.

But it was apparent that Jose Cuervo Esquire knew more about me than was strictly necessary, and for sure I wasn’t going to leave before I’d slurped down that lovely cocktail.

And further on from that at the back of my mind I wondered where would it all go from here?


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Please note: My part of the story was entered in a Nuffnang Competition, which has now closed. BUT I’m sourcing a prize for the best contribution added before 31st August 2012, which will be judged by an independent source.

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  1. “You must be Jo, I’m delighted to meet you” he said, and reaching for my hand my stomach did another back flip as he delicately kissed it. This was not how a business meeting was supposed to start!

    Retrieving my hand, I put on my most professional looking face. But who was I trying to kid! Within minutes of meeting Jose I was already falling under this spell. With all the resistance I could gather I clicked the locks shut on my armor.

    “I’m pleased to meet you Mr Cuervo. Thank you for contacting us. I’m sure we can source you a new PA. Shall we go to our table and discuss what you require” I said, trying desperately to sound professional, and at the same time trying not to be dragged into those staggering penetrating dark eyes.

  2. “Oh, I doubt you’ll know what I require,” came his immediate reply. “However,” he gave a fleeting smile, as if he hadn’t just made me choke on the cocktail sip I’d taken, “I will gladly pay you to try.”

    I finished coughing, wiped the tears from my eyes and then drew myself up to my full five foot three height, “Are your requirements, so very challenging then?” I asked, knowing full well, that the double innuendo of the conversation was something that I’d never consider flirting with at an ordinary meeting. But today, the restaurant, the view and not least of all the man standing before me screamed that it was not an ordinary day, so usual rules didn’t apply. Besides, if I could strut my stuff wearing a Supre dress in Melbourne’s ’28’ see and be seen hallowed halls, then surely I had enough sophistication to fence one risque conversation with a bachelor of the year contender and not come out skewered?

    “I don’t believe so.” He said as he stepped forward and took my arm, sending a shock wave of energy rippling down my skin. “But, Jo…I can call you Jo, can’t I?”

    Mutely, I nodded. Words were too dangerous. In my head I was already purring the name Jose. It sounded good. Smooth, treacle soft, exotic and one I’d like to curve my tongue around again and again.

    His leant closer, his breath whispered far too close to my ear, “I’ll let you decide. If you like.”

  3. Amazing, Julie-Anne, a master storyteller at work. Thanks for adding to the story 🙂

  4. As fast as the hypnotic moment came, it was gone. Suddenly, he snapped back into business mode.

    “I’m in Sydney next month at the Multi Media conference and I need a PA sourced by then. It’s got to be someone good. I’ve done my research Jo and by all accounts I believe you are the one to source that PA. The successful applicant will accompany me on the conference and see that all my business needs are met.“

    More than just business needs too I’m thinking. Who does he think he is? God? There was something compelling about him though, the dark eyes almost hypnotic .

    “They have to be good. No let me rephrase that. They have to be better than good. They need to be exceptional. There is no place for bimbos in my organization. Do I make myself clear?”

    “Crystal,” I replied. Clearly, this was a man who got what he wanted. The most qualified person I could think of for the job had the perfect credentials and ticked all the boxes, all the boxes except one. That is he is male. I wondered how Cuervo would react to that. He eyed me carefully, one eyebrow raised.

    “Good then I expect to be seeing a lot more of you Jo,” he said, his voice like velvet.

  5. Thanks Ingrid for your fab, imaginative and fast paced contribution. The innuendo is compelling! What happens next? Anyone care to continue ?????

  6. As I stood up to leave I heard a sharp intake of breath, immediately backed up with a low growl.

    A green flash filled my vision. Crushed ice dripped down my face. My heart thumped, my eyes were stinging, the smell of cinnamon and the taste of fennel sugar syrup were unmistakeable.

    I blinked hard and through the blur I could just about make out a heavily pregnant woman, standing right in front of me, holding an empty glass.

    I looked down. My drenched Supre dress was showing its economy flaws. The cheap weave had given way to the Pear Reviver and was now revealing my knickers.

  7. Ha ha Tracey! Bridget Jones eat your heart out and shades of Devil wears Prada too. What a conglomerate it’s turning into. Thanks for the giggles!

  8. It was hard to focus through the sticky green haze as I blinked and rallied my thoughts. My initial reaction was, ‘Why would this woman want to throw a cocktail over me?’ which was quickly followed with the startling realisation that this woman had something to do with Jose because he was now escorting her firmly by the elbow out of the room.

  9. “Oh I’m so sorry Mr Cuervo, I don’t know what came over me” I could hear her repenting on her way out.
    “Hormonal I daresay,” he responded curtly, “Amy will see you out,” he gestured to the receptionist who jumped quickly to the rescue, while Jose smartly returned to his office
    “My apologies to you Jo allow me to show you to the bathroom where you can clean up.”

  10. ‘Who was that woman anyway?”
    “Oh it’s a long story, my apologies again, I’ll explain more later Jo”

  11. After a quick two second fix-up, I was as ready as I ever would be to continue on with the meeting in a public place. Actually, the woman had probably done me a favour. I needed something to stop me from the dangerous territory my mind had veered towards. May be I should find her and thank her.

    Time to focus on the reason for being here, and shelve the one-sided fantasy thoughts, which had run rampant as soon as I’d, seen him. Cuervo would be used to women throwing themselves at him, anywhere and everywhere. Didn’t the papers field a paparazzi shot of him with a different woman on his arm every other weekend at all high roller events in the country? I didn’t need to embarrass myself by appearing anything but the professional I thought I was when I left the apartment this morning.

    I’d taken two steps towards the table, where he was waiting, when I spied a couple at the next table, heads close together, hands locked. A gorgeous brunette, who wouldn’t look out of place strutting the catwalk beside Miranda Kerr, looked up and gave the blonde beside her a traffic-halting smile. It wasn’t hard to read her lips. The yes, she mouth, was pretty self-explanatory.

    I silently wished them luck, until the blonde guy looked up, and I missed the change in elevation on the floor level, and stumbled.

    My only conciliation was that his face underwent a greater transition that mine had.

    His eyes flashed to woman beside him, then back to me. He smile became wooden. “Jo? Oh my God! Jo?” his voice wasn’t loud, more of a choked growl.

    He didn’t need to ask my name. Damn, it had only been three months since the weasel had sent me a text, telling me our engagement was over and he was moving on. “Garry.” I cleared six months of annoyance out of my voice box and tried again, louder. Firmer. “Garry, amazing to see you.”

  12. “Are you going to introduce me to your ….um….friend?” I said glaring at him with a steely gaze whilst at the same time bestowing the brunette with the most gracious smile I could summon. Did she know what she was getting into with this cad? Or judging by the way she was dressed, perhaps she did.

    “Yes of course Jo, let me introduce you to Sandy, my… secretary” Garry stammered.

    “Pleased to meet you Sandy. You must be a very special secretary if Garry is treating you to dinner at “28” I replied with sticky sarcasm that I am sure she wouldn’t miss.

    “Don’t worry Garry – your secret is safe with me” I continued with a wink.

  13. Thank you for carrying on the story … I’m intrigued to see where it will go 🙂

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