6 healthy weight loss tips. Week two.

Healthy eating

Making the most of WA’s lovely climate and exercising outdoors

Do it Lose 5 – Healthy weight loss.

It’s week two on ZigaZag’s lose 5kgs the healthy way, and I hope if you’re tagging along that you had a successful first week?

If you missed part one, then here it is. Lose weight the Healthy Way.

My week was up and down. Up for the first half of the week, but down at the weekend because we ended up going away for a night and then having friends around to dinner – both nights entailed drinking wine, which probably put me back a bit.

At the dinner party I held off the ‘naughty’ snacks and had smaller portions for the main course, ate only a very small portion of the dessert which my friend had made specially, and after the first sips of white wine I then put lots of ice in my glass which meant I drank less alcohol.

Do it lose 5. Healthy eating

Dinner party snacks – hmm, not so good for weight loss, but some carrot sticks too – now those I didn’t hold back on!

I managed to keep up with the exercise though and power walked/jogged or rode my bike as fast and vigorously as I’m capable for an hour, five times last week.

Anyhow, the scales are telling me I have lost the grand sum of 1kg. And I’m very happy about that. I’m relieved because at no point did I feel starving hungry. I was able to control my diet during the week, and I didn’t feel deprived at the weekend when we were socialising.

6 helpful things I’ve learnt this week

  1. Don’t go too long between meals. Having a piece of fruit or a piece of Ryvita with cottage cheese helped me from overeating at main meals. I’ve been reading “Clean and Lean – Flat Tummy Fast” by Dames Duigan and learnt that if you go for 4 or 5 hours without eating your body goes into starvation mode and cortisol floods into your system thinking that a famine is about to ensue.
  2. I’ve learnt not to skip breakfast for the above reason, otherwise I want to pick at bad foods (like chocolate) because I get hungry by mid morning.
  3. This week I’ve concentrated on having smaller portions but chewing more and I’ve made a promise not to eat when I’m on the move or when I’m rushed or anxious because I’ve found when I do it causes bloating.
  4. It’s been so hot and humid in Western Australia this past week that I haven’t managed to drink enough water, but this week I’m going to sip more and gulp less. My first cup of Rooibos tea in the morning makes my system feel clean, you could also put a slice of lemon in your first glass of water (hot or cold)  to give your body a clean start.
  5. I’ve resisted coffee until after breakfast and saved it for a mid morning treat. Then no more. I feel better for this and sleep better too.
  6. When I’m watching what I eat, I tend to eat more fibre and this makes me feel better. In James’ Duigan’s book (above) he says that insufficient fibre can lead to inflammation of the bowels which can give you a big tummy (and I don’t want that because mine’s quite big enough!)
Healthy eating. Do it Lose 5

I’ve concentrated on making some yummy healthy salads to have with fish or chicken for dinner.

Here’s the details from my Food and Exercise Diary yesterday. I managed to stay within good limits despite going to watch Life of Pi at the cinema. It was brilliant – 9 out of 10 – the good thing was that I remained in control and said NO to sweets, lollies, popcorn and fizzy drink. The film was so good that I didn’t even miss them.

January 14, 2013

Foods Calories
Alpen – Muesli Cereal – No Added Sugar – Swiss Recipe, 40 g 170
Black Swan – No Fat Greek Style Natural Yoghurt, 125 g 72
99 Restaurant – Garden Salad -Mixed Lettuces, Tomatoes- No Cheese or Croutons, 1 salad 120
Coles – Honey Soy Chicken Wings, 180 g 333
Generic – 4oz Poached Salmon and Green Dinner Salad, 8 oz 240
Coke – Lite, 200 ml 0
Arnotts – Milk Arrowroot Biscuit Australia, 3 Biscuits 107
Apple – Pink Lady , 154 g 80
Fruit – Cherries , 1 Cup (138g) 87
TOTAL: 1,209


Exercises Calories Minutes
Bicycling, 14-16 mph, vigorous (cycling, biking, bike riding) 610 60
TOTALS: 610 60

I’d love to know how you’re all getting on, and please share any tips or recipes you might have for healthy weight loss.

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  1. Hi Jo, You have inspired me to do what I know how to do and lose some weight after Christmas. In my first week I have lost 700 g. On the week-end I had one largish glass of white wine. I have been using the My Fitness Pal to scan barcodes in the supermarket (and at home) and walking briskly for one hour 6 times last week – I normally do 5. I too find a light snack helps me not eat too much at meal times. I am enjoying Sun Rice multigrain square thin cakes spread with a little vegemite for a snack, or a peach, nectarine or grapes. I allow myself one gingernut biscuit with a cup of tea at night after dinner as a treat.
    I have been making my curries by blending light coconut milk with lemongrass, chillis, kaffir lime leaves, basil leaves, onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric or saffron, instead of using bottled mixes which contain a lot of fat. By increasing the amount of veges (capsicum, zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, eggplant, cabbage) in the curry and using chicken breasts, the curry has become lighter and I give most of the chicken to B.H. anyway. I cut down my rice portion as well.
    I am enjoying this because I am a curry freak. I think it is important to really enjoy meals when dieting so that I don’t feel I am missing out and look for some comfort food.
    Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants I needed to lose some kilos. Five kilos gone would make me feel a lot healthier.

  2. Oh Jan, I’m so happy that I’ve inspired you, and thank you for those great tips. I also love curries, so will try what you suggest, as the shop mixes are so calorie filled and also make me feel bloated. The ginger nut biscuit at night will be a nice change for me from Arrowroot, but also low in calories. Thank you for coming along for the ride, because you are inspiring me right back too! Look forward to hearing your progress next week.

  3. I forgot to tell you that I also dry fry a little fennel seed, cumin, coriander seed, and curry powder to add depth of flavour, then add the above coconut milk mix, chicken and veg.

  4. Thanks, Jan. Definitely going to try it 🙂 Hope to see you back next week 🙂

  5. Thanks for these tips. I need to lose some holiday season kilos and it’s great to have some moral support.

  6. Right behind you, Jenna and hope you go well.

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