Broome in 48 hours. Your sightseeing guide.

Kimberley Tours – 48 Hours in and around Broome WA 

A guest post by Alex Hamilton.

Broome is a remote town located in the Kimberley Region, in the far North-West corner of Australia.

Known as one of the best tourist destinations in Australia, Broome has countless breathtaking landscapes and experiences the whole family can enjoy.

Broome Tourist Attractions

Beaches, pearls, sunsets, craft beer and Kimberley tours, summarise just a few things to do and see – Broome and The Kimberly offer so much for the adventurous holidaymaker.

Due to the sheer size of The Kimberley and its numerous beautiful locations, people often believe you need to spend weeks to truly experience the region. However, even if you are restricted to only one or two days in the region, if you plan your time right you can have one of the most memorable holidays possible.

Sightseeing Guide Broome and The Kimberley

Planning is key. Before you take to the road or jump on a plane to Broome, plan what you want to experience.

Kimberley Tours are, in themselves, something very different to the norm: The areas you’ll be visiting are remote and touring the Kimberley is not like any other road trip.

Make a list of attractions you’d love to see, but be aware they are mostly far apart, so be selective.

Kimberley Adventure Tours

It might even be worth looking at some local tour companies to see what half or full day tours they offer from Broome.

Taking a day tour can be a perfect way to see some of the best locations in the Kimberley region when you’re on a tight schedule.

Ed’s Note: We did a fantastic 12 day glamping trip through the Kimberley with Adventure Wild. You might like to read more about our fabulous adventure Here.

Broome Day 1:

Morning: Time to Start Your Adventure from Broome

Make sure you wake up bright and early for the big day ahead.

If you have experienced driving 4WD’s off-road, consider hiring one for your two days in Broome. Alternatively, book a 4WD adventure tour to guide you up the Dampier Peninsula towards Cape Leveque. It’s highly recommended to use a 4WD to explore the Kimberley region as many of the tracks are rugged, uneven and unsealed.

Touring the Kimberley region in Western Australia.
Cape Leveque. Image supplied by Alex Hamilton

Daytime: Explore the Dampier Peninsula

The Dampier Peninsula contains a partially unsealed road that connects Broome to Cape Leveque. It’s a perfect destination for adventurous travellers wanting to experience the remote Kimberley after they’ve discovered the best of Broome.

Cape Leveque, Western Australia
Image supplied by Alex Hamilton


On your way up the Dampier Peninsula, take a break at Beagle Bay Church located in a local Aboriginal Community. The church contains a beautiful glistening pearl altar sure to impress. After you’ve had some morning tea, continue up the road towards Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.

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Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm is a family owned business that has been farming pearls in the region for generations. It’s a terrific place to hear some of the Kimberley regions history and the growth of the pearl farming industry. After you’ve had some lunch, take a short trip to Cape Leveque for your final stop.

Once you’ve reached Cape Leveque, you’ll be greeted with pristine white beaches and extravagant red cliffs. It’s a perfect place to go for a swim and snorkel, or even do some fishing if you have some rods available. Spend some time enjoying the beautiful beachside before jumping back in your 4WD and heading back down the Dampier Peninsula towards Broome.

Night: A Local Dinner Experience

A terrific way to find some of the best restaurants in Broome is to engage with the locals and ask for some recommendations. The locals would likely have experienced many of the local restaurants and recommend one to suit your tastes.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Broome as suggested by Visit Broome.

Enjoy an early night after dinner, ready for your big day tomorrow.

Day 2:

Morning: Head to Derby

Wake up early and get ready for another big day touring The Kimberley. 

Have some breakfast and a coffee at a local coffee shop before jumping in a 4WD and taking to the road again.

Today you’re travelling to Derby, about 2 to 3 hours North East of Broome. Read up on some of the local attractions in Derby and pick a few that you may be interested in experiencing.

“Derby is the name of the small town that’s located on the edge of the King Sound in far north Western Australia. It’s not that far from Broome, only about 220 km to the north-east, but it’s very different… Derby’s claim to fame is having the highest tides of any Australian port. 11 m (36 feet) of tidal difference means there is an enormous amount of water rushing in and out every 6 hours… Add to that the silty outflow of the Fitzroy River… It means muddy waters. Mudflats, mangrove swamps… No, Derby is not your typical tropical holiday destination,” so says the Kimberley Australia Travel Guide where you can find out more information about Derby.

Daytime: Explore Derby, Then Back to Gantheaume Point for The Sunset

Once you’ve reached Derby, head over to the Boab Prison Tree.

The Boab prison tree has a dark history dating back over 100 years when it was believed to be used as a prison cell by local police for aboriginal prisoners. In the early 2000s, it was registered as a site of Aboriginal heritage and is now protected with a fence to help preserve it. The sheer size of the tree and it’s long history makes it an amazing sight.

Boab tree, The Kimberley, Australia
Image supplied by Alex Hamilton


After you’ve had a look around the town, head up Jetty Road to the Derby Wharf. Built to give access to ships trading imports such as fuel and exports like pearl shells and wool, the wharf has a long and interesting history. Have lunch at the Derby Wharf Restaurant before making the trip back to Broome.

End your day by visiting Gantheaume Point in Broome to watch the sunset. This stunning location is a wonderful place to wind down after a jam-packed two days.

Broome beach. Kimberley tours

Night: Matso’s Broome Brewery

Known as one of Australia’s most unique breweries, the award-winning Matso’s Broome Brewery have a range of delicious and unusual beers on offer. Matched with their delicious menu, it’s the perfect place to have some dinner and a drink while enjoying your last night in Broome.

Author Bio

This article is written by Alex Hamilton, on behalf of InStyle Adventures – Tour specialists for Broome, The Kimberley and The Pilbara in Western Australia. Pics in this post supplied by Alex Hamilton (except sunset photo.) You can catch Alex on Google+.

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  1. Broome is a fantastic town, my only regret is not having the time to see enough of it and the surrounding areas. I’ve promised myself one day i’ll get back to see the stairway to heaven…2 weeks early last time.

  2. Shame Anthony! You’ll have to go back to see it. It’s a surreal and magical experience.

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for your article! 🙂

    Do you think 3 days will be enough to discover the basics in Broome and go to Cape Leveque? Is it possible to swim at all beaches?

    Thanks so much!

  4. I would refer to weather conditions, and perhaps contact the Broome Tourist Board for updated advice.

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