Inspirational quotes about blogging. Problogger Event Melbourne
Darren Rowse doing it in a skirt for One Girl charity, and Chris Guillebeau
Inspirational quotes about blogging.
It was my second Problogger Training Event, and I wasn’t expecting it to be better than the first one. You know, first things always seem to be that bit more exciting, don’t they? Second time around the razzle dazzle can seem to be rubbed off a bit.
But this year’s Problogger Event in Melbourne, at the Etihad Stadium, was like being fired up against the pull of gravity by a constant stream of electrical sparks! Well, that’s what it felt like to me!
The inspiration just didn’t stop coming and it’s taken about 24 hours for my head to stop buzzing with words of wisdom from not only the speakers but also some of the other bloggers whom I met during the coffee breaks and the social gatherings afterwards.
Virtual Pass
I’m not going to prattle on about everything that what went on, and who said what, although I have reams of stuff I’d like to tell you, because you can actually get it by going to the link on this page and buying the Virtual Pass, which contains audio recordings of the sessions (if you feel inclined).
Inspirational quotes about blogging to lead you towards greater things
For now though, I’ll leave you with some inspirational quotes about blogging which I hope will either inspire you to greater things in life, or greater things in your pursuit of publishing and new media.
Inspirational quotes about blogging. Problogger Event Melbourne
Top Left: Darren Rowse and Moi. Top Right: Nikki Parkinson, Eden Riley, Lorraine Murphy, Mrs Woog. Bottom Right: Shelley Winkel, Tourism Queensland. Bottom Left: Caz Makepeace, Christina Butcher and Chantelle Ellem

Be solid in your story and in your message. Goodness will gravitate towards that certainty – life likes certainty,  it doesn’t like Wobbliness, so do what your are passionate about.  Sarah Wilson.

Be clear in the intention of the  community you want to create, Caz Makepeace, YTravelBlog

Ask: Would you follow you?  Look at your posts and pics, and decide if they are interesting. Christina Butcher, Hair Romance

Have a unique selling proposition. What are you about? Know what your brand is. Laney Galligan, Crash Test Mummy

The most important thing  is understanding that your blog will succeed because of the readers.
Foster a sense of belonging amongst your readers, the four most important words in copyrwriting are … You Are Not Alone. Chris Guillebeau

Make everything that you do  (write) shareable.  Remember too that Gamification begets Commitment. James Tuckerman

When creating a media kit get your point of difference across on the first page. Nikki Parkinson, Styling You

What is a brand? It’s a gut reaction to your product or what you do. Stanley Johnson, Brand DNA.

Take some initiative and snap outside of passivity; consistent small actions have impact. Darren Rowse, Problogger

Inspirational quotes about blogging. Problogger Event Melbourne
Top Right: Caz Makepeace and Christina Butcher. Top Right: James Tuckerman. Bottom Right: Valerie Khoo. Bottom Left: Laney Galligan
Inspirational quotes about blogging. Problogger Event Melbourne
The Travel Bloggers get together on Thursday night at Pok Pok restaurant. Top Left: Holly Galbraith, Linda McCormick, Natasha, Tash. Top Right: Brooke Schoenman, Caz Makepeace, Jenny Freedman. Middle Right: Nicole Smith, Annabel Candy, David Want, Loreena and Matt Walsh. Bottom Right: Amy Howard and Kieron Turner. Bottom Left: Craig Makepeace and Holly Galbraith
Inspirational quotes about blogging. Problogger Event Melbourne
Top Left: Crispy Duck at Pok Pok Restaurant. Middle Top and Middle Left: Maha Restaurant delights on Saturday night. Top Right: Annabel Candy reclines on a super king bed at The Holiday Inn on Flinders. Middle: The king suite had a double sofa bed too. Bottom Right: The bar and restaurant area at the Holiday Inn on Flinders. Middle Bottom: Yummy fresh fruit …the beginning of breakfast in our suite. Bottom Left: The night time view from our suite.

Where did I stay?

I stayed at the Holiday Inn on Flinders courtesy of Annabel Candy’s generosity in sharing her sponsored stay.

At the Holiday Inn on Flinders you might expect …

A small boutique hotel in a great position on the corner of Flinders Lane and Spencer Street, just a short stroll down to Southbank and close to the Etihad Stadium.

Expect an easy walk to the Southern Cross Station. The city circle tram is right on the doorstep.

Expect different bed options from twin, king and suite. We stayed in a king sized suite which had extra living space and a fold out sofa.

Expect a gym, sauna and outdoor heated pool.

Expect a small bar and restaurant.

Expect style and comfort – Enjoy firm or soft pillows with a nice touch of stylish buttons.

Expect to feel at one with the city – our room had floor length windows and a vibrant city view.

Expect a large bathroom, big flat screen T.V. and interesting art on the walls.

Expect helpful staff.

What is your best ever inspirational quote?

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  1. Great quotes Jo!! Thanks for including mine. I love your travel blogger dinner photos too. Craig and I went to put some up in our post and realized we didn’t have any. How bad is that?? We left our proper camera at home and had the dodgy phone ones which is why we didn’t really take any!
    So great hanging out at the event

  2. Thanks Caz! I was just thinking the same about photos; Although I managed to take pics at the event and functions, I didn’t go out and take any of Melbourne – call myself a Travel Blogger! Yip, hanging out was Fun 🙂

  3. Ohhh, great points in this wrap up! Inspiring!

    Ohhh, and I featured in the photos! The Travel Blogger catch up was awesome – has inspired me to refresh my blog, and work on more networking opportunities! Was so great to meet everyone!

  4. For once I remembered to take my camera and my phone to an evening event – but more importantly … use it! Thanks for your comment Annabel 🙂 (and your generosity).

  5. You certainly picked some of the best quotes Jo. Now to put the words into action!
    I didn’t take any photos at the dinner either so it was great seeing yours of our fun night together.

  6. Thanks Jenny! Yes the pics will be a happy reminder of a fun evening. Let me know if you want copies of any of them 🙂

  7. They wre certainly some great quotes from the conference, Johanna.

    And I love how you put the description of the constant stream of electric sparks throughout the event

  8. Thanks Tash! The sparks really fired it me up during the conference, it was coming home and realising how much I had to do that brought me right back down to earth!

  9. Carla @ Coolmons Blog

    Nice selection of quotes and I enjoyed reading this post too.

  10. Glad you enjoyed reading the quotes, Thanks Carla! It was hard choosing just 9, that’s for sure 🙂

  11. “you owe it to yourself and others to become what makes you special” – Ruth Tearle.

    Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous and inspirational time at the blogging event Jo. Thanks for sharing some inspiration with us!

  12. I love that quote of Ruth’s, thanks for sharing, Jill. Yes, the event was fantabulous, very inspiring – next year?

  13. And a very good quote it was too, Stan. Thanks for a great session at #pbevent and for your your comment, now I can link you. (had trouble before) 🙁

  14. Great post – my fav from PB was “if your dont $%#$ up, your not trying hard enough” Stan from BrandDNA

  15. Oh yes! I remember that one too! There was another I liked along the same lines from Sarah Wilson … “Don’t ask for permission, just know how to beg for forgiveness!”
    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  16. It was so lovely to meet you at the problogger event, Im only now getting around to catching up with all these new blogs to read.

    There were some great nuggets that came out of the conference, I’m looking forward to listening to the session recordings that I missed.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  17. Great to meet you to Jackie, and thanks for that. Look fwd to catching up soon too 🙂

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