Why not plant a few strawberries in your flower beds?

It’s true, I’ve got black thumbs, but I am trying to grow a few veggies in our  backgarden.You might already be growing food in your backyard, or you might be looking for inspiration to make a start? Why not join in on a free tour of a Bunbury Urban Grower’s garden and small fruit orchard on Saturday 16th October, 4.00-5.00pm, 14 Collinsville Close, Usher and see how others are growing food in urban gardens.

On show will be two sustainable systems to grow food; an aquaponics sytem and wicking beds. Both are waterwise and can be as organic as you want them to be. Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in soilless media). Wicking beds are raised beds on steroids – a system that’s creating a stir in gardening circles.

Stay after the tour for a cuppa and chat with fellow gardeners and have your gardening questions answered by Pierre Marx, a permaculture consultant. It’s all free! How good is that!

RSVP Friday, 15th October – space is limited, so be quick!

Contact Pierre 0432 937 648 / pierre@dalyellup-permaculture.com.au


Bunbury Urban Growers is a growing community of enthusiastic gardeners, keen

to “grow their own” and to learn from others. They organise regular tours of

gardens in the Greater Bunbury area where urban growers display how they are

doing their bit for local food security. Soon, they’ll be starting up some practical

workshops on seed saving, compost making, etc. Come along to these free

events to get inspired and to learn. Who knows, your garden might be the next

one on the list!

BUG are proudly associated with Transition Bunbury, a community-based response

to peak oil, climate change and global economic volatility. Visit

www.transitionbunbury.org.au for more information.

Want more information about permaculture? Visit www.permaculture.org.au and be inspired by the permaculture ethics:- Care for the earth, care for people and fair share.

In the meantime, why not get started in your own backyard?

Plant some herbs between existing shrubs

Grow some veggies in the rose beds

Start a compost heap

Plant some beetroot and lettuce – they’re low maintenance crops

Kale and parsley are hardy crops too

Spinach beet is easy to grow, radishes are pretty easy and come up quickly (so I’m told! I’m hoping!).

Find out how to set up a worm farm

Oh, and on the slug problem – slugs apparently like beer. Send the slugs to sleep via intoxication and put a plate full of beer by your plants. Or crush shells and scatter then on your garden beds to deter these slimy critters.

Got any gardening hints for south west urban gardeners ? Let us know, send in your comments.

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  1. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for spreading the word. Just a small correction: the RSVP date is actually Friday 15th October, not in September as my original flyer read.

    Love your blog, keep it up!

    Best, Pierre

  2. Johanna

    Thanks, Pierre. RSVP date is changed, hope lots of people attend. Thanks too for your comments about Zigazag!

  3. gabrielle cheater

    you can make wonderful organic liquid manure with seaweed, soak in a large container and leave to mature and when it smells really horrid dilute the mixture for using with water about ten to one measure

  4. Johanna

    Off to the beach then! Thank you so much for this tip. It will save money, it’s kind to the enivronment, it gets us out in the fresh air and keeps us active. Permaculture ethics in action – what do you think Pierre?

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