The south west is a lovely place to walk ... somewhere to work off your chocolate habit ... here's a section of the Cape To Cape track

This could happen to you too

You’ve just eaten not one, but three double choc Tim Tams for no other reason than pure masochistic shitty-mindedness. You’re meant to be losing a bit of weight, as well as decreasing the cholesterol that’s apparently clogging your veins in much the same way as rush hour traffic clogs Perth, so Tim Tams at about 120 calories a throw should not be in your daily mix.

But you don’t care, you need chocolate and well, you know how it is. You spy ‘Two packets for $4’ on sale at Coles in Centre Point … oh my, and you only went in for some healthy stir fry veggies and lean chicken. Instead, there you are in the vein of a love struck idiot gazing at a corner shelf where the double choc variety are screeching like harpies: “Buy me, buy me!” And of course, you do.

To think the day probably started well. What’s that I hear you say? 35 minutes brisk exercise along the ocean front at 6.15am with the moon still high over the wintery sea – all prior to a cup of African Red Bush tea or similar. Then without even checking blog statistics or emails you sprint to the kitchen and pour boiling water on a tea bag (nil calories) and some instant porridge (only about 100 calories) Hey bully for you! What self righteousness! The defecit of calories so far is as big as the Grand Canyon – huge and gaping, waiting to be filled with nourishing sustenance.

Lunch, not too indulgent, a little sparse are you telling me? Sushi rolls and Teriyaki chicken at a Japanese Takeaway and Dining emporium in down-town Bunbury with your offspring. The service is fast, the sushi is fresh and it’s really inexpensive – which is quite something to write home about if you’re talking about Western Australia. Which brings me round to the talk over lunch, as you sit at that little formica table eating your sushi with mass produced wooden chopsticks and white plastic scooper forks.

You chat about big issues like the global financial crisis and the boat people. What is happening ; what can be done? Big questions for those who will inherit this earth and are still so young, in fact they’re big questions when you’re, ‘ahem-don’t-you-ask’ how old, and each turbo-charged possibly life-changing query has to be mulled over with a big mouthful of California roll or Teriyaki chicken (with rice $10). You nearly order chocolate ice-cream for dessert, but stand firm against the decision and feel something like sainthood approaching.

So you munch and lunch, and then perhaps return home to put in a good few hours at the computer (avoiding Twitter of course) before you go shopping when … those darn Tim Tams target you like only the Gruen Transfer TV Show could show you how.

It’s late and life’s big decisions haven’t gone away, neither has that sweet packet of biscuits that’s now screaming like a harpy again in the pantry. You bite your finger nails. But those little double choc Tim Tams sure look a lot tastier and more comforting. Ah well, you say. I’ll go for a long walk tomorrow and work it all off … (The Cape to Cape Track in the South West is lovely) … with which suddenly the whole packet just like, disappears.

Chocolate buying defences

Tip One: Do not go to the supermarket when hungry. In fact try not to go at all. Farmer’s markets (check out Bunbury Farmer’s Market) are healthier places to shop, or on-line supermarket shopping could help you get you through the boring stuff without the temptations.

Tip Two: When you’re on track with healthy eating be really nice to yourself. Imagine having no muffin top over those jeans. (Don’t ever capitulate and call them ‘love handles’). So indulge in something else – could you give up that bar of chocolate for some juicy summer strawberries?

Tip Three: If you’re trying to lose weight and go out for lunch or dinner, pick a restaurant that offers a good selection of  low fat meals. Anything with the word ‘French’ or ‘sauce’  in it is probably not good; stir fried is better; raw is best – ok I don’t mean meat.

Tip Four: When faced with life’s bigger questions try not to run for comfort food or the cookie jar – go for a proper run or power walk instead. Check out walks in the south west – Just do it gorgeous.

Tip Five: Remember that tomorrow is a gift, while today will be just a small memory in the calorie universe. So don’t beat yourself up over the decisions you made today. Come the new dawn you have a clean slate on which to live, laugh, work, play and make healthy food and exercise choices.

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