Out of the comfort zone on Devil’s Mountain

One of the most important things for me when I’m travelling is a good night’s sleep. I think my obsession with uninterrupted zzz’s goes back to the days of hellish sleep deprivation when my children were babies, so now if a bed isn’t comfy and I don’t get my full quota of shut-eye, there’s no way I’ll be winging my way back to the same hotel again.

And I’ve had my days of dodgy sleep in Western Australia too. Think wombats (er what was I thinking?) I mean, possums, leaping from tall trees onto tin rooves, and the non-too dulcet tones of night time revelry in a holiday season campsites, or the sound of a squall and a vicious cold front pushing in off the Southern Ocean during wintertime. Yep, those are the times when I definitely need a comfy bed to help soothe me.

Which is why the ibisTM expedition “The Ultimate Sleep” caught my eye.

It’s all about sleep, good sleep in great comfort, and yet conversely it’s about pushing the limits and sleeping in an outrageously hostile place!

The Expedition

Photographer and filmmaker Aaron Chervenak was given a challenge by ibis Hotels to sleep at the top of Devil’s Mountain in the heart of the Amazonian jungle. The quest was to sleep where nobody has ever dared  sleep before, and to test the absolute comfort guaranteed by Sweet Bed ibisTM.

Move over Bear Grylls!

Oh, and Aaron’s really cute too! If you check out the video trailer ABOVE you can, at the end,  click through to video footage of the expedition which is pretty amazing.

Anyway, sitting here in deepest darkest South West Australia, it was great to be transported somewhere exciting and dangerous for a few minutes! Go watch and see what it takes to be a crazy adventurer and be taken out of the comfort zone. Would you do it?


Aaron (centre) and his team on the ibis Hotels Ultimate Sleep Expedition.

The place

Le Mont Roraima (Devil’s Mountain) in Brazil was chosen as the spot. Aaron and fellow adventurer Gareth Jones took on the crazy challenge to transport the Sweet Bed by ibisTM, on which Aaron would sleep, to 2,810 meters high.

I’ve slept at various ibis Hotels, most recently at the ibis Styles in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, and though my night was sweet, and the bed was comfortable, I couldn’t imagine sleeping out in the open in the Amazon in such hostile surroundings.

Anyway … A torture test for a bed! Ha! That’s a good one. But what about Aaron – how did he fare?

You can see the trailer of his film  and then click through to the Expedition Website to discover what goes on behind the scenes. You’ll find Go Pro footage, a 360 degree view of the summit of Devil’s Mountain that you can control, and interviews with the five heroes. Check out the video footage at the top of this post … you might be pleasantly entertained and Wowed, as I was!

Post and Video sponsored by ibis Hotels. Sweet Bed ibisTM.

What did you think? Would you have liked to be selected for an adventure like this?

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  1. Wow, this looks amazing! I don’t think I could have done it (despite my recent South American adventures)!! 🙂

  2. Incredible, Hey Natalie! I’m sure you’ve hiked to some amazing places though – your blog posts were inspirational. Please link to one in the comments if you’d like to 🙂

  3. I did watch the video and the “getting there” part looked tough as they were roping up equipment. But, the bed (albeit sitting on the edge of a freaking cliff for whatever reason lol) is on an open plateau. Unless having the bed footpegs literally inches away from the edge is part of the gig it looks pretty safe to me. Because there was plenty of room to move the bed back to far open space, right? I would enjoy seeing this whole project on film, Johanna! 🙂

  4. Ha Ha Mike – now there’s a comment from a man with an eye on the technicalities! I just thought – WHAT – sleeping exposed on a cliff top – what if a big gust of wind blew me off! I’m now itrigued to look into the question you posed though, and see the whole thing!

  5. On a narrow cliff-face would have been more dramatic – but fabulous footage, and enough to make me about to hop over to their website to see some more.

    As for beds in hotels, I think one of the most important things about a hotel room is the bed, followed by the view, and then the bathroom. Last year I spent a whole day in bed in Singapore unwell…lucky for me the bed was super comfy and the view amazing.

    I could do with an Ibis bed on a camping holiday….I just have to figure out how we could transport it!
    Would I like to be selected for an adventure like this? You bet-ya!

  6. Yep, beds have to be comfy don’t they Jill – you never know how long you’ll spend in them on holiday! Thanks for your comments. I can see you on an adventure like this – but with a bed in tow – um not so sure!

  7. Ha Ha Jan! You spotted it! A little poetic license there due to a senior moment! Of course it should read “Possums” .. When the roof shuddered at a recent forest stay and it sounded like a brick on the roof. I’m going to change it right now.

  8. Wombats and possums. Love this post. Next it will be kukaburas (sp?) right? It is always a joy to visit with you, Jo, and see what new adventure you have for us!! Happy travels this week and see you soon! xx Jackie

  9. Interesting adventure! The last time I stayed in an ibis hotel was in China. I arrived at 2am for one night and had to pay a deposit of $800. US. I wasn’t impressed!

  10. I would definitely sleep up there – with a view like that. I’d make sure to have lots of water so I didn’t suffer any side effects from altitude.

  11. My gosh … that was a bit extreme. I would have been cross too. Maybe they get some dodgy characters arriving in the middle of the night – not you!

  12. Denise Gillies

    Well, Jo. NOT for me, thank you. If I’m to sleep in an Ibis Hotel let it be in Paris or Lyon or even, if I must, Siena.
    We regularly choose Ibis when we’re overseas as the hotels are usually very conveniently situated. They are also, I think, reasonably priced, always clean and always well-maintained. And the staff are so helpful. For example, if you’re continuing on to another place with an Ibis Hotel they will ring and book for you – a real bonus if you’re struggling with the language!
    But an Ibis bed outside and on a mountain called Devil’s Mountain? I think not.

  13. What an absolutely stunning challenge! Love the idea, and what a terrific preview video. The views are stunning, but one might need noise-reduction headphones if the wind tends to keep one awake.

  14. Jo, i’m also obsessed with good night sleep. Going by the video, I think Ibis hotels should also include wilderness safari lodges in their chain, it could be a great place to sell their sweet bed ibis.

  15. I’d do it. Sounds like it’d be fun though I doubt I’d get much sleep.

  16. Ha Ha, love the idea of headphones to prevent wind noise Wanda! I bet you’d be up for a challenge like this – with a bike maybe? 😉

  17. Thanks for the heads up and mini reviews – that’s really great to know Denise. I didn’t know they’d ring on and book – a great help.

  18. Like you Michele, I would be worried all night – getting blown off the ledge would be my main concern! Yes, some teens I reckon would love it 🙂

  19. Catherine

    I’m all for being adventurous, but not sure that I’d go to this extreme!
    Like Jill (comments above) it would be great to be able to transport a super comfy bed on some of our camping/hiking trips! Although we are very lucky to have a very comfortable bed in our no frills low budget camper trailer!!

  20. Super comfy is the way to go for me, but your bed in the camper trailer sounds like you’ve got things pretty nicely sussed, Catherine!

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