Albany or Denmark? The road forked, we made a choice based on a whim, and we were not disappointed.

That’s the nice thing about a life on the move or living abroad … you get to explore, based on a whim and fancy. Because you can bet that something is going to be brand spanking new to you.

Denmark, a quaint town on a river, spectacular coastline and beaches, and a sylvan landscape of gently rolling pastures that merges with ancient forests.

I’m woken up by the raucous cackling of Kookaburras just as dawn is breaking.  Dappled light slants through the treetops of the slim, tall trunks of the young Karri trees in the forest below, and lights up the Wilson Inlet’s tantalising stretch of water.

We sit quietly, drinking a strong brew of breakfast tea on the elevated wooden deck, high in the forest canopy with birds screeching and foraging for the bird seed we’re sprinkling from a tupperware container. There are common bronze wing pigeons, western rosellas, lorikeets, gallas, red wattle birds and Australian magpies.

“Make sure you feed me muesli and not that bird seed for breakfast,” my hubby says in a stage whisper (as if I’d even dream of it!). A Galla puts his crest up, and for the photo shoot resembles a puff of pink cotton wool.

I’m glad we forked onto a road less travelled. If you’re looking for somewhere tranquil and away from it all, contact the information centre for information about where to stay in Denmark.

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