Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

So you want to ‘live the life’ in Western Australia but you’re not quite sure where to start looking?

North, South, East, West? The state is huge, about 10 times the size of the UK, and even if you’re looking at a specific destination due to work considerations,  you’ll find plenty of options for different lifestyles within each pocket of this vast state.

Living in Western Australia makes you officially a ‘sandgroper’. Welcome to a land of endless beaches, a small population, low density living, incredible natural beauty, long straight roads and space – so much space.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

You could choose from city to beach, inland, forest or perhaps vineyards for a start and that’s if you’re looking at South West Australia alone – a region which is just so ecologically diverse.

Have I mentioned the heartbreakingly lovely sunsets yet?

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
The sun setting across the inlet looking towards Bunbury

But let’s zoom in even further. Today I’m going to introduce you to our little corner of south west WA … Dalyellup, near Bunbury.

When we moved to WA we didn’t know what to expect and arriving in Bunbury, we were really pleased to find that all those green bits we’d seen on the map in the south west area, really were big tracts of forests, vineyards and arable land.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
Dalyellup has lakes, parks and bike trails as well as many water birds.

Bunbury is a city of 3 waters; the inlet, the estuary and the Indian ocean. That sounded good to me too. I wasn’t sure about it’s iconic tower though which people say looks a bit like a milk carton.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
The Bunbury Tower

I was happy with the Mediterranean climate – hot summers and cold winters with rain – and I was also happy that Bunbury had everything I could possibly want as a regional centre; well it has been dubbed WA’s second largest city but that’s not to say that life is at all ‘smoggy’.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

After looking at around 100 houses in various suburbs each with its own slightly different lifestyle we finally decided on a house in Dalyellup, a suburb which is touted as a village in a forest near the sea – a 15 minute drive to Bunbury.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

Now while this might sound a bit fluffy and romantic, the reality of living here is pretty dreamy.

Idyllic Lifestyle

There are trees, and wild tracts of forest where Ringtail Possums roam. There are parks and lakes with wetland birds, and a long stretch of beach which is devoid of people for much of the week.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

Expect the surf club to meet at the Busselton end of this beach on a Sunday, and four wheel drives to take off for the best fishing spots heading towards Peppermint Grove at weekends, and if you’re game you can walk all along the beach in the other direction to Bunbury with no impediments – if you wish, that is.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
Dalyellup beach stretches for kilometres in either direction.

With bike (and walking) trails snaking through parks and trees around the suburb, and a bike track that runs almost without break into town (about 12 kms) there’s no excuse for not keeping fit, and for the kids – well, there are playgrounds a-plenty, some with free gas barbecues.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

One of the parks has free outdoor gym equipment for all and sundry to use, so you can cancel your gym membership right away.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

Don’t forget the schools – 3 primary and 2 senior – a community centre, Doctors, a chemist, deli and a whole host of community groups that meet regularly, and the package of life here is pretty much complete.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
Statuesque pines, a free gas barbie and steps leading down to the beach.

Let’s not leave out the shopping centre opening sometime in 2015 with Woolworths as the anchor store.

Dalyellup is Close to Busselton (30 mins) with its beautiful beaches and 1.8 kilometre wooden jetty, and Margaret River (1 hour) which is near enough if you choose to pop down to one of the iconic beaches or for lunch at a wine farm if you like.
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Inland there’s the Ferguson Valley just 20 minutes from Bunbury with its hills which turn emerald green with the first rains, and south there’s pretty Donnybrook with undulating scenery and in town an enormous kids playground which is renowned as far away as Perth.
Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
The Ferguson Valley in springtime
Then there are the annual south west festivals and events; Balingup with it’s Medieval Festival and Bridgetown with the Blues festival, Nannup with the Garden Festival and Music Festival to name but a few. So you see, we’re not really as remote as people think. Of course if you want the bright lights then Perth is only 2 hours away, a journey which makes getting on a plane from Perth airport easy too.
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So if you’re serious, or even if you’re not, here are some pics of Dalyellup, and our lovely house, which is sadly for sale as we’re moving to Perth for work reasons.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

Above is our house and the garden we’ve created during our 6 years’ living here and below is Dalyellup Lake.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia

We go bicycling around Dalyellup nearly every weekend.

Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
Here’s the outside entertaining area where many a fun time has been had. There’s a chef’s outside kitchen and a pizza oven lurking out of view too.
Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
It’s safe to say I’ll miss our house, and Dalyellup, and this lovely corner of the world.
Idyllic lifestyle in Western Australia
For more house pics and if you’re interested in buying our lovely patch, please contact Jay, at Barr and Standley Estate Agents.
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  1. Denise Gillies

    Hi Jo
    If I didn’t live in my own piece of paradise, I would be very tempted.
    Your home and location is truly idyllic. We will be sad to see you leave. A compensation for us is that we can keep up with you on you Zigazag and Lifestyle 50 and that you can come and stay with us in our beautiful Ferguson Valley.

  2. Jo your house is beautiful. I don’t know how you could leave this paradise! It is yet another place I haven’t heard of in South West Australia whose name ends with ‘up’. There must be hundreds of places there that do!

  3. Thanks Kathy! I know it’s going to be hard to leave 🙁 Yes, we have lots of ‘ups’ in this part of the world. Did you know the ‘up’ bit means ‘place of’?

  4. Ahh, thanks Denise! Yes I shall keep in touch and visit often. I’ll miss this little corner of WA.

  5. It’s almost sad to see you selling this gorgeous place of yours, but then I remember it means you will be living closer to me, so it’s ALL GOOD!

  6. It must be such a wrench to have to leave that beautiful part of the state Jo – but it’ll be good to welcome you to Perth 🙂

  7. Hi Jo, you’ve made living in Dalyellup sound very, very appealing! Good luck with the house sale, if I was in the market I would be tempted! You must be sad to leave the Bali garden you made, but I’m sure having a garden that’s so enjoyable to relax and entertain in will be a big plus for people looking to buy. What suburbs in Perth are you thinking of?

    BTW that’s funny you think the Bunbury skyscraper looks like a milk carton, it’s always stood out to me too but I think it resembles a fox looking up into the sky 🙂

  8. Not sure Bonny – any suggestions for Perth? Ha ha, that skyscraper has been called many things but I love your description 🙂

  9. Thanks Pam, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of you too 🙂

  10. Yes, there’s a sad side and a bright side to everything, Amanda – and I can’t wait to catch up with you 🙂

  11. That’s a tough one Jo, because different people look for different things in a suburb… But from what I’ve read on your blogs, I think you might enjoy living in the area where I grew up, somewhere around Wembley, West Leederville, Subiaco, Shenton Park or Nedlands. You’d be close to some of the best parks and open spaces in Perth (Kings Park, Lake Monger, Herdsman Lakes, Bold Park), not far at all from the river, only ~5-10 mins drive to Cottesloe, Swanbourne or City Beach, close to the CBD plus all the cafes and shopping of Claremont, Subi and Leederville. And it’s easy to get most other places too because the freeway is close by.

    Then again if you don’t care so much about being close to the inner city areas and would prefer a newer house on a bigger block of land, then maybe some of the northern suburbs that are near the beach, or south of the river between Fremantle and Mount Pleasant would be good places to look.

  12. Thanks Bonny. That’s such a help. Any inside info I can get is great to get me started.

  13. Having had the good fortune of being inside you’re lovely home, I can say how sad I will be to see it change hands. The new owners will be lucky ones indeed!

  14. Ahh, thanks Wanda. Yes, I hope the new owners will be as happy as we’ve been.

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