Little Beach, Albany by David Castro

Thoughtful Thursday.

Sometimes you come upon some place so beautiful that you are lost for words. This happened to me at Little Beach in Albany (South West Australia) recently, where the clear turqoise water, squeaky white sand, and the gentle curves of the verdant bushland completely took my breath away.

Beyond Little Beach is another smaller bay, which hardly anyone seems to go to. Probably because it entails a climb up and over some rocks.

Later on, while walking to the Albany Wind Farm I came across this sign, and it kind of summed up how I had been feeling.

Pic by Jo Castro

Has anywhere knocked your socks off recently?

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  1. We are so lucky to have such beautiful beaches in Australia. And to come upon them and have them to yourself is just magic!
    Some of my favorites are walking on Smiths beach early in the morning on a winter’s day with the mist rising, swimming out to the rocks at William Bay Denmark and laying like a seal on the rocks on a hot summer day, and the white squeaky sand, long stretches of beach and the water icing from Antarctica east of Esperance.

  2. Smiths is also beautiful and William Bay, thanks for reminding me … a visit soon methinks! Haven’t been to Esperance yet, but on my bucket list for sure. Thanks for commenting Jill 🙂

  3. Lawrence Michaels

    What a peaceful looking beach. Absolutely love the turquoise water and white sand, very beautiful.

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