Elton John’s belting out, “I was made in England”, from the album of the same name … and so was I (made in England) but here I am now a Pommie in the great land of Aus. We’re heading south to the southern forests of Western Australia and on the way we pass through Bridgetown in the centre of the Blackwood River Valley. It’s a crisp morning and mist shrouds the surrounding hilltops.

Devonshire teas in SWA

A cappuccino is called for, we stop at Horti Towers where Devonshire Cream teas are advertised – I couldn’t be further away from my roots in Devon if I tried – even though there is an arch of lilac wisteria in the garden.

Wisteria reminded me of Devon

The proprietor, seeing my loopy earrings encourages me to make a purchase from his Aladdin’s Cave of trinkets and treasures stowed within the creaking old walls of the historic house. “I see you like dangly earrings, well we have a whole new selection from Peru, they’d cost nearly double if you bought them at Myers in Perth,”  he says. Hmmm, nice marketing ploy methinks, to pinpoint something about each guest to tag them to an item in his extensive emporium where there really is, as the cliche goes, ‘something for everyone.’

I’m hooked. What colour shall I buy?

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