Sitting on the edge of Koomban Bay watching a Twilight Sail. Waiting for the promise of dolphins (about 120 Bottlenose Dolphins live in the bay). Enjoying the soft evening breeze and the promise of a cool beer at the Sailing Club later on when I shall listen to the sailors’ tales of derring-do and the stories of hell and high water from the fearless outriggers. When summer arrives, Western Australia is all about beaches and the ocean and marvellous sunsets. Don’t forget the sunsets.

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  1. You are so right Jo Summer and sailing the ocean live does not get better than that.
    Sunsets that make you speachless,the feeling of tranquility when you have left the is a different world out there.
    Love you stories Jo ,keep up this good work so many people can enjoy this great feeling. You bring our every day live to a newe hight when you show what there is on offer around us,we must appteciate MORE.
    Love Maria

  2. Johanna

    I’m so glad that you can identify Maria. Thank you for your thoughts. Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives that we fail to see the beauty around us. I hope I can continue to help bring the normal things alive via my little blog.

  3. Kerry Goodwin

    Your perceptions of Koombana Bay are absolutely spot on. It’s a pristine part of the South West which is often overlooked. So many visitors bypass Bunbury and its immediate areas. I’d suggest they take some extra time to stop and enjoy what Bunbury has to offer.

  4. I agree Kerry. Bunbury and the surrounding areas have their own charm. Whizzing past in a quest to get further south is certainly not part of the mantra ‘enjoy the journey rather than the destination.’ People should stop and enjoy Bunbury as part of the journey, it’s definitely worth it.

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