Sometimes you come across something very beautiful, quite by chance and it takes your breath away. Lights Beach near Denmark in South West Australia did just that. With an early morning mist swirling across the sand and the cliffs, the beach took on a mystical, magical quality. You felt as if you could just step off the viewing platform and be immersed into another universe.

Lights Beach near Denmark, SWA

I haven’t been here in winter yet, but they say it’s a good vantage point to spot southern right and humpback whales during their migration from June to October.

Where’s your favourite beach?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about Lights Beach feeling kind of magical with the distant cliffs disappearing into the seamist.

  2. Thanks Bonny, I’m glad you relate … it just absolutely felt out of this world, as if we were in another dimension 🙂

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