“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.”  Proverb.

They say it’s not how much you spend, but how much you keep that distinguishes the truly wealthy from those who are merely trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

In reality, the richer you are, the more you have to think about hanging on to. You could live in a huge houses in a fancy gated village, drive a big flash car and jet off regularly for expensive long haul holidays somewhere touted as exotic, but the time you have to spend earning all that dosh and maintaining your depreciating assets severely impacts the time you can spend doing things you really want – as well as doing things that cost very little.

In Western Australia, vast and empty as it is, there is so much we can do that costs practically nothing, and to be honest it sometimes feels as if we are living like millionaires for free.

Life in Bunbury, for instance;  you can get up early, ride a bike along designated trails through forests or along coastal paths, stop off at a long deserted stretches of beach and take a swim if you wish, and then have breakfast at a beachside cafe and watch the sun rise over the harbour.

For me, that’s the life a millionaire dreams of.

10 tips to save money

1.       Have a drive-free day

2.       Cycle to the deli when you need basics like milk and bread

3.       Better still, bake your own bread – your house will smell yummy!

4.       Make the most of Garage Sales – yours and other peoples.

5.       Choose unprocessed – buy at the Farmer’s Market.

6.       Don’t buy diet products – instead just eat less and exercise more.

7.       Instead of dining out, take a picnic to the beach and watch the sun set.

8.       For a budget Caesar Salad: Lettuce, eggs, garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, and some bread to make the croutons. Voila – a gourmet picnic addition.

9.       If you go away for a weekend, choose budget accommodation but go and have a sundowner at the best hotel. You’ll feel like a millionaire without paying the price to sleep in his bed!

10.   Spend time, instead of money. Do whatever you can yourself.

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  1. Yolanda Jones

    How lovely Jo and how true yr pics make me long for hols in Plett and our daily sundowner on the beach and our luvely camp fire and plain old braai luv yr ideas did u c my post about paying it forward in 2011?Have a great w/e in yr beaut town luv to the family

  2. Johanna

    Hello Yolanda! Thanks for commenting! I’m glad the pics made you think about happy times in Plett – another extraordinarlily beautiful place 🙂 Also glad you liked the ideas, it’s great to get feedback. No I didn’t see your post about paying it forward in 2011? Please let me know where to look? You have a good weekend too …

  3. Hi Jo, I hope to catch up with you soon. You are right about the lifestyle we have here in Bunbury. And as for holidays, some of my favourite campsites around Western Australia are free, and have the most magnificent views that people would pay $$$$$ for.
    See you soon.

  4. Johanna

    Hope to see you soon. Would love to know what your fave free campsites are?

  5. I love that article about the millionaire’s lifestyle – it’s so true and we are so lucky. The 10 tips on how to save money are great too.

  6. Johanna

    Glad you enjoyed them 🙂 If you have time, perhaps consider submitting a few tips of your own?

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