In all the rush and hurry of daily chores and to do lists it’s often easy to forget about the big wide open spaces around us, such at the beautiful stretch of beach at Lancelin above.

So much coastline

I squirrel myself away in my office for long hours each day writing my blogs with only a glimpse of Tuart trees and bushland from my window, while I know that just 5 minutes walk away is the beautiful West Australian coastline stretching for miles and miles and miles and miles. Honestly, I could just start walking and never stop!

Lancelin not too far from Perth

While we often travel south of Perth, going north is quite new and a longer trek, so I was delighted when my daughter and her boyfriend took a day trip to Lancelin which is about an hour and a half north of Perth, and they took some awesome photos.

Dolphin Video

“It was lovely, Mum, miles of unspoilt beach and guess what, we saw dolphins! We were splashing around in the sea and they came really close to the shore, so we took a video with the GoPro camera. They were so close to us!”

If you want to watch the video, click on the link and then check the box “open file” and then “ok” and the video will pop up in a separate window. Then just click the ‘Play Arrow’.  Here it is:  Dolphin video

I really like the picture below she took using her GoPro camera – she was just wading in the water at waist height.


Of course her boyfriend’s dog “Bella” always comes along for the ride and we’re lucky to have lots of dog beaches in Western Australia. I think Bella’s become a beach babe!

I love how the GoPro camera makes the curvature of the horizon look as if it’s the end of the world in the photo below.

IMG_2653 cap

If you are heading north from Perth for a holiday, you might like to go further on from Lancelin and try these  10 Action Packed Things to do in Kalbarri or find out some Weird and Wonderful Things about Dolphins and visit Shark Bay and Shell Beach too.

Anyway, if you’d like to read more about Lancelin Beach my friend Bonny has written about sandboarding on the Lancelin dunes  in the post about her trip to the other worldly ‘Pinnacles’ . My good friends at Tourism WA have lots to say about Lancelin here.

Happy weekend everyone! I hope those of you who can are heading to the beach for a dip and some Vitamin D – just don’t forget to slip, slap, slop on the sunscreen will you.

Come to think of it not all of you live near the beach so what in heavens name are you all up to this weekend?

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  1. I know so many people just love Lancelin, I have looked and seen but never stayed. I am not a fan of the heat or the wind for that matter, I’m precious about my hair, LOL xxx

  2. Oh don’t get me started on wind and burning sun, Rae – me too:)

  3. yes I certainly don’t take enough advantage of the beach, says me who even wrote a published article about WA beaches. Really there is no excuse! We are so lucky on the south west coast to be so close to some of the best beaches in the world! And ps – I so want a go-pro camera!

  4. I feel the same, Jill. Just don’t take enough advantage of being so close, but I do have concerns about the high UV in summer. I too would like a GoPro … Both my kids have saved for and bought them and I can vouch for their unique capabilities. Thank you as ever for popping by 🙂

  5. I remember how great Lancelin was. Our Son has a GoPro as well. He upgraded it after he was swimming with whales and his photos didn’t turn out well. He also attaches it to his wakeboard and boat when waterskiing. Love the doggie photo.

  6. I love, love dolphins Johanna! And I sooo want to install some Go Pro cameras (even if borrowed) in the Jeep for when Phoenix and I are driving. Bella! Best part of the post along with the dog beaches. SIGN. US. UP. Please….! Great post 🙂

  7. Thanks for such enthusiasm, Mike … Oh and Bella will be very pleased too! Yes … A GoPro is next on our list of travel gadgets to save up for, they just bring everything to life don’t they.

  8. Thanks Jan, Bella will be happy! Yes, GoPros seem to be the camera of choice for the young and active. Glad you’ve been to and enjoyed Lancelin … Now Dave and I need to go!

  9. Dolphins are just so adorable. Great underwater shot. We love our GoPro and have used it during skiing and snorkeling. One of the tech world’s great inventions.

  10. Denise Gillies

    hi, Jo
    You’ll have to do a comparison with Bunbury’s dolphins. Catherine is a volunteer there now.
    A few years back we went on the dolphin discovery tour boat at Koombana Bay. What an eye-opener! You don’t realise what is right next door.

  11. Hi Jo, I love the photo of the dolphin, but unfortunately was unable to get the video to play. When I was up in Lancelin recently I also saw a dolphin only a few metres out from the beach! Wish I tried to get an underwater photo or video now. In fact I see dolphins all the time in WA, especially in the Swan River and back when we had a boat, around Rottnest. I must say I understand what Rae means about Lancelin. I love it there, but there aren’t a lot of things to do if you don’t like wind or blazing sun! Thanks for the referral to my blog! 🙂

  12. Hey Bonny, not sure why you can’t open the video … It ‘s a worry. Yes, we are so lucky with the amount of dolphins to be found on these fair shores. Hmmm, I’ll be investing in a tent then for our trip to Lancelin 😉

  13. Hi Denise, I’ve written a couple of posts about Bunbury dolphins, one a couple of weeks ago about the baby dolphin … Soooo cute. But haven’t done a comparison, nice idea, thank you 🙂 I’m waiting with baited breath for a guest post from Catherine 😉

  14. Thanks Mary … Yes, the more I hear about them, the more I think we need one!

  15. Neva @ Retire for the Fun of it

    I guess I wasn’t the only one to be blocked from watching the video. I too love dolphins & will try again later.
    Since Utah is still enjoying an early spring, I slopped and slathered on the sunscreen when we went skiing. I forgot to add sunscreen to my lips (sheesh).
    I’m eager to do a trip to Australia, but now I would need a year to see all the recommended places to visit.

  16. Gorgeous beaches indeed. Thanks for bringing those fabulous blue and warmth my way. It’s still freezing here in NY:( I love beautiful beaches and I love dolphins, so Lancelin would be my kind of place. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to view the dolphin video; it was giving me error message. I love Bella’s life.

  17. Hi Marisol, yes Bella leads a charmed life! Glad to bring blue skies to freezing NYC, the cold is hard to imagine right now – keep well wrapped up!

  18. Hi Neva, the video seems not to have been a good idea. I must find another way. Lips too often get forgotten in the sunscreen stakes don’t they, but so important to remember them. Yes, I think a long trip to Australia is the go, there is soooo much to see!

  19. I’m a big fan of the Go Pro on my bike. I like the way it bends the horizon on photos and you can make some fun quirky videos with them, or mix them up with other shots from your “normal” camera. Love the shot of Bella.

  20. They are great hey Tracey! I’ve seen some of your pics of your bike trips – awesome. Yes, oh Bella, queen of the beach! 🙂 Thanks for popping by today.

  21. Aww, Bella is adorable and looks like she’s having the very best time! The closest beach we live next to is Coney Island in Brooklyn, but we’re still facing arctic temperatures so it will be a few months before we can fully take advantage!:-)

  22. Oh, stay warm Jess – I can barely think of arctic temperatures at this time of year in WA. Yes, Bella is a lucky pup!

  23. Thanks Jo. This is such a great reminder that we need to hear time and again: just get out there and see it. Sometimes it’s only a few minutes away from the front door. A few days ago, I drove to the Maidens (4 kms by car, maybe), parked, and walked the path to the beach. I was struck at how stunning the views were. It’s all so close to home.

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