Lose weight the healthy way by Jo Castro
I try to make sure that fresh healthy produce makes up the mainstay of my shopping basket each week, and that my meals are basic but tasty. South Western Australia is a region with lots of farms and fruit orchards (oh and some vineyards!) so fresh produce is easy to buy.

Weight LossTips to help you stay on track and focussed.

Thank you for joining in the quest to lose 5kgs (in a healthy way) and for all your encouraging comments, your emails and the Facebook messages. I hope that you’re continuing to lose the weight you want to shed, but in a very healthy way too (Say no to Yo Yo dieting and crash diets – they certainly have no place in this house.)

Please keep me posted on how you’re doing and any tips that you’d like to share. If you’d like to read the first two posts on this topic, please follow these links:-

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Lose weight the healthy way. Just do it, make changes. It’s a lifestyle.

Without further ado, here are the best tips I’ve gleaned from my week about how to lose weight the healthy way, and I’m staying on track – mostly. I know I’m lucky to have sunshine here in Western Australia, when many of you have snow this week, which means it’s much easier for me to get out and exercise either on the beach or around the quiet roads on my bike.

I encourage you to keep at it though,  even if it’s to an exercise video in your living room, because I can definitely say that exercise has a direct impact on my state of mind, and how much I want to eat. If I exercise first thing in the morning I’m in a better mood for the day, and I’m happy to feed my body healthy food options and I don’t crave chocolate or processed carbs.

This much I know is true for me.

  1. Cut up you food. I really really wanted the fresh baked blueberry muffin with my coffee the other day at a cafe in Bunbury – and hell, it was on offer! The duo for $5.50. Not one to forego a bargain, I had to have it. The trick was, in the cutting it up. By the time I was half way through all the pieces, I found I was actually filling up fast – and Yay! I didn’t eat the whole darn thing!
  2. Eat smaller portions. I keep having to remember that I don’t need to have the same amount of food on my plate as He Himself – after all he is much bigger than me, he has more muscle and because of his size he just burns calories faster. Unfair, but that’s the way it is. I also have to remember that, according to studies, they say after the age of 40 we need 20 to 30 percent fewer kilojoules each day to keep our weight stable. So I’m not actually going to die if my portions are smaller these days.
  3. I’ve read that you need to burn off about 7,700 calories to lose 1kg of fat. I’ve been exercising a little harder this week – making sure that I push it quite hard (instead of daydreaming and listening to the parrots squawk). So my one hour bike rides have been at about 16 – 19km/hr, and the hour long walks have incorporated more jogging. What have you been doing?
  4. I’ve read that the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. I haven’t got into weights yet, so as I want to lose fat around my tummy I figured I should target that area and I’ve been doing sit-ups every day. I’m doing 35 and want to do 50 a day by next week. Yes, I know it would be good to do a selection of tummy exercises, but to be honest I don’t have time, so I figure if I can do sit-ups five times a week then at least I’m building in some consistency.
  5. As I get older I seem to get stiffer. Sad but true 🙁  So, I’ve added a Callanetics back stretch to my routine and it helps greatly with my neck stiffness (probably caused by too much computer work). I also do a sitting forward floor stretch which seems to target my hips and lower back. Adding these two simple exercises has really helped and I’m wondering if they will stave off future visits to the chiropractor.
  6. Don’t you hate housework? Well I know I do. But I’ve changed my mind about vacuuming because if you do it fast for half an hour a week, you can burn off about 5,730 calories a year. Hmm, I figure it’s worth keeping our floors clean after all!
  7. I’m trying to focus on making small lifestyle changes. And my one small change this week has been to reduce my 1 teaspoon of sugar in my coffee to half a teaspoon of sugar -and to tell you the truth I don’t even miss it.

This week, despite going out for a cheese and wine lunch on Sunday and having grown up kids around for a barbecue on Saturday (more wine), I’ve managed to lose another 1kg. So I’m on track.

“What have you been up to this week? Please let us know what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for you, and how you’re doing?”

To help inspire you to keep on the band-waggon, here’s another extract from My Fitness Pal food and exercise diary. I hope it helps 🙂

January 17, 2013

Foods Calories
Uncle Toby’s – Oats – Quick Satchets – 34g, 34 g 129
Coles – Lite Milk, 125 mL 58
365 Organic – Light Brown Sugar, 1 tsp 15
Black Coffee – Home Made Black Coffee, 300 ml 4
Quick Added Calories, 25 calories 25
Mountain Bread – Light Rye Wraps, 25 g 69
Tomat – Roma Tomato, 1 Tomato 35
Cucumber – Raw, 0.5 Cup 16
Coles Australian Feta – Feta Cheese, 12.5 g 38
Generic Chicken – Baked Skinless/Bonelss Chicken Thigh, 1 Thigh 4 oz 130
Generic – Red Capsicum Pepper, 1 small 23
Fresh Produce – Onions Raw, 0.5 cup 20
Bertolli – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Originale 10ml, 10 ml 80
Coles – Brown Rice Microwave 90 Seconds, 125 g 271
Pataks – Rojan Josh Sauce, 1/8 jar 40
Generic – Apple, 0.7 apple large (8oz) 91
Coles – Green Seedless Grapes, 125 grams 98
Coles Smart Buy – Milk Arrowroot Biscuits, 2 biscuit 76
Cappuccino – Cappuccino, Skim Milk, 1 Sugar, 0.5 Mug (275ml) 56
Coles Bakery – Blueberry Muffin, 77 grams 271
Blue Diamond – Smoked Almonds, 7 almonds 43
TOTAL: 1,588
Exercises Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Walking, 4.0 mph, very brisk pace 305 60
TOTALS: 305 60 0 0

As always, Zigazag’s  weight loss posts don’t constitute medical or expert advice. They are based on what works for me. Please consult your own doctor or dietician for specific advice relating to weight loss.

But if you’re trying to lose some weight please share your tips. How’s it going for you? If you don’t need to lose weight then please tell us, how do you maintain your ideal body mass?

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  1. Thanks for these useful tips. It’s always interesting to know how someone else is losing weight and what they are doing.

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